Evaluation of Facebook Video

Evaluation of Facebook Video

An evergreen social media site with a sole image in society is Facebook. From it started it never faced fluctuations in its communication performance through text, audio, or video.

Facebook is the only app that clustered the entire world; no one can occupy that place from the history of social media sites.

It has created a record of providing the bulk of entertainment for every second with exciting videos with different themes.

Initiation of Facebook Video:

When the introduction of Facebook started, only they launched the Facebook video feature.

Facebook can upload, download, share, and view different video file formats from various sources or make their own videos.

We can label friends’ names in the video uploaded as photos.

Through this facility, unknown information will be shared with others without consuming time.

Including this, it has the feature of live video streaming feature to telecast lively happening things to the viewers.

Most people prefer to watch live shows rather than older ones.

For that reason, Mark Zuckerberg has initiated the first live video on Facebook.

In this video, he introduced himself and started rolling about the headquarters of Facebook.

He addressed his cabin, conference hall, and the books he would read.

Overly, he expressed their motive to provide the best communication through Facebook.

It will start the 360-degree live video streaming in the coming days.

Facebook Video Algorithm:

The algorithm used by Facebook is Edgerank, and by using this video algorithm, the organizers will update the system by detecting spam video content.

They delete the irrelevant data of uploaded videos and sometimes block the addict who seems to be spam.

This Edgerank will grab the data from the scheme of Newsfeed, which is included in the feature of Facebook. This is used to have the record of discussions of the candidate.

Everyone must be cautious about the Facebook video algorithm, especially for the business type. That means if video ads are posted on Facebook, and anyone considers them uninteresting, they will be concealed from that user.

If this happens to every user, then this algorithm notifies the organizer to delete that content, which could affect the company’s reputation through these video ads.

Finally, the Facebook video algorithm will alert the user to check his performance on Facebook through this Edgerank.

Auto Play of Facebook Video:

The video autoplay option of Facebook is essential for video ads that have been used for business purposes.

Due to this option, viewers will look at the video ad for at least a few seconds before dragging to the next post.

The facility offered by the autoplay feature is when the outstream of the video in an attractive way catches the user’s eye while playing automatically.

Then, they might show interest in watching the entire video content, resulting in the best performance of your site with massive engagement.

Hence, the Facebook video auto-play button will be more useful commercially.

Facebook Live Video:

The present fashion in social media is live video streaming that attains the users’ focus.

Facebook has dramatically impacted media by telecasting live videos because this app has an unseen estimated reputation as a communicator.

Facebook video live streaming is primarily meant for sports and entertainment as everyone is enthusiastic about it and can elaborate the creativity of their sites by sharing that live stream.

It completely demolished the usage of television as everyone can’t drop their essential tasks to sit in front of the TV to watch live shows.

Facebook is a well-known app for everyone, as billions of people regularly use it. The thought of launching a live video streaming has had no interruptions since it started.

They will implement VR technology in the forthcoming days through which each viewer can have a great experience of being in that situation.

Facebook 360 Degree video:

Facebook has launched a 360-degree video feature; the viewers will feel like they are in the field while watching the 360-degree video. The research was started from the National Geographic on the Mars desert research station.

At that time, only publishers of National Geographic Facebook could stream the 360-degree video. The First Facebook 360-degree video was published in September 2015 on the Facebook News Feed page.

Right now, everybody is using 360-degree photos and videos on Facebook. Some people use Facebook 360-degree video on their desktop; they can only access it if they install special encoder software.

A separate process exists for uploading a 360-degree video and photos on Facebook.

Step-by-step process to Upload a 360 Degree Video on Facebook:

First, you should record the video and add meta tags to the file; otherwise, if the video is registered with a 360-degree camera device, there is no need to add 360 meta tags.

The process for uploading the 360-degree video is the same as regular video uploaded on the Facebook news feed page, but some unique features are added to this.

Log in to the Facebook page and open the photo/video option to upload a video.

Once you upload the 360-degree video file, go to the Advanced option. Check the video recorded in a 360-degree format.

Then, the 360 Controllers tab appears on the timeline. You can play a mouse pointer on video to point out some specific region.

On the top right side of the timeline, you can save the video name and click on Publish.

The maximum time limit to upload a video is 10 min with 17MB of data. 360fly, Ricoh Theta and Giroptic 360 cam camera devices do not need to add 360 meta tags to the video files.

These are the steps to upload a 360-degree video on the Facebook page.

Facebook Video Advertising:

For generating the best user engagement, Facebook ads play a significant role. If you post several posts about your business, people have a look at it; it doesn’t affect you anymore.

If you create a compelling video ad for business campaigns instead of typing a large text about the product on the Facebook page. Communicate your message for people to get to know you and who you are, trust you, and possibly do business with you.

When you combine Facebook with video, you have a super powerful combination where you can connect with tons of people anywhere and anything.

Tips and Tricks to Create Facebook Video Ads:

You can create your video by taking a video describing your products and showing a display of your products. Another thing is business ad campaigns. These are commercial ads where photographers shoot creative ads.

The video ad should be attractive and stunning for the first few seconds. That means the the user is immersively involvedlve in that ad and impressed to get that product. The Facebook video should be a maximum of 15 to 20 seconds.

The video should be impressive, and people should be curious about it. Lastly, it reveals the company details about that advertisement.

Some people do not include an auto-play option in the Facebook ad; you should permanently activate it because, when scrolling through the feed, it should play the only people get to know about your ads.

Create custom thumbnails on your Facebook page; some people randomly select the thumbnails. When publishing an ad on Facebook, choose a custom audience like age, relevance, category, and more customized options.

Use the links in between the ads and at the end of the ad to get connected to you online. Target some mobile audience. They visit ads when you connect to the home networks. Because 50% of users get bound from mobile devices.

Best Practices for Facebook Video:

Mobile video can effectively work on Facebook videos. In Facebook mobile apps, we have uploaded two new tools available.

You can upload videos directly to the news feed page; another way, you can secretly send a direct link to people. You can maximize the content and get the target audience to see the video.

The Facebook ad should be creative and reach the audience within the first ten seconds, detailing your company profiles.

You should include a “call to action” tab when people scroll down the news feed. Buy now, Press here, or Subscribe options are available to connect with the audience directly.

The Facebook video would be a targeted video that includes age, gender, specific location, and other language settings. Here is an option: You can set a period for the video. After that, it expires but exists in insights.

Populate the video tab directly, uploading with the video button. Add a popular caption to segregate the video list internally. I designed the video for the sound off because it’s common for everyone to scroll the Newsfeed. It makes a disturbance.

Design your video with titles, typographic views, and transparent cut video formats. The video should be visually pleasing; once it’s moving to the next screen, every screen should be explanative.

It should be advantageous to have interactive and direct responses from the audience. These are some best practices for Facebook Videos.

Facebook Video Statistics:

Facebook video posts annually increased 94% in the US.

Facebook video viewing audience monthly gained by 1.71 billion users.

Per day for an average of 8 billion views for the Facebook video.

The number of videos a person posts rose to 94% in 2016.

Facebook pays $50+ million to advertisers for publishers, influencers, and celebrities on live activities.

People watched more than one million hours of Facebook videos using Samsung Gear VR headsets.

Facebook video daily active users were 1.03 billion, and monthly mobile users increased to 1.57 billion because every smartphone is inbuilt with cameras.

Globally, the number of posts published by a person on Facebook increased to 75% by 2016.

Facebook says people spend three times longer than on Facebook Live Videos.

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