How Football Brands Uses Social Video For Marketing

Social has grown their numbers astronomically over 10 years.

Social Media increasing the profitability and the number of customers to the industries.

Whereas the same thing applies to Football Clubs. Football Clubs around the world are realizing the importance of Social media for expanding their brands.

Social Videos provide direct communication through fans and there are various studies proven that how Social video plays a significant role in football leagues.

The Social media gives two-way communication from fans that is from Facebook and Twitter. Facebook streams live streaming using Samsung gear 4K Facebook Video Streaming Camera.

Twitter Videos and tweets lead to communicate with players.

Unique Strategies For Using Social Video in Football Marketing

Sports Franchise and Football Clubs focus on Social video marketing tool because it gives incredible results.

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter providing best way of communicating the fans through Social videos.

Football industries connects the people sponsoring the leagues and promoting their brands through players ,offers and sales also displayed on football leagues.

So people can easily visit Football websites for brands easily, tell the friends and nearest community people to visit for offers and sales.

Football organizations provide an opportunity for fans and communicate with them through their Football/Sports websites. So, the traffic of the websites raises their revenue on marketing.

Posting highlights of match, live tweeting and Franchise giveaways are the unique strategies applies in football marketing.

Choose the best social network for the audience to connect.

How are Football clubs using Social Media Videos

Social Media Videos not only connecting the Football teams and leagues, it also connects players personally. Players having their personal facebook and Twitter accounts with millions of fan followings.

Creating best storytelling, voice success makes more franchise of your brands through Social Media videos. The best way of getting franchise is connecting the audience through social media videos.

Social Media shares Football content in various types like highlights of the league, twitter polls, images, behind the scenes, unique video, live videos and match updates.

Social Video can showcase the highlights of the players personal and professional biography. Concentrate more on creating a social video of a player

One motivational Social video can change the life of the player and die-heart fans interaction through interview can raise the Footballs club’s revenue.

How Big Brands are Using Football as a Marketing Tool


Adidas has partnered with the world’s recognizable football star Lionel Messi. Lionel Messi is an Argentine professional football player, brand ambassador for Adidas boot and cloths. The German company has opened an official Twitter account in the name of @Teem Messi. This twitter account has a global fan following at the same time for Adidas brand.


Cristiano Ronaldo deal the endorsement for Nike brands. Nike sponsored the soccer player like Ronaldo, Cristiano Ronaldo, Wesley Sneijder and Landon Donovan. All air max players inspire Nike football boots. Nike also provided weather forced sportswear garments to beat the weather.

Tag Heuer

Cristiano Ronaldo has a huge community on Facebook and Twitter. He has 160 million fans following on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. His following incredibly raised the Tag Heuer brand. His “Don’t Crack Under Pressure” social video and comments are biggest audience view on Facebook about Tag Heuer.

Under Armour

Under Armour is one of the fastest ever growing brand in the sports world. Different sports teams like Rugby, Golf, football all teams campaigned as a one team for Under Armour. Generally UA is an American sports brand, it has sponsored for many football leagues.


Reebok provides athlete, footwear and apparels company worldwide. Reebok announced partnership with gaming advertising which can allow for the free download of football Champions of massively multiplayer online games like 3D football.


Puma is one of the Germans sports apparel supply company. Puma offers sports inspired and lifestyle style products. Sergio Aguero football top most player brand ambassador for Puma and received evoSPEED SL shoes.

Football Motivational YouTube Videos

Cristiano Ronaldo

When we heard the name of the Football then immediately everyone will be in the world of Cristiano Ronaldo. This video will reveal the steps and struggles behind the success of a world number one player. We can find that how Ronaldo has dedicated to Football by watching his real time practice from dawn to dark. That type of strong commitment made him to achieve the victory that, never bounce back. When you have a desire to attain something then you must be devoted to that till you are in the continuous path of the success with overwhelming confident.

Lionel Messi

This is most inspirational video from the play lists of the world stunning player of football Lionel Messi. In this video, we will be boosted by the victory of Lionel. Initially, he had injury while playing seriously and he had lost the game. But he didn’t lose his hope to win then started his aim to shoot at the success. When you are being hopeless just consider the spirit of Messi to be on the track of winning.

Best Football Video Advertising Campaigns

Nike “My Time is Now” Digital Campaign

Nike has launched the digital video campaign in the UK by placing the billboards everywhere like shopping malls, undergrounds and public places to support the favorite player by voting on screen. By placing the top player screens they had grabbed the attention of the audience.

These strategies might be helpful to spread the word football even to the unknown people.

Pepsi Max with Blippar

Pepsi has conducted the campaign by making the Football as the theme to promote with blippar. In this, the football player photos will be printed on the bottle. When the customers buy those then they need to download the blippar and can play the game or watch the game played by the player aiming the mobile at the image of the favorite player.

This is an ultimate campaign that clutched the fans of the football.


Social media allow close and immediate interaction to the fans through two powerful tools like Facebook and twitter. These two can gather feedback through social videos and comments.

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