How To Install YouTube For Kids On Kindle Fire

Amazon has developed a Kindle fire device like a tablet that runs on Android Operating System. On any Android device, we can install any apps from Google Play Stores. But in Kindle Fire, we can not find any YouTube App.

Does anybody have any idea how to Install YouTube for kids on Kindle Fire?

If Yes! Just check the procedure for more updates. If you don’t have any idea about this just follow these guidelines to install YouTube for Kids in Kindle Fire.

Suppose your kids would love to watch YouTube kids channel on Kindle Fire, the user can not do it because Kindle Fire HD and HDX devices do not come with inbuilt YouTube app.

Installation of YouTube on Kindle Fire HD and HDX is an easy task if you spend few minutes on it. Let us discuss the installation process in depth.

Requirement Gathering

The process to install YouTube for Kids on a Kindle Fire is quite simple. To begin, head over to the official Google Play website from Amazon Fire and search for “YouTube Kids.” From there, simply download the app and sign in to your Google account to activate it.

In addition, there are many settings within this app that you can toggle to customize more specifically to your preferences. Some of these include setting time limits accordingly or blocking specific videos altogether. No matter what you decide on doing, just make sure you know all of the options to miss anything!

To install YouTube for Kids on Kindle Fire, the user needs a Kindle Fire with one of the following four Android versions: KitKat (4.4), Lollipop (5.0), Marshmallow (6.0), or Nougat (7.x).

Next, open up Google Play and search for YouTube Kids in the app store. Then select download, and you can start using it with your child.

Business owners should take a look at the Kindle Fire YouTube App

The app is custom-designed for kids and has plenty of age-appropriate YouTube channels and videos for youngsters to enjoy. It also includes parental tools, such as child locks and community guidelines to make sure that kids are never left without adult supervision or guidance while they have been viewing online content. Ultimately, we think the benefits far outweigh any potential drawbacks with this app!

The best answer to this question is likely “no.” Disabling the automatic installation of updates and settings for apps and third-party app installs will not allow YouTube or other apps to be installed. Therefore, it’s best to set up the Kindle Fire with a Google account when you first get it and use that account exclusively on your device.

That way, you can download the YouTube Kids apk from the Google Play store or scan a QR code from another location if needed. Of course, there are many ways to install YouTube for Kids but be aware of potential risks such as malware and unauthorized access points.

It’s recommended to watch safe youtube videos with their SafeSearch filter enabled, which filters anything inappropriate from displaying.

Procedure To Install YouTube For Kids on Kindle Fire:

The first thing we should follow is to make sure that your Kindle Fire enabled or access for Installations of downloads from Unknown sources.

To do this Go to the top of the Kindle fire window open “More” option and choose “Device” menu on it.

On the Device menu turn on “Allow Installation of Applications from Unknown Sources”.

Go to the “App Store” search for file manager apps for Kindle Fire. The top-rated file manager app is called “ES File Explorer”, Install it on your Kindle book.

Next, open the browser whatever you have on your Kindle Fire and search for “YouTube APK” you will get some files choose latest “YouTube APK” and Download it on your Kindle.

Move on to “ES File Explorer”, next Go to “Download” folder choose “YouTube APK” file from the number of downloaded files.

If you did not find or if you missed that YouTube APK file just repeat the same procedure and Download the YouTube APK file.

Choose YouTube APK icon button and “Install” it on your Kindle Fire HD and HDX devices.

Once if you click on Install button it will take few seconds to process and for installation.

Your installation of YouTube app for kids on Kindle Fire is completed.

Go to the applications on your kindle fire you will find “YouTube” app on your Kindle fire open it and enjoy the kids YouTube channel to watch more videos.


The above is an ultimate guide for How to install YouTube for kids on kindle fire HD and HDX devices. Make use of this guide and let’s try to implement on your kid’s Kindle Fire device.

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