Global Video Monetization

Mind-Numbing Facts and Figures about Global Video Monetization

There are a number of ways to generate revenue, but advertisers choose video monetization. Why is Global Video Monetization powerful in the video marketing industry? How to increase your revenue using Global Video monetization?

You can get all data and facts and figure that appear in Global Video monetization in the following points. Advertisers spent their time on Video monetisation because they get high income for their industries.

  1. YouTube ranked at top 1 in video viewing in 2016 reports
  2. Facebook has 183 million unique viewers and ranked at second place
  3. Recent reports revealed that AOL, Inc has ranked at top US online video ad platform with more than 44 percent total US population is following
  4. Google sites ranked second place with 36 percent reach to the US population
  5. Broadband TV is ranked at top in Unique video viewers on the YouTube platform
  6. VEVO channel ranked in second place with 43k unique viewers
  7. More than 50 percent video views are from mobile devices
  8. US people are watching the videos on YouTube more than nine hours per month via mobile devices
  9. YouTube video application ranked at second place for unique mobile video viewers in 2016
  10. More than 92 percent mobile video viewers are sharing the videos with others
  11. The online video ad revenue was raised around $7.87 Bn in the year 2015
  12. It is set to rise 10 Bn in 2016
  13. The global digital ad spend was around 10.1 percent in the Year 2014
  14. The ad spend was expected to increase to 13 percent
  15. The ad spend was expected to increase to the eighth of the total internet spending in 2016 at 13 percent
  16. The video ad revenue was reported as 7.6 billion in the year 2015
  17. The ad revenue was expected to cross 10 billion in 2016
  18. The video ads share the digital ad spending, and it revealed that more than 65 percent people are visiting the marketer’s site after viewing the video related to the marketers business.
  19. More than 62 percent website visitors are likely to buy a product after watching the product video
  20. The VOD and OTT services are gaining more attention from the viewers
  21. The global VOD is US$ 205 billion in 2014 and expected to be US$264 Billion in 2016
  22. The Asia Pacific region is going to dominate its market than western Europe after the US
  23. 84 percent people are now watching the VOD
  24. Technical innovation was significantly improved and reflect the online video streaming industry growth
  25. The ad blocking will get revolutionize the strategies of revenue

20 Global Video Monetization Statistics

The Evolution of Video advertising has become viral in the Market. Startup companies, corporate sectors and even a small scale industries promoting their brands through video marketing.Video Monetization is an importent factor for every business.

Programmatic videos, Commercial video ads and live streaming has raised their growth Globally according to statistics. Video Monetization is one of the best services for the business to communicate Globally.

  1. The gross ad revenue has stated high increase in the year 2013 on Youtube with more than two billion dollars net profit
  2. Nearly 85 percent brands planned and increased the ad revenue in the year 2014
  3. Youtube has acquired nearly 150 million unique viewers in the year 2014
  4. Nearly 27 billion video ads are viewed in 2014 in January.
  5. According to 2015 research reports, it revealed that more than 27.99 percent of video ad views have increased from year over year.
  6. Long form video content and live content has good demand in 2015 in which 50 percent views are outside the desktop with OTT devices
  7. Set top boxes has become second largest devices for the delivering the video content.
  8. The third quarter of the 2015 year reports has revealed that the monetisation revenues has dramatically increased with the arrival of new ad formats and video formats.
  9. The VOD has increased to 30 percent
  10. Live streams had increased to 112 percent
  11. The total video ad views are accounted for 12.99 percent across the mobile devices
  12. More than 30 percent ad views are delivered across portable screens
  13. App viewership has dramatically developed and increased the monetisation revenue with video content.
  14. Long form video content and live streaming by authenticated channels have driven nearly 20 percent growth comparing to previous year reports.
  15. The average mid roll break for live content is notices as 5.5 ads
  16. Only 5.5 percent programmer ad views are noticed from the secondary sales
  17. Programmatic video ads are enhancing the supply and demand and helping in increasing the monetisation revenues.
  18. The monetisation and the video views count of live streaming is reported to be 34 percent and long-form content is 28 percent and finally short-form video content is 35 percent respectively.
  19. News content and live sports content has more demand than any other categories.
  20. Strong growth of OTT views across the various devices. The new formats had increased the monetization revenues.

In this article we has listed the 20 video Monetization statistics, considering separate areas which process is trending. Check the statistics and implement on the best way to get an amazing result.


The above article gives mind blowing facts about Global Video monetization.

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