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How 360 Degree VR Videos Will Transform The Real Estate Industry?

Real estate properties are sold or bought after going through a process of explaining the properties to the client, negotiations, and visits to the properties. Taking every prospective buyer to see the property personally is inconvenient and time-consuming. The relationship between the VR videos and the Real Estate Industry is explained here.

This is equally difficult for home buyers also. The introduction of virtual reality videos changes the functioning of this age-old functioning of real estate industry.

Not only this VR in real estate business can increase the business of the agent and bring in more prospect customers. Virtual reality for real estate is becoming a necessity as more and more customers are searching for properties online.

Using Virtual Reality for Real Estate Business

Virtual reality is emerging as a potent tool for industries such as training, healthcare, marketing, and many others. One of the applications of VR in real estate. Here is how virtual reality can be used commonly in real estate business.

  • Clients would like to see the properties personally before deciding on which one to buy. This requires time and is also very expensive.
  • Virtual Reality videos allow people to visit the properties virtually.
  • Dozens of locations can be visited in very less time. Later the clients can decide which place they should visit personally.
  • Staging proved to help the real estate agents sell the properties better. With virtual reality, staging can be done with very little investment, and this can increase the business of real estate agents.
  • Virtual reality also helps to create three-dimensional models of yet to be constructed properties so that the potential buyers imagine the architecture.
  • Home-buyers can check the exteriors and interiors of these virtual buildings.
  • Architectural visualization with virtual reality is not expensive and is more immersive.
  • Virtual Reality is also helpful for the agents and landlords of real estate properties to communicate with the clients.
  • 3D virtual tours help the tenants to understand the working of utility services.
  • Virtual reality also allows the potential clients to make changes to the interiors, e.g., add a new furniture piece to the interior or change the colors of the walls, etc.

Benefits of Virtual Reality for Real Estate Industry

Virtual reality can be put to many practical uses in real estate industry. Here are some biggest benefits of this technology for real estate.

  • One of the biggest benefits of virtual reality for real estate is that it saves time. This is true for both clients and the realtors. A lot of time can be saved by traveling personally from one property to another can be avoided.
  • Another advantage is that the properties can be visited by the clients any time around the clock.
  • Virtual reality tours can develop emotional connections which can affect the buying decisions.
  • Irrespective of where the client is living, virtual tours allow them to have a look at the listed real estate properties. This helps the realtors to work more productively.
  • 3D virtual tour creation may be expensive, but when compared to the amount the realtor can save by avoiding personal visits to the properties with every client, this seems worth.
  • A sense of personal connection and ownership can be established as the client can tour the properties for as many times as they want and stay there as long as they want.
  • Virtual reality tours can be included in the marketing emails, notifications, etc. these can be uploaded to YouTube or embedded to the website or in the social sites to attract more potential buyers.
  • These will generate more leads compared to plain text or still images.

Since the VR properties are developed digitally, these can be modified or changed to match the original design. Different furniture layouts, colors and lighting solutions can be tried.

Tips to Create Perfect Virtual Reality Videos for Real Estate Industry

While creating virtual reality videos for real estate industry a little care has to be taken so that the videos are effective to impress and influence the buying decisions of the clients.

  1. The camera should be studied so that the videos look professional. Ample lighting should be present.
  2. The highest resolution should be used. Add a voiceover to the video at the time of post-production as this ensures that the sound quality is good.
  3. Enough time should be given to the user to visit each scene in the virtual reality tours.
  4. Virtual reality tours are emerging trend in real estate industry. It is not difficult to create VR tours. Getting a 360-degree camera helps to create a decent quality video.
  5. Virtual reality is transforming the real estate industry. More and more real estate agents are using virtual reality to make the work more efficient.
  6. VR technology is becoming accessible to the realtors. Many companies are offering their services to create virtual reality videos.
  7. Virtual reality technology allows the real estate agents to tell their story interestingly like never before. Sales can be increased, and there would be no need for the realtors to hire any additional staff.

10 YouTube Marketing Best Practices for Real Estate Agents

Real estate businesses can use YouTube for marketing by creating videos that will help to gain better search engine ranking. Using YouTube can also help to build the personal brand.Here are few best practices that help real estate agents get the best from YouTube marketing.

1. Real estate agents create the videos and place them on YouTube because YouTube is the best platform for video sharing and is also the second largest search engine.The agents can embed their videos on the official website and this way, they can get more views.

2. Create real estate videos that will be evergreen for at least two years.

3. Customer reviews etc type of content can help gain the bigger return of investment.

4. In real estate video marketing, the agent must stay as local as possible to dominate the market and to tap the market where there are more customers.

5. The real estate videos must begin with the introduction which appears and grabs the attention of the viewers. Then it should deliver the message and finally the customers should be invited to subscribe to the YouTube channel or to the website.

6. Plan the content marketing schedule in advance.Real estate video marketing will be successful if content is posted regularly.

7. Share the real estate marketing video to social sites to get a lot of views.

8. Let the potential customer know about you through featured video about the business. The customer will be able to know about the business, know the products and know how the real estate agent works.

9. Clear call to action should be included in the real estate marketing videos,

10.  A link to divert to the website should be added to the description and also in video annotations.

Real estate agents first must define the goals of their video marketing strategy.  Make videos provide all the required information for the viewers and encourage them to take some action after watching the videos.


VR helps to list the properties earlier and sell them faster. Before making a buying decision, potential buyers can have an informed and compelling experience. Offering virtual reality tours to their customers can help the realtors stay ahead of their competitors. VR for the real estate industry is a game-changer.

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