How to Use Windows Movie Maker on Windows 10

Windows movie maker is one of the best movie making software. Since 2000, It is coming an integral part of Windows. Moviemaker could perform many numbers of video-related operations.

This software is straightforward to use and allows adding custom clips, sounds and transition effects to the video clipping.

video editing program was developed by Microsoft and allowed creating videos by adding raw videos, photos, and music. This most popular video editing tool is very easy to use.

People with little or no experience can use the editing programs without any difficulty. Special effects can Add easily.

This program is effortless to learn, and there is no need to have any video editing experience to use this. Transition, titles and credit effects are available in the software. Windows movie maker is especially easy for beginners.

This free video program allows creating slideshows with photos and video at home. It is also possible to add music.

In the Windows 10 version, Microsoft avoided support for Movie Maker editing software.

Though this version of the operating system features elegant look delivered high performance and better user experience, many people miss the movie maker video editor software badly.

Windows Movie Maker can be installed on Windows 10 easily though Windows Essential 2012. Essential 2012 can download from the official website of Microsoft. It is a part of the Windows Live Essentials Suite. Download and install Windows List Essential Suite and then select Live Movie Maker. Let us see how to do this.

Download Windows Live Essentials 2012 from Microsoft website. Windows Essentials 2012 is available in forty-eight languages.

These include English, French, Chinese, Japanese, German, Russian, Spanish, etc. find the change button and choose the desired language. If you do not want to change the default language, go directly to the “Download Now” button and click on it.

In the dialogue box that appears, click on Save and then click on Save As to decide the place to save the file.

You can also download movie maker directly by clicking on the “ Download Now” button at the introducing page. Run it as an administrator. Click on the First button if you want to install all the applications of Windows Essentials.

If you want to only install the Windows Movie Maker then click on “choose the programs you want to install”.

Uncheck the programs you do not want to install. Now click install and Movie Maker will installed on Windows 10. The edited videos can be shared on social media sites.

When it was launched Windows Media Maker only supported DV AVI/WMV files. But now it supports audio and video formats.

The video files supported are the Windows Media Video files, AVCHD files, MPEG movie files, motion JPEG files and so on. The default output video format is the Windows 10 movie maker, and the best video format is the MP4 format.

The user can import photos and videos from the digital camera, phone or webcam to the Movie Maker installed for Windows 10. They can also be used to trim, split, add animation, visual effects, credit, etc. T

the audio track from either the computer or music downloaded from online can be added to the video as well.

If you are looking for an alternative for Movie Maker for Windows 10, you can opt for Filmora Video Editor. IT allows editing and creating videos easily. There are handy video editing tools that help to cut, crop, rate and add effect to the video.

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