eCommerce Video Marketing

eCommerce Video Marketing: Best Practices For eCommerce Video

Ecommerce companies are targeting the video as their marketing machine as it is the most effective medium to attract the consumers towards the company. E-commerce websites are also targeting the mobile video advertising as the main to increase their reach. They are practicing the various marketing procedures using the video. The video giant YouTube was also providing eCommerce marketers with various types of ads that can help them to market their products. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter have also included video services for the marketers.

How to generate ecommerce sales?

Go with a Good Quality Video with perfect Agenda

Many e-commerce companies are following the same, they are making high-quality video commercials which are clear and understandable to the audience.

Create Product and Post Testimonial Videos

Testimonials greatly influence the audience, and it is general human psychology. By posting the experiences of the other customers with your products has a significant influence on the minds of the customers online.

Promote your Videos on Different Platforms

Promote your videos on social platforms like Twitter, Facebook to increase the audience reach towards your site.

Embed your video on to your blog and share with your friends, mutual friends, and relatives and ask them to share their suggestions on the video. This helps you to know about your video, and by following the viewer’s recommendations, you can implement more to favorableness.

YouTube Shoppable Videos

The new YouTube Shoppable videos are most favourable for the E-commerce marketers as these ads can directly take the customer to the product launching page and increase your site traffic too.

Use of special Facebook page

Create a particular Facebook page for your products and make invitations to visit your page by approaching the previous customers who will be involved in sharing with their circles. This can explore your product brand to get huge sales.

Generate product reviews on social media

Choose the concept of disclosing your product reviews videos at your customers especially on social media sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. This is the ultimate way to get E-commerce sales in an unexpected way.

eCommerce Integrations for Video Marketing

Ecommerce has dramatically developed for few years across the web. The sales of the eCommerce industry have grown towards success. There are some millions of online stores had opened across the internet.

The e-commerce marketers are using various tactics and social media platforms as their primary target to target their audience towards their site. Even social platforms are also supporting eCommerce marketers with new ad formats and targeting tools designed especially for video marketers. The eCommerce was integrating video marketing to develop sales potential. The very social platform has created many exciting tools for marketers.

Ecommerce and Video Marketing

The video has the more substantial part in the success of eCommerce across the web. There are different types of videos in use in commerce video marketing. Online consumers were also showing their interest in buying online goods after watching the video content. Marketers were also designed their strategic plan with the product-related videos, tutorials, ads, trailers, product launches, etc.


YouTube had rolled out different types of ad formats for the video marketers. Shoppable ads become potent nowadays for e-commerce marketing. It was increasing the conversion rates and helping e-commerce marketers to improve sales.


The microblogging Twitter platform had already started allowing the video posts on its platform. The buy buttons were already in use across the United States. Marketers are utilizing the Twitter platform for their video promotions.


Facebook autoplay ads has created significant buzz in eCommerce video marketing and allowed the marketers to the next stage of success.

By these social media video marketing, the marketing has become more comfortable and as well as very attractive. The results, development, and sales made the E-commerce to integrate the video marketing completely.

After reading this article, you might get relief of struggling to get e-commerce sales traditionally. Now you might probably choose the stream of video marketing to drain the e-commerce sales.

Video Marketing for Online ecommerce

Online e-commerce have greatly developed in India. As people are looking for a smart way to buy their products, and they have their utilities done with e-commerce online. Online e-commerce made the new way for the marketing business by taking social media marketing as the medium today. The most effective form of advertising done with videos where the audience likes to watch the things, and the new up comes through video content. There paves a way to video marketing today.

Business are using the videos to gain trust from the audience

Many of us like to buy from the seller who knows well, and people are not ready to buy a particular product from the unknown buyer. So, to expose their infrastructure and services to the customers, businesses are going with the video marketing as a tool.

Video Marketing — Product Videos

The product video marketing services provided by the video marketing professionals to the business. The product videos constituted the necessary information about the products and the utilization and how it is helpful for the customers in their daily life. These types of videos are beneficial for the companies to gain the trust of the customers

Product Review Videos Services

The product review video helps us to know about the main things about the product and the testimonials from the customers who have used make the business as a genuine mark.

