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How to Create the Perfect Landing Page for Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Landing pages most important element for online marketing for all types of all sizes of businesses. A landing page is a page that people come to when an advertisement or an email URL directs them to. This is a specific page and not the homepage of the website. Landing pages should have some objectives.

The types of landing pages that we use for video marketing depend on the objective of the campaign. The different types of landing pages are – landing page created specifically for a campaign, integrated into the official website structure and another is a page that provides more information and is also called the microsite.

The landing page optimization is the perfect way to increase conversions and for a better return on investment. The landing page must deliver what the video ad that diverted the audience promises. Landing page for video marketing should suit the need of the visitor. It should have the right buttons that encourage them to take the correct course of action.

The landing page of any video marketing should be made mobile friendly. The page should also have a strong call to action. Having a video on the landing page is also very powerful strategy. A complex idea can be conveyed effectively with a video.The content on the landing page should support the video that diverted the audience here. A video on the landing page should not be made to auto play. This may make the audience feel that the ad is pushed on them and may leave the landing page.

A/B testing is very beneficial for the landing page. This helps  to see which layout works well to increase sales. Also, test the thumbnails of the video on the landing page to find the best for increasing conversion rate.

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