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How can you A/B Test a Video on YouTube?

How can you A/B Test a Video on YouTube?

Video marketing becomes the comment agenda in every content marketing strategy of many brands and companies. The video has a great attention in the present market due to the increase in the usage of smartphones and watches time. The audience is paying more attention towards the video content. but, it is important to the marketers to know whether a particular video is performing well or not to get succeed with the video marketing at all levels because there are some millions of videos across the YouTube platform and it is very difficult to face the competition with so and so content. YouTube platform needs the best content which is unique and has good standards. so, one can go with the better optimization of their video with the AB testing procedure.

AB Testing

The AB testing is a marketing tool which can help the marketers to get better results in conversions. The Ab testing is the side to side comparison of the websites as well as the videos. the videos which you are using for the marketing needs can be compared to one another in all features and factors. It obtains the results that are related to the efficiency of each video by comparing with another video which helps the marketers to know capability and engagement if the particular video. So that tey can make the changes in that particular deficient video to get good engagement levels.

YouTube video AB testing

By using the AB testing, different parts of the video can be tested by comparison and can be adjusted by using the AB testing.

AB testing of graphic

AB testing procedure is used in comparing the graphic content and enhances the improvement of the graphics which can get better attention from the audience.

Testing Music

YouTube videos must require good music and sometimes it is very difficult to choose the best music for the videos and you may also find that a particular video was on top rank with good features. Then compare your video with the top ranked one to know what factors are lacking in your video and adjust them accordingly.

Testing Call to Actions

Call to actions play then important role to your YouTube video marketing. Many companies used to go with the pop out windows for their call to action and some just place the links within the video. But it was based on the Target audience. By using the AB testing it is easy to go with the good call to actions.

It also works with video title and content too

AB testing is also capable of comparing the title and the content of the video and gives you better results with the comparison. It helps to find about the version of content which has more demand and which I gaining more attention of the audience.

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