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How to Make Money with Video On Demand?

VOD market was stamping its growth on a content ecosystem in which it had reached 24 million dollars in the year 2014 and expected to be turning 60 during 2019 in future. North America is the largest market in revenue by VOD. From the analytical reports by the various survey, companies noticed that there is a compound growth of more than 19 percent annually on VOD. The VOD helps you to gain good revenue too. The revenue based on the efficient use of the various models of the video on demand The VOD was get classified into three types such as transactional, subscription based and finally advertising based VOD. Here are the ways to generate revenue from the VOD.

The Transactional VOD


The people who had already received the rights can be allowed to receive the single time payment from the consumers who are availing the services for on demand or for the rental purpose by the various delivery methods comes under the transactional VOD or TVOD. In transaction VOD the consumer must pay a certain amount for the content for certain period of time which can range between the different costs. The content can be delivered through the satellite, OTT or any other different mediums. Many platforms like iTunes, Vimeo, Amazon etc were providing various transactional VOD services.

Subscription Based VOD

It is very popular on the Netflix platform where the holder of the rights can receive a monthly fee from the customers which are just like a type of membership which exchanges the content. There will be some standard subscription fee for VOD services on subscription based model where the holder can earn their margin through monthly subscriptions rate.

Basing on Advertising VOD

The holder of the rights receives a revenue share from the ads against the content and there will be no charge for ads to the consumers view. It included with the pre-roll, full screen, skippable and many other formats of ads on the platform. So, there are numerous ways to generate revenue from the VOD by understanding the various types of VOD.

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