Innovative Video Marketing

5 Innovative Video Marketing Trends For 2022

Social media, the popularization of stories, mobile tech, and the apps responsible for its consumption have all made a video a prominent and important marketing tool. According to statistics from Cisco, 82% of all consumer web traffic is now video. Consumers prefer it, and brands can effectively leverage its persuasive and engaging nature.

Video today is more expansive than ever, with technologies like shoppable videos, 360-degree experiences, and ephemeral content paving the way forward. To help you stay on top of these emerging trends, let’s take a look at where video marketing is headed in 2022.

Search-Optimized Videos

As your competitors wise up to the changes made by increasingly intelligent search engine algorithms, it’s up to you to optimize your video content and stay on top. At the same time, the growing amount of web content is reaching astronomical heights, which means it’s necessary to find ways to stand out in the noise.

This includes putting the target keyword in the metadata of your videos, adding relevant tags, creating original and eye-catching thumbnails, and adding subtitles to your content.

Live Streaming

There’s a unique feeling of intimacy that comes with a live stream. It’s one that consumers enjoy and feel more engaged in. Today, just about every social platform supports live streaming, and the format is highly cost-effective. No post-production, specialized studios, or heavy editing work required.

Personalized Content

A recent study by Smart Insights found that 72% of respondents will only engage with personalized messages. This type of content allows you to leverage tailored experiences to build stronger relationships with your audience. Because their needs and pain points are precisely addressed, consumers, have a much stronger compulsion to make a purchase.

A great example of this is an older campaign run by Cadbury, where they used a personalized video that incorporated the viewer’s own content after they agreed to connect with the company. They automatically generated a video that spoke directly to the customer, resulting in an impressive 65% click-through rate and a 33.6% conversion rate.

Short Ads

Short videos are effective for two reasons.

Firstly, they address consumers’ shortening attention spans. They also better suit mobile users. In today’s landscape of scrolling and swiping, you only have seconds to grab your audience’s attention. Videos on the shorter side are a great way to do this, as the viewer can see the length of the video before watching it.

This doesn’t only apply to seconds-long videos. For instance, check out these successful productions from this video marketing agency. They grab your attention from the onset and then use a compelling story or informative content to keep you hooked while throwing in some strategic messaging.


Vertical is here to stay. This will remain true for as long as Instagram and similar services maintain their stories feature, which continues to explode in popularity. Samsung even showed off a vertical television at CES this year, proving that vertical will remain the standard moving forward.


These aren’t the only trends to keep an eye on in 2022. Look out for what comes next and utilize them to their full potential.

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