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How a Landing Page Video Can be the New Face of Your Service

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When you start a website for your business, content is the least of your worries. You have a ton of it. Each business is unique and of course, there is lots say about yourself. But what if you have to say very little? Studies say that the average attention span of a web user today is eight seconds! Do you have that tiny little bit of content that says it all? Having a landing page video solves this problem.

With most businesses going online, having that special bit of content that your target consumer will remember means you have already introduced the customer to your company’s face. You have made a personal connection!

Personally become the face of your company in a Landing Page Video

When customers engage with your business through an online platform, they generally don’t experience a human connection. What they see is a product and lots of text with a few numbers floating around.

But a video like this in the landing page can totally change the perception.

Michael Dubin of created this video to introduce to his customers the simple concept of having razor blades delivered home for a handsome bargain and in a scheduled fashion so that one may never have to deal with the problem of blunt blades again.

His video went viral as a great number of viewers responded to Michael’s concept and his comic timing. His company, a mere start-up at the time, became a grand success in no time.

Share the experience that you are selling

A product has designed. It has features and upgrades, a cool, sleek design or two may be. But a landing page for a service usually comes with the words, ‘we are the best providers of so and so.’ ‘You are guaranteed the best experience letting us take care of your so and so.’ Why not show it instead of saying it?

This landing page of captures our interest. Not only does it host a video that talks about the company’s mission statement through the words of many who experienced its services, but it also features a mute background that elucidates the kind of feel and experiences generated by using the services provided there.

Disarm customers with your friendly attitude 

Landing page videos are also an excellent way to show customers what attitude defines your company. You could be quirky like Mr. Dollar Shave we introduced you to in the first video or you could be like these guys at ZenCash.

The company has since been acquired by a larger company, but their landing page video was just the right combination of friendly and upbeat. As far as attitudes go, we know that’s just the one to be had when dealing with clients who are late on their payments. The video cleverly goes on to explain their nifty services in this smart tone.

Or just give it to them straight

Being honest and transparent works too. If you are introducing a new service or a new product that requires a bit of thinking, it is best to get to the point fast. In a landing page video that is impressive in more ways than one, gives consumers a quick overview of their software and the ways in which using it would benefit their business.

TapInfluencers approach is measuredly sensible and at times satirical and fun which might just strike a chord with frustrated marketers who are unable to crack it in today’s social media without the help of influencers.

In an earlier article in this blog, we have already discussed the essential elements required for the creation of a landing page video. Early on, predictions have been made that by the end of this year video will gain the upper hand in consumer driven traffic by 69%! Consumers are already falling into the habit pattern of looking at a product’s video before buying it. The same will be true for services and non-material purchases pretty soon.

A well-planned, result oriented landing page video may just be what the customers will remember about your company in the long run. So make it a good one.

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