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Top 5 Free Screen Video Recording Software For Windows

Free Screen Video recordings and infographic images,Videos are more effective in this present generation. When you consider one infographic image, you can describe everything about that topic. Isn’t it? Words are not enough to describe to explain the tutorials like subjects and technologies. A beautiful video with explanation can reveal the subject and remains permanently in our minds and to acquire that just pinch the Screen Video Recording Software that is freely available.

We have many screen recording video software for Windows and other Operating Systems. Here we are discussing five best video screen recording software for windows. Let us see in-depth view of each screen recording software.

Icecream Screen Recorder:

Icecream screen recorder software can capture some part of the screen or the complete screen.You can capture high quality videos and screenshots and it comes with a complete tool guide to work easily with this interface.

You can record videos for webinars, Skype conversations, games, Vimeo best suits for YouTube videos. The videos can be automatically saved in MP4 and Webm formats.

The Icecream screen recorder has some tools like to draw some icons, logos and arrow pointers before saving the video. So that you can perform any editing work on the images and videos. These are automatically saved in your computer hard disk or selected location in all image formats.

The Icecream Screen Recorder has some features like

Panel for drawing,output quality selection, microphone audio recording, screenshots to a URL,Zooming the videos, images, recording with webcam and adding watermark to the images and videos.

Here one of the disadvantage is it can record only 10 min and WEBM recording is available for free version.

Jing Screen Recorder:

Jing is Techsmith’s software product used for windows and any android systems. It allows to capture screenshots on your computer, and it also captures audio and video recordings.

Select the particular area on the screen to capture that happening on your screen. Jing has an amazing feature you can instantly share the captures.
Every software has some pros and cons we should discuss both sides.Jing videos maximised limit for 5 min for instant access.

The system requirements for downloading the Jing Software,

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SPI is required for Windows users.

Quicktime 7.5.5 for Mac users.

Operating systems: Windows 7, Windows XP or Vista

File size should be less than 7. 67 MB.

It’s easy to work with Jing interface, when you select the area to capture that area will be highlighted in color and the rest of the area will be black and white.Once finished capturing the screen and just click on the left button.

Ezvid Video Maker:

Ezvid can record/capture the videos on your screen and never leaves a watermark over there.Ezvid can capture your mouse movements that happens on your screen works as a recording softwares.

It can record videos, plays slide shows for free. This software is useful for adding voice to videos, screen captures, adding videos to YouTube and other social media websites like FB, Twitter , Pinterest.

It can narrate and synchronizes the text, videos, rearrange videos, images, speech control and Ezvid is one in all video editor tool software.It has an amazing functionality called drawing feature you can directly draw pictures on the screen so it it very helpful to the infographic images.

It can save files in various formats, they are MPEG, AVI, MP4, FLI and MOV etc.

Supporting Windows platforms for Ezvid: Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows XP.

It is completed Supports for windows for free and file size should be 0.96 MB.

Webinaria Screen Recorder:

Webinaria is a free video editing and screen recording software that records in Flv formats. By editing with this software, it can add voice to the images. With the help of Webcam or microphone it can start recording your computer screen.

It measures and add audio to the images. It saves files only in flash mode format.The new version of Webinaria can add sound effects to the videos, editing of videos and add new webcam features to the videos.

Supporting Operating Systems for Webinaria: Windows 98, Windows 200, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

The file size should be less than 2.47 MB.

Camstudio Screen Recorder:

Camstudio is the best for thinking open source recording software. It offers video storage formats in Avi and Flv formats. It’s free and first software released for recording your screen, screenshots and videos.

Compared to flash format Avi format is better for saving your videos.Avi allows high quality videos, it’s depend on our decision, and required quality. It can convert Avi file to bandwidth friendly Streaming format videos.You can use these videos in any other software programs.

This software is best for creating school tutorial videos and online explanatory tutorials .This software has an interesting feature you can set the frame rate for recording videos.This software is best for screen recording videos and instructional videos.

Supporting Operating System for Camstudio: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows NT.

The file size should be less than 4. 26 MB for Version 2.6.


Here you have top 5 video screen recording software for free versions. But referring these things you will get an idea which software is perfect for your needs.Choose the best things and start implementing on it to get better results.

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  1. Pixlrec is a new screen recorder for windows. We can install that on WIndows 10 as well. I am very happy using this software to record the screen

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