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How to Setup Home Video Recording Studio with Video Editing

People were habituated to spend more time in watching video content across different platforms like YouTube, Vimeo etc. This made the marketers, bloggers and advertisers turn towards the video content. Yes, bloggers had turned as Vloggers with video production on various topics. They have turned the YouTube as their vlogging hub and publishing the video by creating the better video studio with good editing setup at their home.

Yes, to create and publish video content, you need to setup your own home video studio to post your videos consistently. Let us know about home video studio and editing.

How to start and where to start?

What to do before you get started your home studio?

The first question that rotates in our minds is where and how to start own video studio with editing. Yes, first things first, note down the main requirements to start the studio in your home and list out the things in an organized manner. The good news is, you can create a very quality video content with the best equipment.


Research on different things in your niche regarding own DIY studio setup. Learn the things in a right way and note down the important points that are helpful to build your home video studio.

Video framing

Of you are going to work on text overlays and products showcasing, don’t sit too close to your camera.

Learn tricks to blur your background

It will definitely make a big difference if you blur your background and it provides a complete professional look to your video. Adjust the distance between you and your background and lens.

Practice to present naturally

Practice the things to make it more natural to the audience. The natural way of presentation always attracts the audience towards your video. They can get connected with you very easily.



A lapel mic is the most necessary thing for your home video studio. Because most of the video cameras have only two feet range to deliver good sound quality. So, it is better to get this one for your studio.


Lighting plays a great role to deliver the better quality video. The blurred video and low lighting videos cannot deliver the best impression on your video footage. So, invest in good lights to shoot a video content. It makes your video a professional one.

Background setup

Invest on a muslin cloth as your background and preferably green color background which make your video better. You may also need to get some stands for muslin cloth adjustment. So make sure you place according to the room occupied by the stands.


Invest in a good quality tripod which helps you while shooting your own videos because sometimes the footage will come as shaky one. So it is better to invest in a tripod which can support your laptop and camera while shooting your video content.


The most important of all the things we have discussed so far. Yes, though you have good enough camera quality within the smart phones, if you are targeting the best professional studio quality, then you must invest in a good camera to get good quality output.

Tips to follow once you started your own Video studio

• If you are not ready to invest on camera, try capturing with your phone or laptop. It can also deliver better picture quality.

• Keep it horizontal+ to create a widescreen video. You can film at 90 degrees angle if you are using a laptop.

• Don’t use zooming feature as it may blur your video footage.

• Shoot at 24 frames per second in which an average viewer might not catch the things of course trained viewers can get the things.

• If you are using the laptop or phone to shoot the video, utilize the microphone for sound recording to get better voice output.

• Manage the echo using the soft objects in your home. So that you can avoid the echo sound while recording your video content.

Video Editing

Editing plays a great role in your video success. A well-edited video can bring you best impressions and viewer engagement and finally get successful in reaching the large audience. Here are some few tricks you can follow while editing your video content once you have completed shooting your video.

• Always record in a noise-free environment in a controlled way. Just capture the base sound first by turning ON your mic. This base sound you have recorded can be helpful in filling the sound gaps and allows you to smooth on the transitions.

• Give some pause while there is any mistake happened in the middle of recording your video. Because if you go on with the things though you have made some mistake and not paused the video, you will face difficulty in editing the video and might end with bad editing output. So, remember this.

• Utilize the crossfading effects and work on non-linear video editing programs where you can drag the starting and end of the clip over other clippings. You can also line up the clips. All you need is good editing software to make your process perfect and easy.

• Don’t forget to save your content to the external hard drive so that you can save your actual disk space which will not get lag during your process. So preferably buy 1TB hard disk, and it is a worthy investment.

• Compress the video content after exporting them to the high definition for better resolution. Compress the big file into small one and make it downloadable to every viewer if you are providing download option.

Finally, enjoy your home video studio and keep going with video creation and publish the best quality video content. Have a happy vlogging.

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