Facts About Netflix

Fascinating Facts About Netflix

Netflix has become worlds biggest filming entertainment streaming channel. Netflix was originated from United states, it almost broadcasts US TV shows, Movies and Exclusive news. Netflix itself released 126 series for Netflix streaming lovers. At first Netflix started monthly subscription services and later it’s been moved to consumer video on demand services. Here are some Fascinating Facts About Netflix.

Fascinating Facts About Netflix

  1. Netflix is the leading Television network and internet subscription service in the world,
  2. Nearly more than 50 million members over 50 countries are enjoying the services of Netflix
  3. Netflix is the only internet subscription television network which offers the subscription monthly at a very low cost
  4. It is founded in the year 1997 and is the only largest contributor to the traffic on internet
  5. The members of the Netflix can pause, play and resume the shows
  6. At first, the Hastings tried to sell Netflix to the Amazon but he was not impressed with offer and continued the partnership
  7. Nearly more than 36% of the US people are streaming the movies in the evening times
  8. One third of the internet traffic towards Netflix are passed on by the US people
  9. Netflix have also purchased the license to the house of cards”.
  10. In 200 the CEO, and co founder of the Netflix, hastings approached to the block buster for partnership but it was not done
  11. 9pm is the peak timing for the Netflix usage from the reports
  12. Nearly about 34 percent of traffic was recorded downstream from the North America
  13. Netflix generally uses the rectangular envelopes instead of square becaue to reduce the USPS charges
  14. More than 78000 subgenres are present on Netflix
  15. Netflix generally offers programming and monthly subscription to its consumers
  16. Users of Netflix were also allowed to download the Google chrome extension to know what to watch according to the “Netflix rate”.
  17. The most watched show on Netflix is “Breaking Bad”.
  18. More than 68 percent of the digitalized movie rentals market was under control of Netflix
  19. More than 48 percent owners have connected to the app for Youtube and Amazon
  20. More than 81 percent of rental activity was carried for TV shows.

Netflix has more than seventy million subscribers worldwide. It offers its services in nearly 190 countries. The many reasons for the success of Netflix is to keep up with the demands of the audience. Netflix acquired exclusive original content and here is what we can learn from the success of Netflix video content marketing strategy.

Best Practices from Netflix Video Content

1. Offer original and exclusive content to the audience.

2. Delivering high quality and unique content consistently to the audience and this also helped them to compete with other television giants such as HBO.

3. Personalization is the powerful way Netflix uses to get greater consumer engagement.

4. It sends personalized emails to the consumer, addressing them by name and based on previously watched shows, it sends the recommended top picks.

5. Netflix was a content curation company when it first started streaming videos and offering television shows and movies. Content curation is a great way to attract people and the valuable content is shared and this helped in brand building.

6. To stand out from the crowd it started creating its own original content.

7. While most streaming video companies release their episodes week by week, Netflix allows its audience to access the whole series and watch it at a pace that is convenient for them.

8. Netflix video content can be accessed and watched on every device, be it on smart television, games consoles, set-top boxes, smartphones, tablets, laptops or blue ray players.

9. To retain the attention of the customers, it is necessary to create fresh, new content. Netflix keeps their video content site up to date by adding new content.

10. Marketing the content is most crucial in video content marketing. Facts About Netflix creates short videos to promote its content.


Facts About Netflix,Netflix is the top most entertainment channels in the United States. In this article we have described some fascinating facts about Netflix and Best Practices for Netflix users.

Netflix has something to teach to about video content marketing to other content marketers. The above mentioned are some of the best practices follows to be successful in video marketing.

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