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How to get your First 1000 YouTube Subscribers

Advertising on YouTube hasn’t been this challenging before. From weird cat videos to daredevil stunts, videos are everywhere, filling our lives with information that at times seems not so necessary. But videos do enhance our horizons; in that, a piece of information, when combined with the elements of audio and video, can stick in our minds for a relatively longer time than just reading a bit of text from the pages of a book.

Now, imagine you have a ground-breaking idea, and you go ahead and make a video out of it. You create a YouTube account and also upload the video. Now, there is this massive challenge of attracting viewers to watch your video. How do you go about doing it? This post tells you exactly how to get your First 1000 YouTube Subscribers .

Tips To Get First 1000 YouTube Subscribers

  • Make your channel as attractive as possible.
  • Create a good banner (really creative one) and also a nice avatar.
  • Have a slick, short, and effective description written so viewers could quickly understand what your channel is all about.
  • As it’s often said that a picture is worth a thousand words, create a trailer that can easily hook your channel viewers to come back again and again.
  • Have a playlist that has some connection between the videos that are published on your channel.
  • Make your subscription public on the Channels tab. If you do, channels that you subscribe to will get an e-mail telling them you subscribed to them. And especially people who don’t get that many YouTube Subscribers get ecstatic over such e-mails, and they will almost immediately check your channel out.
  • Make a vlog from time to time, to talk about your channels, answer questions from YouTube Subscribers or talk about music in general.
  • Asking questions to your subscribers is another way to improve interaction, which is what you want.
  • Be sure to use a lot of other social media to accompany your YouTube channel.
  • Create a Facebook page, a Twitter account, perhaps an Instagram or Pinterest account. Use the Google+ page that you got to your channel. Sure, it takes some effort for those social media to grow, but if they do, they are great ways to promote your videos and get your First 1000 YouTube Subscribers.

Actions That Will Triple Your YouTube Subscribers

YouTube is the most popular video ad promotion channel. The undisputed leadership is luring all the digital marketers to approach this channel for the promotion of their product/service. YouTube Subscribers increased the subscriber base on this channel is one of the yardsticks to check the performance of the video ad campaign, and every marketer aims at this sole objective.

Now let’s briefly identify some of the action that is needed to increase the subscribers.

1) Call to action: There are multiple ways to ensure that the viewer is properly guided to marketer’s website – after watching the ad campaign – and ultimately end up as a customer.

a)Call to action overlay: This is a powerful and customized ad that will direct the video ad viewer to the respective address.

b)Mentioning the contact details: All the viewers are inclined to find out the website of the marketer and the marketer has to necessarily publish his contact details without fail on all pages of the content.

c) Adding annotations will be able to get engage the viewers and watch the next video ad in the playlist.

2) Uploading the transcript is another important action in an effort to triple YouTube subscriber base. YouTube is offering a facility where the magical software will be able to sync the audio & video and also index the majority of the words (SEO) to increase the subscribers.

3) identifying the keywords is the most important tool to increase the subscriber base for the video campaign specifically on YouTube.

5) Promotion of the video is required to ensure that the subscribers are aware of the video in the ad campaign. There are multiple ways to promote the video – like thumbnail, running trailer, short movie, etc.

5 Free Tips to Increase Your YouTube Subscribers

Video content is the top priority list in the marketing strategies online today. YouTube is the most targeted platform for video marketing by marketers. Every YouTube strives hard to get good subscribers for their channel as the number of subscribers is one of the best measures for the channel growth. Here are some simple ways to get a good subscriber rate for your YouTube channel.

Tips to Increase Your YouTube Subscribers

Produce good, unique, shareable, useful and interesting content

Content can easily generate these days but, good quality content with all the above qualities is highly required to stand out from the crowd today. So, create unique and enjoyable quality content to grab the subscribers. So, focus on your metadata and keywords utilization across the platform. Produce top-notch content to grab the audience’s attention.

Frequent uploading

Upload the content frequently across the platform to drive curiosity among the audience and make your mark on the platform. The audience subscribes to the particular channel if and only if your content is entertaining and exciting as well as if you have the continuity.

Create good titles

Video titles are significant as people search for specific keywords to access the content, and it is essential to create a compelling and relevant title for your video content. The title must be catchy and connected to your video which can help you to grab better subscriptions.

Personalize your channel

Create a good background for your channel and customize the channel by using different free tools that are available across the web. Also, add proper thumbnails that are colorful and attractive as well as relevant to your video content. Thumbnails can give the first impression of your video content on the platform.

Create and launch your channel trailer

If you have created a new channel, don’t forget to launch a good channel trailer, which must be very engaging and catches the audience’s attention. YouTube platform offers channel trailers that let you play the container automatically. So, create a perfect channel trailer with a length of 30 to 60 seconds. Promote your channel on other platforms and ask them to subscribe using subscriber buttons.

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