Behind the Screen Videos

Behind the screen videos will constitute with the relative crew of the company, and their working stills inside the factory makes a better impression on the audience and helps the business well.

Ways to Generate More eCommerce Sales with YouTube Ads

The number of users who are watching YouTube videos is increasing year over year. It is a big opportunity for marketers to reach their target audience. YouTube marketing videos can be used to increase e-commerce sales.

E-commerce owners can utilize YouTube to publish their product description videos. This creates a personal bond between the product and the customers. The types of videos that can be uploaded by e-commerce owners on YouTube are how to use the product videos, making the product, employee testimonials, etc. These types of videos allow the customers to look into the company. closely

Creating a YouTube channel for the e-commerce business is also a good idea. Post the content consistently to attract more viewers. The more videos you upload, the high rank you will get in YouTube test results. This increases the viewers for your channel, and there will be an opportunity to be successful.

Use the annotations, which are the text bubbles that pop up while playing the YouTube videos. Use them a call to action. You can give a link to your landing page of the e-commerce site or the product page. You can also direct the viewers to other videos from where they can get related information about the product, brand, etc.

E-commerce sites selling products can create tutorial videos on how to use their product features. Do not forget to give links to your product page in the video to where people directed, and this can help in lead generation. YouTube ads are very powerful to deliver the right message to right people at right time. Generate leads by creating videos of customer interviews or videos in which the customers asked what they feel about your product. Show the customers the benefits and convenience of using your products in the YouTube ads, and this can influence them to buy the products.

Psychological Strategies to Increase eCommerce Sales with Video

Ecommerce was growing with new development and strategies across the web. The usage of video has increased the chances of a good e-commerce market. When it comes to consumer behavior towards purchasing something online, you must be aware of the good psychological strategy to grab the customer towards your product by applying some tactics. Some customers just attract with the offers, coupons, draws, contests etc. And some will buy based on the amount saved by purchasing a product from the web instead of the retail market. So, here are some best strategies to increase and boost your e-commerce sales on the web.

Increase Ecommerce Sales with Video
Increase Ecommerce Sales with Video

Place the Reviews

It is a general human behavior that we generally are confident when we see others experience with a particular products. So, place reviews that are place from your customer are which can help you to boost the sales. Don’t delete the negative comments on your product. As the mixture of some negative will not make a great down effect on your sales and instead boost the sales by building good customer trust towards your product.

Use Numerical than Alphabets

Numerical can reveal the things at one look than the alphabets when it comes to price, offer, discount, etc. so use the numbers with big fonts to catch the customers eye. Show them separate savings information on product and also give a comparison of price.

Add products basing on relevancy and go with good video contests

Create good video contest and offer the discounts and prizes to some customers which can help you to boost the things.

Go with Shoppable Video Ads on YouTube Platform

Shoppable videos on YouTube platform helps the ecommerce marketer to place the products within the video as the customers can buy directly from the video by clicking on the product takes them to the product buying page with one click.

eCommerce Product Video Marketing

E-commerce is the growing sector in the world today. It was connecting all the people globally, and many people are satisfied with the services that are provided by e-commerce retailers online. Every business people today were designing their websites for their companies, and this made to raise the competition among the companies on the web. The e-commerce was highly kind to the present day marketers to reach their ideal customers online.

Video plays an important role in E-commerce sector too.

The video is the most engaging form of medium for advertising online. The high-quality videos are the most effective video marketing strategy in the e-commerce sector. The web video impacts the behavior of the customers and helps in attracting and motivating the customers towards your brand. The customers are also very interested to know about a particular brand before they are buying their products. So, majority of consumers like to watch the product-specific and testimonial videos to get the purchases.

The strategies that are connected with video in Ecommerce

The video content promotes the brands or products of the companies effectively and impacts more to maximize the benefits. So, many retailers are focusing the marketing on the videos effectively, and they are also planning the marketing strategies that shoots the customer requirements.

Depending on the e-commerce infrastructure

The best video on products helps in improvement of the infrastructure of the companies and helps them to deliver the rich elements to the customers.

