Flash Media Live Encoder

The Ultimate Guide to Flash Media Live Encoder

Flash media live encoder is a broadcasting tool. This works for both Windows and Mac operating systems but Windows does not support the AAC audio, and so there is a need for the paid plugin. This downloaded from Abode; Flash Media Live Encoder is the commonly used popular software. This tool can be used to live stream sports events, concerts etc.

The computer on which Flash media live encoder installed should have some specifications. The required specifications are, it should have a video capture device, internet connection and a recommended 1 GB of RAM.

How to Setup Flash Media Live Encoder

Here is the procedure for setting up Flash media live encoder for live streaming. Open the computer and go to your web browser open the Abode Flash Media Encoder page. Install this on your computer. Follow the guidelines and install it.

Launch the flash media encoder. Choose webcam as the device for the live stream. If you don’t see the webcam option, it is probably not properly attached to the computer. Set the values of Format as H.264, input size as 640 x 360 and Bit Rate as 1100. Output size is also 640 x 360. Audio can be enabled or left disable as per requirement.

Also configure output options. Stream to flash media server should check. Primary Entry point should be the value of FMS RUL. Leave the Backup URL blank. Give a name to the stream. Click the Connect button. Enter the username and password and click OK. Click on the Start button to start the live stream. When you want the encoder to stop the streaming, go to the media encoder dialogue and click Stop.

Flash Media Live Encoder Advantages and Features

Flash Media Live Encoder is one of the best tool for live streaming. This can be downloaded free for Windows devices and also for Mac devices. Using Flash Media Live Encoder, streaming can do to multiple services at a time. Though the source functionality is limited and there is need to have an external program to capture game source the is the most popular live streaming software.

Flash Media Live Encoder supports different codecs such as MP3, Nellymoser, VP6 and so on. It also supports HE-AAC and AAC code via plugins. This, however, is not the best software and is only basic and is enough for basic live streaming operations. This is available for MAC Os and windows. It came for free and supported widely. If any help is required, there are tutorials and forum discussions. One thing that should remember is that the feature set is small and this is prone to crashes.

Best Practices for Flash Media Live Encoder

For setting up of Flash Media Live Encoder, setting the video bitrate and encoding options properly is very important. Do not disturb the computer if web streaming is being done through it while the webcast in progress. Web cast may fail sometimes if it is disturbing. There are two benefits with Flash Media Live Encoder and these are, the support of highest quality video and easier deployment.

Whenever possible use the Ethernet instead of WiFi and Cellular connections for live streaming using Flash live encoder. Do not use a shared line.

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