Digital Video Advertising

Global Digital Video Advertising Facts and Statistics

How are the digital advertisements bought and sold? Technology is revolutionizing the way and demands side platforms are playing a part in this change. Here is everything about Digital Video Advertising.

Demand side platforms help the user to purchase the digital advertisements in an automatic fashion.

These help the advertisers as well as the ad agencies to purchase the video and mobile ads, search them and display them.

It is the online video consumption. Digital Video Advertising is also growing and only in the USA, it is projected to reach 14 billion in the coming three years. Video marketing is a factor in expanding the market.

Total video advertising percentage share in the online video consumption in the US grew from around 9 percent to 38 percent in just four years, that is until March 2014.

Studies proved that consumers do not like online advertising may not be all but most of them in the world. Ad-blocking software has been installed by around 200 million internet users worldwide. Millennial who have ad block software range from around 34% to 63%.

The online click-through rate of video ads is 0.6% and consumer says that they do not click the ads because they do not trust most of them. Even then the marketers continue to spend heavily on video ads.

According to studies, video ad of one-minute duration is equal to 1.8 million words.Users can recall a video ad that they watched a month ago. Video ads are the most trusted promotional tools for many consumers.

Video ads are also shared by the consumers with others. Around fifty percent of the users take some action after watching a video ad. All these facts are encouraging the marketers to adopt video ads for their businesses.

Digital Video Advertising in Europe – Facts and Statistics

More than 77 million people have ad block software installed and this is around 35% increase from last two years.

Digital advertising growth rate is different in different nations in Europe. It is more in Germany, France and is followed by Italy and Spain.

The spending on search ads is diminishing compared to digital video ad spending. Mobile video ad spending is also rising rapidly in these markets.

Digital Video Advertising in Asia and Pacific – Facts and statistics

According to data available, the spending on digital video advertising in Asia and Pacific region was 3.7 billion US dollars in 2014 and is expected to increase to ten billion US dollars in the coming four to five years. Six in every ten dollars will be spent on digital video ads with a specific goal.

Mobile video ad spending in Asia-pacific region will account for around twenty percent of total digital ad spending.

Marketers in India are shifting their ad spending on digital video in India.

The online video market in India is expected to experience rapid rise. The growth is attributed to factors such as high-speed internet availability among consumers. Digital video consumption in Malaysia is lagging behind television which is the most popular medium.

Mobile video ad market is rising in Indonesia.

Digital Video Advertising in South/Latin America – Facts and Statistics

The digital advertising spending is expected to reach to 11.1 billion in Latin America in the coming two years.

The traditional media such as television is going to remain as a dominant platform in the region and the shifting of advertisers to digital advertising is comparatively slow. The mobile internet video ad is also expected to rise slowly as the mobile internet audiences are growing fast.

Most numbers of digital video ads in Latin America are served specifically for mobile screens.

Studies revealed that videos are consumed more on smartphones, laptops and followed by traditional television sets.

Businesses all over the world are moving towards digital video advertising and it is no surprise that the video ad spending is increasing rapidly. Marketers love to know the statistics of digital video marketing.

Understanding the statistics help to create a more effective video marketing strategy.

What is Digital Video Advertising Demand Side Platform (Video DSP)?

Before demand-side platforms, digital ads purchased and sold manually and this expensive as well as unreliable. Demand-side platform makes this efficient and cheap. There is no part of humans in this process.

The ad impressions are made available on ad exchanges by the publishers and demand-side platforms decide which impressions an advertiser can buy. Real-time auction determines the price of these ads.

The highest bidder will be auctioned off the impression. This process only takes some milliseconds as any of the users are loading a webpage.

Programmatic Digital Video Advertising Demand Side Platform

Demand side platforms use the programmatic buying technology for automating the process of purchasing the advertisements in real time. Programmatic Digital Video Advertising helps in processing the data in short time.

The bidding process is also automated, and the ads will reach the right person at the right time. As a user is loading an ad spot, the info about the page and the info about the user are received by the ad exchange.

The ad is then auctioned to the advertisers with the highest bid on displayed on the webpage. All this process took only milliseconds of time.

Choosing the right demand-side platform is done based on the goals and the target audience. Also, these have to be chosen based on how much traffic they will give for the campaigns.

Mobile Video Advertising Demand Side Platform

Mobile demand-side platforms are those that help the mobile advertisers to buy video ad inventory across ad exchanges and publishers with real-time bidding and programmatic trading.

These are an effective solution for video advertisements on mobile. The popular mobile video ad DSPs are Smaato, Fiksu, Avazu, Strikead, PocketMath etc.

Advantages of video Advertising Demand Side Platform

Demand side platforms make the process of purchasing digital ads efficient and cheap. There are also other benefits with using DSPs and these include viewing the real time performance of campaigns, budget shifting and audience targeting capabilities.

Using the demand side platforms also help to purchase impression from a range of publisher sites. Demand side platform software determines the value generated for specific campaign efforts.

The technology also uses advanced targeting features to reach the audience. They can target the audience geographically, behaviorally and contextually. Frequency capping feature of the technology prevents overexposure to potential consumers.

Another important benefit is that the technology is that it gives the real time statistics of click through rates, page view and website traffic etc.

Digital video demand advertising demand-side platforms are the future of digital advertising. Most small and big businesses are using DSPs or the benefit of their business. The ads can reach the target market in the most effective way.

The agencies have more control over the campaigns and the advertisers will have higher returns on their investments. Publishers also get more exposure to the buyers and this help to increase the revenue.

Demand side platforms are used to buy inventory from publishers and these provide great advantages for the buyers.

They can manage and optimize the campaigns by adjusting some settings. The popularity of DSPs is going to increase further in the coming days.

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