Outsourcing the videos and going with the brand ambassadors

The brands represented by the people with the brand ambassadors which attracts the people to watch the videos of that particular brand. The innovative approaches to the marketers help the brands to achieve things much ease. The products and testimonials videos are more engaging to the audience to approach the brands, and it was also revealed that the testimonial videos are the best way to grab customer attention.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Generating eCommerce Sales Using Video

Video has become an integral part of the eCommerce sales. Many eCommerce startups are choosing video marketing as their strategy to get succeed in heavy competition online. Today there are some millions of eCommerce sites are competing with one another to gain the audience’s attention as well as to increase their sales leads. Many of those companies got to succeed, and whereas some companies didn’t reach the success mark due to a lack of right tactics to play for better sales. So, let us move to the step by step guide to increase the sales and exposure of your eCommerce business online.


Make a Perfect Blueprint

Planning is essential to implement what you are expecting. So, go through your products, services, and everything and brainstorm your mind to make an artistic representation of your products and services to the audience. Keep your objectives in your mind, and go according to it. Approach the best video marketing expert for your business if you are not sure to handle by yourself.

Showcase your Product with Storytelling

Many successful companies are following the same strategy by showcasing their product with a new storytelling type of video content to the audience. Storytelling makes the audience to get interested in your videos as well as in your product too. So keep it more unique.

Display your Product Highlights by Sprinkling some Entertainment Part in your Videos

Don’t go with too much commercialization when you are doing video marketing for business. Add some entertainment part in your product highlights also. The schedule of your video marketing must be entertaining the audience along with attracting them towards your products.

Advice the Audience on Selection along with your Product Review Videos

It is the best way to utilize your product video with some advice to the audience, which can, in turn, helps you to build trust with your consumers. As well as the customers also can get to know about more knowledge of your product, this helps you to drive better sales.

The Top Ecommerce YouTube Channels, Ranked By Craziness

It turns out that video is a very powerful tool for businesses. As late as 2015, SEO experts were claiming that video content was some 57 times more powerful than text alone for improving Google ranking. The list of top eCommerce YouTube Channels has mentioned here.

But the video is more than just an SEO tool: it’s a critical part of your strategy to convey your company’s story, especially if you’re an e-commerce business. Here are some e-commerce YouTube channels that get it right.

#4: Performance Bicycle

Performance Bicycle decided that they didn’t want to be yet another online bicycle retailer. So instead, they took it upon themselves to offer customers videos and advice to go along with their products. The company knows that its customers are the type of people who would prefer to work on their bikes if they knew how, and so it offers an entire catalog of videos offering instructions on how to cycle, what accessories to get and how to perform maintenance. Some of its videos now have more than 9 million views – not bad for a company offering such a niche product.

#3: Orabrush


Wikimedia Commons

Orabrush has a pretty disgusting product: a brush designed to scrape the crap off your tongue. But it decided, through its YouTube channel, to make it’s business a little more fun. Their advertising features a man dressed as a giant tongue walking around as a mascot. Using these videos, they managed to rack up more than 190,000 subscribers and more than 42 million views all while launching an entirely new category of product.

#2: ThinkGeek



ThinkGeek are in the business of selling electronic devices that are, well, not exactly the most practical. Take their most popular video: the “Useless Box Kit from ThinkGeek.” The user flips the switch on the box to the on position, and immediately the box opens, outcomes an arm which then resets the switch back to off, and the box closes again. The whole thing is utterly pointless and utterly hilarious.

ThinkGeek likes to keep their videos short and to the point. But even though it is no-frills, the video has racked up more than 100 million views on YouTube,

#1: Blendtec

Blendtec is a company that makes and sells blenders. Like many other e-commerce businesses, it uses a Magento agency to build its site and boost its online presence. The company did well use this strategy, but it took its appeal to the next level when it decided to ditch its traditional marketing and do something radically different.



