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50 Different Ways to Promote Your Gaming YouTube Channel

Well you know how to start a YouTube channel for gaming. But do know the strategies to promote Gaming YouTube Channel. A successful YouTuber will maintain all these different ways to make promotion.

Most of the YouTube Creators create a Gaming YouTube Channel just because they like playing upcoming video gaming and create their gameplay videos and wanted to share their gaming experiences with other gamers and give their ideas and thoughts to other gaming community. Most of the YouTube gamers still don’t know they can generate good revenue and profits through their gaming YouTube Channel by enabling monetization. Most of the YouTube Gamers are struggling to get views and revenue. Here are the mind-blowing 50 Different Ways to Promote Your Gaming YouTube Channel. So get started by checking the below ways.

Ways to Promote Gaming YouTube Channel

  1. Engage and Interact with Gaming Influencers
  2. Start a Blog or website Exclusively for Your YouTube Gaming Channel
  3. Research Keywords for better optimisation
  4. Create a Solid Social Media Gaming followers
  5. Title Your Video Correctly with Trending Gaming Keywords
  6. Video’s Description is important to describe your gaming video
  7. Like, comment and subscribe to relevant Gaming YouTube channels
  8. Interacting with Gaming Community is very important
  9. Use a channel teaser video with attractive Gaming Review
  10. Use Adwords for Video whenever there is so important Gaming Video
  11. Share it with your Gaming friends on all popular social media platforms
  12. Create different Playlists with best Gaming Keywords
  13. Write Guest Blogs on other gaming websites by embedding your videos
  14. Source : PewDiePie

  15. Create Network with other Gaming Influencers
  16. Keep Tracking your Gaming YouTube Channel Analytics
  17. Dedicate a Time on Creating innovative Gaming videos
  18. Create Videos what you’re Gaming Audience needed
  19. Plan Short-Term YouTube Gaming Channel Goals and stick to it
  20. Plan Long-Term Goals
  21. Respond Positively to your Gaming Video Comments
  22. Create Unique Gaming Content
  23. Build your Channel Branding presence outside YouTube
  24. Maintain and Stick to your Uploading Schedule
  25. Create Eye Caching Thumbnails for your Gaming Videos
  26. Study your YouTube Comments create content what users wanted
  27. Produce Serial Content like a Series of Videos
  28. Collaborate with other Gaming Creators and Create videos
  29. Produce Gaming Reviews and become Trendsetter
  30. Promote your Gaming Videos on Different Social Platforms
  31. Reddit Gaming SubReddits are so powerful and engaging so use it well
  32. Embed your channel logo and website URL in the video. Embed the text at the end or beginning and include the logo and URL throughout the entire video.
  33. Create goals for your videos among the thousands of videos.
  34. Create a high-resolution video to attract the audience.
  35. Practice the game before live streaming or creating as a video.
  36. Try to limit the length of the video.
  37. Make sure to schedule the videos for consistency.
  38. Identify the genuine followers by analytics.
  39. Use the right keywords or tags to attract the audience.
  40. Try to create accessible games videos on your channel.
  41. Encourage your audience to comment, subscribe, and share your videos.
  42. Request the audience to subscribe to your channel and turn on notifications for further notice.
  43. Use the right thumbnails with the proper Titles and logo.
  44. Watch other gaming-related videos for new ideas and techniques.
  45. Use other video streaming sites like Vimeo and Twitch. Screen record from there.
  46. Make sure to use the right profile picture that users can quickly identify and promote your channel.
  47. Reach out to your favourite blogs to embed your videos
  48. Measure your success factors and downfalls by observing YouTube Analytics
  49. Analyse the Views spikes and repeat it what you have done
  50. Observe Traffic sources report and work more on best sources for traffic
  51. Optimise your Videos Metadata Carefully


YouTube the major platform to promote any thing in the video. In this the gaming will occupy the first place while streaming on YouTube. To be as a successful vlogger just go through these strategies to improve your Gaming YouTube Channel ranking.

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