50 Ways to Create Facebook Engagement and Reach With Video Content

More and more businesses understand the power of using video on their Facebook pages. Does it really add any value to the business? Yes, and it is necessary to create Facebook Engagement and Reach on Facebook. How can we do this?

Studies revealed that videos posted on Facebook are shared around 157% times. This proves that businesses can boost their engagement and reach with video content.

1. It is true that new and interesting video content is required to be created to keep the customers engaged.

2. Fans can be engaged by re-purposing the old content into video.

3. Repurposing the video content extends the reach of old content and no time and resources are invested to produce new content.

4. A blab session can be re-uploaded to gain engagement.

5. Videos that are already uploaded on YouTube can be re-uploaded.

6. Take your blog posts and read it aloud to create a video.

7. When you have a video both on YouTube and on the Facebook, the video views will almost be doubled.

8. Embed the Facebook video on your website or blog.

9. Embedding the video brings new customers and might turn them into fans.

10. The reach of content is also extended and more people are likely to share the blog.

11. Facebook videos allow creating a call to action button. Determine the goal of the video and then choose the right call to action.

12. If a right call to action is used, it can divert traffic to the website or to another video.

13. Facebook page insights give the details of how a video is performing. Check how much time the fans are engaged with the content and decide the length of the video.

14. Facebook gives the insights such as watch time, unique views, the number of paid and organic views etc.

15. Test the variety of video lengths and see the interaction of the fans with the video.

16. To increase engagement on Facebook, the content created should be relevant and personal also.

17. Asking your audience questions is the perfect way to make people respond to your posts.

18. Uploading videos on social networks require perfect timing to reach the target audience.

19. Choose the Facebook live video which helps to get higher organic reach.

20. Apart from getting more reach, the followers will receive notification regarding the live video.

21. The live video appears at the top of newsfeeds of the followers and this helps to get more views.

22. Since Facebook videos play without sound, you have to work hard to make them play without sound.

23. The Facebook videos should be compelling and encourage the viewers to watch the video.

24. Since Facebook is a social platform, your brand on the Facebook page should have a human touch.

25. Reply to the comments of fans quickly.

26. This increases the engagement on the page and the audience will have a reason to visit your page.

27. Develop evergreen content to have more engagement.

28. Do not always try to sell your products or services by using your videos.

29. Make sure that your videos not only promote your brand but also entertain the audience.

30. If you always try to sell on your Facebook page, the followers may unlike the page and never return back.

31. Try to converse with the audience to keep them engaged and build a community.

32. Publish timeless content so that the audience will keep liking and commenting on the video for longer periods.

33. If the content of the video is evergreen, then schedule them at multiple times.

34. Choose your most engaged audience and create a group.

35. To increase Facebook video engagement, study carefully and upload the video when the competitors are not active.

36. The videos you create must be highly shareable on Facebook with the use of effective titles.

37. Use paid promotion to increase the reach of the video.

38. Use call to action buttons and links in your videos.

39. Post the video at off-peak times to get more and more engagement.

40. Sunday is revealed to be the best day to get the maximum engagement of the audience.

41. Another expert rule is that you should share the video content of others also on your Facebook page.

42. Sharing others content helps in building relationships with influencers.

43. Square videos are revealed to get more engagement, views and reach than the landscape videos on mobiles. So create square videos.

44. The video you are posting on Facebook should capture the attention of the audience in the first few seconds.

45. Use great thumbnails that help in capturing the attention of the audience.

46. Tease the audience with the title of the video or with short clippings of the original video.

47. Add captions to the videos to help the viewers understand the video without the sound.

48. To make the videos more shareable, focus on one key point to create the video.

49. Give a descriptive title to your facebook videos to make it more searchable.

50. To spread your brand just tag the videos to relevant Facebook pages.

Of all the four types of posts on Facebook – the photos, links, texts and the video, the video is more engaging. They get higher exposure in news feed. The more the audiences are engaged with the video, the more likely that they will be watching your next video also.

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