Instead of being sensible, Blendtec went full-on crazy. A well dressed, otherwise austere-looking man representing the company was wheeled out in front of the camera to make videos asking, “will it blend?” What was interesting about the videos was that they weren’t blending food items. Instead, they were blending things like iPads and golf balls, things that people had always wanted to try but never had the guts to do so themselves. Aside from being hilarious, the videos proved a point: Blendtec’s blenders were seriously heavy-duty, able to reduce metal-framed electronic gadgets to dust in a few seconds. Now the channel has nearly a million subscribers, and some videos have more than 250 million views.

eCommerce Video Marketing Statistics 2020

  • 80% of video marketers stated that videos help in increasing business sales.
  • 87% of businesses stated that their business websites are being improved by video.
  • 83% agree that video marketing helps in potential lead generation.
  • 89% say that videos improve ROI.
  • 95% stated that they are going to spend more on video advertising in 2020.
  • 55% of consumers watch the video before buying products.
  • 90% of consumers watch videos from their mobiles.
  • Video adds 82% of consumer web traffic.
  • 90% of business brand upload videos on YouTube weekly.
  • 83% share videos on Instagram.

eCommerce Video Marketing: Best Practices For eCommerce Video

Every day we experience different kinds of emotions in various moments in our life. These feelings impact on our lives and now in the world of marketing too. Yes, marketers are targeting the emotions of the people that mean they are planning and making their strategy in creating the videos basing on the consumer’s feelings to keep them get attached to their videos.eCommerce Video Marketing is one of the best options to connect with the customer

Mobile video advertising is the best way to reach the millions of audience across the web. Mobile usage had significantly increased from year to year. Marketers are developing their applications to get connected with the people with one click.

The consumers are relying on the mobile devices to shop the products online. 60 percent of online consumers are using their mobile devices for shopping and ordering the products. Here are some best tips to go with the mobile eCommerce video marketing and advertising.

Do’s and Don’ts in eCommerce Video Marketing

Video marketing is the primary tool for e-commerce marketers to succeed. Video marketing can boost the conversion rates for e-commerce marketing, and it can convert the visitor into the customer.

Some thousands of e-commerce companies are succeeding with commerce video marketing today but, some companies are still lagging under the process and failed to reach their targets due to some mistakes in E-commerce video marketing whereas other succeed by taking the advantages over the process.

Here are some Dos and Dont’s in e-commerce video marketing in the purest form which can help the marketers to get success and especially for the beginners.


  • Do research on similar products and their competition across the web
  • Plan your product marketing video strategy
  • Don’t forget to create your product video based on what is your product? What’s new in your product? How can it differentiate from other products? How can it be helpful to you? This type of video content has the great response from the audience.
  • Try influencer marketing campaigns with best influencers that suits your niche
  • Do social media marketing
  • Go with recent trends and create supportive product videos
  • Don’t forget embedding your videos on your company blog


  • Don’t neglect the how to video content
  • Don’t apply same formula for different social media platforms
  • Don’t compromise in quality
  • Don’t stop your regular interaction with audience across the platforms
  • Don’t over promote your brand in commercial ads

E-commerce video marketing is the craziest stream to attract the customers by using video. In this e-commerce video marketing, the only concept they choose is using the short and simple video strategy which directly hits at the customers.

In this, the most significant thing is that we should introduce testimonial videos which can spread our commitment towards the customer by delivering the customer needs.

Tips to Drive Emotional Response with eCommerce Video

You may already watch some ads which make you feel happy, sad, surprising, and sometimes you may be amazed and feel pride in watching some ads across the web. All these are a part of the marketing strategy. Even the majority of the viral video content on the web also contains emotional content.

But, some videos are the most prominent failures due to the negative impact of the emotional video strategy. So, here are some tips for driving emotional response to eCommerce video marketing.

Reasons behind why people share videos

  • To get connected with friends with their interests
  • Socializing the friends offline
  • Of the sharing person believes that it is useful to their friends
  • If a video promotes a good cause
  • If it is included with a current trend
  • If it demonstrate the knowledge towards a subject
  • If it is heart touching and emotionally connecting
  • if the sharer wants to tell their friends and be the first to explain the subject
  • In order to start conversation
  • To know what their friends think about that video

Tips to drive emotional response to your videos

  • Know your audience pulse by researching on similar video content and grasp the things within the video which makes significant impact on consumers mind.
  • Create testimonial videos

Best Practices in Mobile eCommerce Video Advertising

Optimize your website in a proper way to make the users comfortable while shopping

Website optimisation is very important because many websites are slow to respond when the consumer clicks onto a product which can make them impatient and just left from your shopping stop. It can lead to the longtime loss and also loses trust among the consumers.

