DJI Spark

DJI Spark Makes Piloting A Drone : In-depth Review

DJI has officially announced a new DJI Spark, which is a more portable, compact drone, selfie stick ready to get more cameras on Sky. DJI is the undisputed king of consumer drone manufacturer world, launched a new Spark palm-sized drone, and it can reduce the complexity of a usage of Drones.

Users can hold in their palms, power up and launch it from their palm. As it has four propellers as normal drone contains which can object the obstacles, but the machine works differently from MovicPro Quadcopter.

Usually, a drone needs a professional crew or second pilot like controller to handle the movements of drone, but here you can pilot with my own with your hand movements.

DJI Spark was designed simple, easy to carry pocket fit like a smartphone the only difference is it makes your adventures more wider range and enthusiastic.

To start piloting the DJI Spark just double time on the power button which faced to you and rest of the thing it handles with your face, hand movements, and some signature classic gestures.

DJI Spark Controlling:

Controlling the Spark is easy if you move your hand right Spark turns to the right if move hand to up it flips up and DJI Spark flies up to 10 feet aerial shooting.

To frame a picture in Spark show your index finger and thumb finger together in a classic picture frame gesture, then Spark takes your crazy pictures.

DJI Spark has a smartphone app that can operate it for advanced flying options, it can fly up to 107 feet away when you control with remote control i.e 1.2 miles away in aerial photography.

Spark can use anywhere like indoor, outdoor can assemble easily carry in back pockets, through in a bag, purse it is massively flexible comparatively Movic Pro.

Live Streaming Through DJI Spark:

DJI Spark can control with your hand Startup your Spark by double-tapping on the power button, face the Spark and let it fly and stick your palm and it can automatically land in your palm.

It is an optional remote control access drone. By waving your palm, it can fly up to 10 feet away from you. if you use remote control access, it can fly up to 107 feet which are approximately equal to 1.2 miles away.

If you use the controller as, like normal drones, you can live to stream the video of capturing at maximum time. DJI Spark has its siblings features like aerial photography, GPS tracking, obstacle avoidance, visual location finding and return to home.

If you are operating your smartphone app, you can save your picture, videos in Spark share it through social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat to go on live.

Spark supports for Quickshot modes like Droning, Rocket, Halix and Cycle. Helix takes helicopter action shot slowly drawing from the subject in a spiral, and it is the coolest mode.

Spark generates Quickshot modes, immediately after flying it takes 10-sec quick shot clips for immediate sharing through social media sites.

DJI Spark Camera Specifications:

Spark has ½.3 inch sensor, which is a little bit tiny than the smartphone sensor. It can record 12 MP of video in the 1080p resolution of 30 frames per second.

Spark will support DJI Goggles if they are available just plug into the face of Spark.It has 2-dimensional mechanical gimbal support.

Spark can allow electronic stabilization and many intelligent flight modes like Tap Fly and ActiveTrack. ShallowFocus and Pano are the two new modes implemented in Spark.

If you use an optional controller for DJI Spark it can achieve 31 mph Sport mode, flight time about 16 minutes and rechargeable via micro USB.

Pricing and Availability:

The Price of DJI Spark is $499 available to pre-order now and you may get delivered on June.

A pack of Spark available for $699 , kit includes an extra battery, a carrying bag, charging hub and a remote controller.

Spark available in five colors such as blue, green, red, white and yellow.


If you are waiting for a portable, pocket fit, no need for any other second pilot, professional clarity drones, then I will suggest going for DJI Spark. Experience the new exciting features of Spark flying camera drone, control it just weaving your hands on it.

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