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Google Clips: Smart AI Camera [Review]

Many people Crave to capture the memorable moments that should be immortalized. Sometimes it fails, because of some factors at the time the person takes out the Camera, the moment is gone and lack of Smart capable cameras.

Does anyone know How the Viral Cat Videos capture?

Pets do not act cute in front of Camera. This is true and tested by some human beings.

Luckily, Google has a solution for all these issues.

Google introduced a new tiny Smart Camera that spies on your every move called “Clips.” Google Clips camera uses Artificial Intelligence. It automatically shoot when it feels something interesting is going on.

Google Clips New Smart AI Camera

Google Clips automatically takes a series of pictures and stitching altogether into a short clip.

Clips sit in the corner of the room using it’s AI technology recognize the familiar faces, and it is determined to capture the best Seven- Seconds Video.

Google Clips is not desired to shoot audio or video files. It can only capture the series of clips and assemble all in a short video clip.

Google Clips Hardware

There is not much to explain the Hardware of Google Clips. Clips camera is a little square that fits into the palm of your Hand.

We can see Camera lens on one side of the camera and small play button under the lens. For charging the camera a little USB-C port given.

Three LED bulb under the white plastic which intimates that camera is on and it’s in working mode.

Give a little push on lens to twist the lens and wait for the light on. Now you can keep your Camera anywhere and leave it.

The camera itself is exciting and it comes with a 12MP sensor with f/2.4 aperture.

It can shoot 360-degree field view and captures the pics from the 360-degree surrounding.

The memory itself has 16 GB, and it promises three straight hours of smart captures.

Google Clips Software

The Clipa designed for kids parties you can save 1400 clips straightforward. Google Clips introduced a smartphone app called “Clips app.”

Through Clips app, you can operate the Camera through the mobile phone. You can synchronise your device with the camera via Bluetooth or WiFi direct.

Clips are designed to focus on most exciting things, and it recognises the familiar faces through the AI technology. You can save the motion files, or you can directly save the snapshots on your device.

Google Clips capture with its 12MP camera you can export to your mobiles in the variety of ways Like 6MP Motion Photo, 0.3MP Gif file and 2.3 MP Video.

Google Clips Premise

The New Google’s Clips Camera is not an Ordinary Camera as it relies on Artificial Intelligence. It determines which movements would be great to capture by Clips AI Camera.

Clips Smart AI Camera depends on Google Algorithm and capable of identifying the familiar faces of a family including Pets. So, the Camera itself capture the memorable moments of familiar faces.

Google clips only capture a bunch of stills and stitches them all together into a short clip. Clips camera does not record an Audio or video files.

The owners of the camera can also edit the seven seconds clips and save anywhere; Else the user can also extract the clips from the Clips smartphone app and keep it as an Album.

Clips capture a series of high-resolution clips and assemble a high resolution Gif file rather than shooting a video.

There is an alternative way to captures the still by itself using the Shutter option on the app or click on the button on the Clips Camera to shoot themselves.

Google Clips AI Smarts

The Clips AI Smart system or technology learns which type of movements the user preferred by analysing the nature of Clips user saves from the Clips captures. Based on this mechanism the Clips AI Smart Camera focus more on those skills.

Google clips need to be on Closer to the camera to capture interesting movements. But it is not a compulsion to capture the clips. We can’t expect utterly impressive clips, but we can trust on Clean and decent Captures.

Google Clips Camera Price

Google Announced a new Clips Smart AI Camera back in October and price of the Clips AI Cameras will be $249. The cost of the Clips is not ridiculous but at the same time not Cheap either.

The best features of Google Clips connected via mobile phones such as Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S7, iPhone, Google Pixels through Wi-Fi direct or Bluetooth. At the moment we do not have the option to connect the desktop computers.


Clips works on the right combination of smarter images that technically captures the whole movements in time. This new piece of technology specially designed for kids and pets to capture the memorable moments. Try Google Clips in your home before your kids become old.

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