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How to use Periscope for eLearning

How to use Periscope for eLearning

Periscope is one of the well know live streaming application which enables the broadcasting from the smartphones. Nearly 10 million people were using the periscope application. the app allows to users to login via Twitter account only. These live streaming applications are creating a new trend in advertising, marketing, branding as well as in education system too. With the development of the new technology, people are looking forward towards the e-learning systems which have removed the barriers of education quality.

How to use Periscope for eLearning

How to use Periscope for eLearning

Periscope in education

The live streaming application Periscope was really very useful for the students who cannot able to get education from certain locations. We can see some students who are not able to have particular courses in certain locations may lose their opportunities. By using the periscope, it allows the educators to communicate with the students and educate the students with their knowledge. We can also expect further improvement in the educational system via Periscope. Very soon the teaching groups can be formed on Periscope and live classes were about to air.

Advantages of Periscope in E-learning

By using the Periscope, teachers can explain the things as they are. It helps them to have a better teacher and student interaction with the subject. It is also very helpful to reach the students who are absent for the classes. The Periscope is also very helpful to get connected with the classes and the app is also very helpful to carry on some surveys and seminars on live.

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