Film & Animation Channels

Top 10 YouTube Film & Animation Channels

YouTube is one of the largest search engines in the world. There are various types of film, Entertainment, Education, Technology, Animation, Kids and number of Television Shows channels available. Among all here we go deeper with the Top 10 YouTube Film & Animation Channels

Film & Animation Channels

1. TheFineBros:

It is one of the award-winning entertaining channels on YouTube, and it brings the videos of fully animated, collections of celebrities and sketched comedy videos. They generate all categories into both TV and Web-based, and in this channel, they upload most famous series of web-based. From kids to adults everyone can watch this channel, and moreover, they produce new videos for every week.

2. MOVIECLIPS Trailers:

This channel will update the latest information about the upcoming movies like hot new trailers, ultimate trailers, review about trailers and they focus on the award shows of all time best. Hence, it’s become the best channel for entertainment through movie trailers. For next minute they launch this channel update that to the public.

3. Masha and the Bear:

Masha and the beer is the Russian animated series mostly designed for kids. In this series the story will goes between two characters like one little girl Masha and her friend beer. They both together will do mysterious adventures in the forest. This primarily focuses on the value of the friendship between them.

4. CinemaSins:

From the name of the channel we can say that it is the channel that finds the sins in the movie making. No one knows about the mistakes in the movies, but we know only the good stuff they telecast, but this brought up all the hard work done by the directors by showing sins in that film. This is completely unique channel in YouTube history.

5. Galinha Pintadinha:

This channel comes under the kids channel because they create the videos of music with animations. They include sketching with different colors which grab the attention of the kids in those music videos.

6. Screen Junkies:

We know that we had too many channels for entertainment, but the only channel that gives the stuff in genuine way is Screen Junkies. This shows the videos of all movie trailers, they make commentaries, parody on pop culture and original series with complete commitment in junk collection.

7. CorridorDigital:

It is completely different channel that Skam and Niko with the help their team will make war of real time characters with different costumes that we’ve seen in the animated games. It shows the design of imaginations in virtual way and it can be most enjoyable channel for everyone.

8. YRF:

It is Indian independent channel this creates all music videos and home entertainment on its own label and it has offices in London, New York and Dubai. All categories of Bollywood movies and music will be generated by this channel.


The best thing of this channel is that they collect best moments, scenes, outlook of trailers and the ultimate stream of streak from the movies by watching themselves. This shows the commitment of this channel towards the users to put the best effort to provide entertainment.

10. Warner Bros. Pictures:

Whole world knows about the Warner Bros Pictures because they produce all types of animated movies. This channel mainly intended to provide the best movie trailers, clips and official movie makings. We can say that it’s a brand ambassador for entertaining film studio throughout the world.

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