Allow and design that your ads can run on native player of the users mobile

Several devices force the video to get played on its native player. So provide to consumers with an efficient designing which your ad must support to play with the consumers native video players.

Create responsive design

Add shopping carts and one-click mobile application for your shopping website. Make it more responsive to the consumers to access the information about the products you have displayed in your catalog. Make separate categories allow easy access to the product basing on the list. Provide them with best customer support to increase your sales.

Consider screen size and intuitiveness

Land on cell phones has expanded as screen size has gone up, enabling portable intuitive video to develop from basic social-share catches to more obvious solicitations to draw in and extend the video inside MRAID conditions.

In-App Space Dominates Mobile Video Ad Industry

75% of versatile video advertisement stock obtained is in-application, not the portable web. T

10 Best Practices for eCommerce Product Videos

It is proved that the product videos on e-commerce sites help in increasing brand engagement and sales. The customers who see the product eCommerce Product Videos are more likely to add the product to their card and this increases conversion.  Adding a product video to the product page can also increase search engine rank. However, this depends on the comments and shares the video received, the video title, description tags etc. Here are few best practices for product videos on e-commerce sites.

1. The product video must demonstrate how the product can be used. This influences the customer to make an informed decision on purchasing the product.

2. Think in the perspective of the customer and clear all doubts and answer all the questions the customer may have about the particular product.

3. User generated videos about the product are great to be used on the product page.

4. eCommerce Product Videos should be only under one minute in length.

5. These should be produced professionally with high quality.

6. The play button should be placed above the product image and it should be clearly visible.

7. Cross sell your other product on the product video or give the details of what other customers bought but do not sound like a sales person.

8. Make your eCommerce Product Videos easily shareable.

9. The eCommerce Product Videos can be used to announce the price drop in overlay test.

10. Include buy button in the video player.

Viewing product videos on the e-commerce sites is growing and it helps in increasing the popularity and conversions.  Some of the tips that can be followed to further increase the conversion rate is to end the video with customer reviews and include visual text. Also, ensure that the videos are indexed properly for Google.

Videos are now considered a very popular tool in digital marketing for the promotion of business. Video marketing is effective in connecting with the visitors and for generating conversions. Compared to the standard written content, videos are powerful and the advantages of integrating video into the online marketing strategy are many. Videos can be used in your digital marketing strategy in many ways.

1.Marketing videos can be posted not just on YouTube but also on many other video sharing platforms such as Vine, Vimeo etc.

2.To get more traffic, make a video showing your product. The customer will be able to see what your product is going to look like, how to use it and have an idea of how it is built.

3.Embed marketing videos in the business pages of social media. When users click this, they will be taken to the official website.

4.Know the customer base and make the video go viral by making the video interesting for the customers. If the content is good, people will share it.

5.Marketing videos can be used in email marketing also. It is proved that the promotional emails that do not contain a video are not as effective.

6.Do not forget to mention the video in the subject line of the email so that the customers know what they can expect from the video.

7.Share your videos on Facebook which is beneficial in encouraging engagement. This helps in interacting with the customers and will also help in increasing organic reach.

8.Offer special deals and offers to the existing customers through the promotion videos.

9.New customers can be attracted by posting a video that gives details of your company, products etc.

10.Make eCommerce Product Videos that show your product, publish customer testimonial videos etc.

Incorporate videos in your online marketing strategy as the consumers respond more to videos and generate sales and build brands.


To make the ultimate e-commerce video marketing just use all the social media sites in all angles. If you are thinking of doing e-commerce video marketing, then just remind yourself about the points mentioned in this article. Can give you an idea of what areas you need to work best practices for mobile video advertising, mobile video ads are the beat for advertising brands.

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