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50 Best YouTube Channels For Free Educational Videos

Videos have become a frequently used method of learning, educating people with interactive digital content. There are plenty of fantastic educational YouTube channels on YouTube that are helpful as a part of learning at home. Mostly all YouTube Channels have arranged their content in the playlist. Let’s take a look at some of the best Free Educational YouTube Videos out for free help to improve knowledge and make learning fun.

50 Best YouTube Channels For Free Educational Videos

1. It’s AumSum Time:

A smart learning YouTube Channel for all ages. It provides useful tips for the school students and colleges as well as all ages who are interested in Science related content.

2. Cody’sLab:

This channel posts videos of something crazy science experiments. Launch one video per month.

3. MIT OpenCourseWare:

Mission of MIT takes students to advanced learning and educates students in science.

4. Tech Insider:

Releases one video every week on How-to?, Gadget reviews, digital cultures, and innovation videos.

5. Vlogbrothers:

Frequently releases every day one video raising the power of awesomeness.

6. Discovery:

Bringing dedicated viewers stories and amazing videos from World of Science, geography, engineering, and natural history.

7. Seeker:

Where technology and innovation exist via videos.

8. Khan Academy:

They provide world-class education to everyone anywhere in the world for free.

9. CrashCourse:

Tons of course content in one awesome channel. Launch two videos per month.

10. Vsauce:

Channel consists of final thoughts and stories, observations of the Universe.

11. TED-Ed:

Worth of sharing about channels. Excellent talks from the prominent speaker related to education, science experiments.

12. Art for Kids Hub:

Consist of numerous How to draw, art, and craft videos.

13. Free School:

Extraordinary channels that teach your children about famous artists from history.

14. Clarendon Learning:

Channel offers a massive playlist of great history videos.

15. Happy Learning English:

An extensive collection of humans, animals, and planet videos.

16. Alphablocks:

A wonderful playlist of Phonics and a living alphabet videos helps you, child, to develop their reading skills.

17. Teachers Hub:

Teachers Hub channel consists of a variety of new songs and games that play together.

18. C.G.P. Grey:

This channel focus on providing the content in History, Philosophy, politics, and technology.

19. AsapSCIENCE:

Teaches simple science concepts in a fun way.

20. Common Sense Education:

This channel offers tips on How to use technology for both teachers and students.

21. Edutopia:

That informs students and teachers about the latest educational techniques for k-12 education.

22. National Geography:

The best channel for the one who is passionate about Nature and Environmental science.

23. Smart EveryDay:

This is the place where we can explore the world in a single day.

24. Kurzgesagt:

This channel explains things about space, time, a global energy, and universal things.

25. Scishow:

Explore the unexpected things, science news, and history concepts.

26. Veritasium:

Releases videos about the hidden truth of science education and interesting facts.

27. The Singing Walrus – English Dongs for Kids:

A huge playlist of counting’s and numbers videos for children.

28. BBC Tech:

Explore the Videos of maths that are used in different areas of life and works.

29. Operation Ouch:

Explores the educational videos of the Human body.

30. Homeschool Pop:

A collection of science videos put together in one channel.

31. Science Max:

Playlist of human science experiments that your children also try at home on a small scale.

32. Expertvillage:

This channel has provided a ton of Tips, lifehacks in the form of Tutorials.

33. Minutephysis:

This channel is dedicated to providing science and physics topics for free.

34. NumberPhile:

Channel focused on showing fascinating ways and facts about numbers.

35. Easy Kids Craft:

It offers a lot of craft ideas that the whole family can spend time on this.

36. 5-minutes Crafts Play:

This channel shares the craft ideas, experiments, and tricks try at home.

37. Kidz Bop:

Channel produces kid’s friendly versions of songs that your children can sing and dance for those videos.

38. Footy Pups:

Footy Pups shares the videos of exiting football tricks that your younger can learn and practice at home.

39. TheBadAstronomer:

The bad Astronomer channel focus on science and space tutorials over millions of views.

40. Sick Science:

Channel hosted by Steve Spangler shows students a variety of science experiments.

41. Life Noggin:

This channel does things like answering the viewer’s questions about the universe, and it also provides entertainment animation videos.

42. Computerphile:

This channel provides in-depth explanations about tech things and all sorts of interesting computer education.

43. Thomas Frank:

Thomas Frank provides motivational videos on how to spend all your time in a useful manner.

44. Messy hands:

This channel offers a simple cooking recipe that your children can try at home.

45. The Backyard Scientist:

launches videos of crazy science experiment stuff, but just watch it and enjoy don’t try at home.

46. Space Videos:

Videos of the latest news from NASA and ESA.

47. It’s Ok To Be Smart:

You can find curious videos of the Universe and space.

48. Big Think:

A big playlist of how to be smarter, faster, and get successes in terms of Economy.

49. Today I Find Out:

just feed your brain with new ideas every day. Awesome channel for smarter living.

50. Physics Girl:

A female science YouTubers launched channel providing videos of every lightening experiments and space explosions.


Take advantage of these YouTube Channels For Free Educational Videos resources to help your children to discover and learn more advanced technologies. Watching these Videos make a fantastic starting point for further research. It’s a great opportunity to learn important lessons in an engaging and interacting way.

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