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How To Increase Your YouTube Channel Revenue With Seasonal Videos

How To Increase Your YouTube Channel Revenue With Seasonal Videos

Are you waiting to hit the top position on YouTube as the best vlogger and don’t you have advanced success strategies to implement? Then need not to panic about it. The simple and the best concept to rise up your channel with unique video content by choosing the seasonal videos. You go on making the videos depending on the season.

Global Current Trend based Videos:

Try to make the videos by picking the current trending ones that are wandering globally. When you have attached to this then there might be chances of getting traffic from all directions of the world that makes your video to go viral.

Event based Videos:

When there is any specific event then you can create the videos according to that event in an ultimate way. If those events are related to any celebrities then it could be the positive way to get more views with a continuous visit of your YouTube channel.

YouTube Trends Based Videos:

Are you willing to find the new method to drain all the audience from the competitor channel as well then put your creative thoughts in creating the YouTube trends based videos as each individual looks for it? These will be the enthusiastic topic to watch on YouTube.

Watch YouTube Analytics of Previous Special Events and dates:

You might have done videos on special events and dates then go on revising the analytics of those events to get a detailed note of which topic got more views and traffic. Now give preference to generate such type of video content and neglect the concept of flapped videos.

Immersion of social media:

Give the link of your YouTube seasonal videos on all social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and Twitter to get higher ranking through which the audience will be pushed to YouTube channel.

Making researched based seasonal videos:

Always choose to do videos by making research based. The audience will prefer to watch real time videos. The content of the video must be unique that never collapsed with other YouTuber’s stuff.

Assigning Subtitles:

When wish to make seasonal YouTube videos that go viral then you should remember the point of using subtitles through which the unknown language users can understand that video by spelling those words. This can make the users spend some more time by watching your video.


These are the best ever tips that a vlogger could follow to do the ultimate YouTube seasonal videos that go viral. If you are at the startup stage then it is the best time to go through this article which sharpens you to get creative thoughts in making videos.

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