Video Streaming using Amazon S3

Guide to Setup Fastest Video Streaming using Amazon S3, Cloudfront

Amazon S3 and the CloudFront are the best video distribution networks which can enhance the fast video streaming across the platforms. The Amazon S3 is an online storage service that allows the simple storage of the various services. Amazon S3 stands for the users can upload the video content to the Amazon and or can be uploaded to the own web hosting. But, the difference between the own hosting and the hosting using the Amazon for your video hosting.

The main difference is the web hosting services are shared and provide you with a shared hosting account that requires certain hardware to use, and it may be used by the other people on different websites also. So you cannot use the web hosting for the fast uploading of your videos on the web. You could also be limited the speeds too as it depends on upon the month to month basis. Amazon is a good massive service for the video hosting.

Amazon is better than the shared web hosting as it very eases to upload your video content with a simple Firefox plug-in also which also called as an s3 fox. If the user wants to find some other things, just go with the Amazon s3 client which can support multiple platforms. It can enhance the faster way to upload the video hosting by incorporating the content distribution networks. To speed up the sites for the content distribution and the media delivery with cloud front video delivery networks. The cloud front has tied up with the Amazon s3 in which Amazon s3 can go with a single location type of storage service or cloud.

The information can be copied from the Amazon to the cloud front distribution network once it is set up with the cloud front. The videos that uploaded to the Amazon can be automatically getting passed to the content distribution networking places across the countries which have connected with the network places to every single location. If the clients want to get your video content for your site and they can get the content from their respective location though you are hosting from other location. It is always very fast because of these content distribution networks.

Amazon S3 for video

There will not be any buffering in the video content, and it will pay on the go. A large company has to pay some thousands on signing some contracts and was very expensive, but with the Amazon, it is effortless and made it very easy to sign up and can pay as you go and also has an option for cancellation and can use the power of the content distribution network. If you do not connect with the Amazon web services, just simply signup and create a new Amazon web services account and can start utilising the new web services account. You will not get charged until you saved any data Ad transfer data back, and finally, there will not be any contracts and no commitments monthly, and it just paid as you go service which is very comfortable.

After gaining access to the Amazon console you will be asked to link up at the top and setup procedure and have to give some personal details and credit card detail. So that, they can charge whenever you have a transaction and So simply log in to the management console that looks somewhat different and can notice the left-hand side tab and can number the buckets. These buckets are nothing but the folder containing the name of directories where you can call and can have s many buckets as you need and also allowed to create subfolders also. After creation of the buckets, you can upload the video filed to folders and subfolders and can use the service for the video distribution without any hassles with the cloud front for distribution.

Cloud front for video

The cloud front can be used as a combination with the Amazon s3 to speed up the optimal speed of distribution and the content delivery. To set up the cloud front just fill the details and click enable once again and it results in power on your cloud front to your account. Go to web services management console where it looks similar as we just discussed above in the case of Amazon S3 setup.

Go and click on the Cloud front tab and create a distribution and fill some name and configure the links. The cloud front gets linked to the source locations of the video files and after that just creates an s3bucket and create distribution by using the delivery methods. If you want to create new distributions, then you can go through the console and utilise the different tools. You can also utilise the Firefox plug-in also. You can also manage the accounts with the access key which is a secret key, and by using this, you can log in the Amzons3 and cloud front.

Therefore Amazon s3 and the cloud front with the Firefox plug-in can help the users to boost up the content distribution very well compared to the shared web hosting procedures which are complex and slow.

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