Become an MCN on Dailymotion

How to Become an MCN on Dailymotion

Everyone knows that Dailymotion as the video streaming platform.

But no one have an idea of using the MCN on Dailymotion which benefits in return.

Here is the guide to become MCN on Dailymotin.

Dailymotion is also one of the largest video platforms across the globe. It has more than 135 million unique users every month and more than one billion people view Dailymotion per month.

It is available in 18 different languages by providing high definition video content to its users. The Multichannel networks are very helpful for the content creators to grow up with their talent and can gain good exposure.

If you are going to create an MCN of your own, you must have a percent business plan with definite content strategy that helps the channels to grow.

Becoming an MCN is to help other in making some revenue as well as you can make your business too. You must have good standing with enough channels and experience to get the upgrade into multi channel network.

You can start your MCN in a different way to gain good attention from the content creators. Plan a better dashboard for creators and network communication such as forums and messages.

Hire some relation and contract manager for your MCN and go with the payment atomization systems within your MCN. All these are the best way to stand as a good MCN on whatever the platform is.

MCN on Dailymotion

You can expand the network and get managed by the Dailymotion platform. One can create an MCN on Dailymotion platform by bringing the present creators and get migrating the existed channels and the videos to the Dailymotion platform.

That means by integrating the whole setup of creators and related channels along with the content. Dailymotion is also providing the best way to meet the top content creators to expand your network as well as to maximize the reach with best results.

After becoming MCN on Dailymotion, the video marketers, advertisers, and creators can easily link up with it to make promotions about the products, services, or tools. This article might use to build the MCN on Dailymotion which can be the best platform to make revenue through it.

The Ultimate Guide to do Dailymotion Live Streaming

Dailymotion is one of the most popular platforms across the web, which is famous for its good quality video content. The platform has a windows phone application that delivers the video content to the small screen. It was updated with the latest version that supports live streaming. The live streaming has great demand today as marketers to individuals prefer to get connected with live streams. So the platform has launched its new live streaming support. It is a highly reliable platform which can deliver the high definition content with 1080 pixels quality output in live streaming.

Guide to living streaming on Dailymotion

Live streaming on the daily motion is not so difficult if you follow these steps to reach your things.

• Upload the video to your channel account with some 30 seconds length

• Then go to the video page and click on the edit button which is present at the top left corner where the video player can be seen.

• Click on to the pencil type of icon that was present below the player.

• Just scroll down and expand the live preferences by just clicking on to the arrow that was next to the title section

• Select the live option from the radial menu

• Choose the setting for your live streaming like starting time and duration

• Click on save button to save your preferences.

• Record the server and stream name and setup the encoder and get configure the encoders video and audio stream settings

• Enter your server address that was provided to you along with the name of the stream to the encoder.

• Start the encoding software and push your stream

For more details Checkout this Dailymotion Live Tutorial.

20 Facts about Dailymotion That Will Blow Your Mind

Everyone will have an idea and facts about Dailymotion which the first streaming media to watch movies and videos. Dailymotion is the Worlds most wanted platform to get entertainment. The film through Dailymotion can be viewed even on mobile and below are unknown facts of Dailymotion.

Facts about Dailymotion

  1. Dailymotion is founded in March 15th in the year 2005.
  2. The slogan of daily motion platform is, watch, publish and share.
  3. It is available in 18 different languages across thirty-five countries across the globe.
  4. It is founded by the Benjamin and Olivier in an apartment living room in Paris.
  5. It was started with 9000$ US.
  6. Dailymotion successfully raised funds up to seven million Euros during the year 2006.
  7. Even the French government had invested in Dailymotion platform.
  8. More than eighty-five thousand websites are using the Dailymotion videos.
  9. Its head office is located in Immeuble horizons in Paris.
  10. Dailymotion is banned in India during May in the year 2012 and unblocked within a month.
  11. It is also blocked second time in India during December in the year 2014 and unblocked in the same month. It was blocked due to some ISIS propaganda.
  12. The platform remain blocked since 2011 in Kazakhstan.
  13. It also launched the live streaming gaming platform in the year 2014 competing the Twitch platform.
  14. The platform was acquired with 180 million views on Dailymotion gaming in a month.
  15. The gaming platform of Dailymotion also captured more than 10.9 million unique visitors every month.
  16. The services based in Paris has reached more than 129 million unique visitors per month along with the 3 billion video views every month which made the platform to be the list of worlds largest online video service platform.
  17. Dailymotion was recently acquired by the Vivendi media which already owned Canal plus group, Universal Music. It was bought for 217 million euros.

  18. To facilitate the massive payouts to the global network creators and the partners. The worldwide leader, Payoneer Inc have selected the Dailymotion.
  19. Dailymotion had recently uploaded the androids app with new designing.
  20. The Dailymotion app have an option to log in and signup with Facebook account, and it works with the android devices that are compatible with the KitKat build.


Dailymotion has millions of users and subscribers to view the videos. This is all because of the outstanding performance of being as user-friendly.

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