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The Ultimate Guide To Instagram IGTV

Instagram was launched in 2010, and now it’s become a Global Community of One billion people. Recently the Company launched the most exciting feature on Instagram Called “IGVT.” Millions of beloved social media app Instagram is letting the users tune another most epic and advanced feature “IGTV.” What it’s going to do? Just break your excitement that it let to experience the 60 minutes of long-form video content.

IGVT is a new video service from Instagram which brings long-form video content to the platform. IGVT is a mobile app which allows the community to watch long-form videos, vertical videos from your Instagram Creators. It can be accessed on the app of IGTV and Instagram app.

Moreover, the best part of it is that it generates the video content from the most well-known creators. There might be a massive competition between the Instagram and YouTube with the entry of IGTV.

The Instagram users are waiting till now to watch the long-form video content, and the IGTV blasts it. It is going to be the great feature of Instagram that each brand can explore their business brands by coping with the autonomous creators. At present there are no ads are streaming in the IGTV but there might be chances of getting in the future.

Creating IGVT Channel on Instagram App

Creation of IGVT Channel on the Instagram app is easy as you create YouTube channels.

  • First, download and Install the IGVT App which is available for both the iOS and Android users on the web.
  • Make sure you must be Logged In while creating the Channel on Instagram.
  • Go to the Settings Options on IGVT App to choose “Create Channel Option.
  • The settings gear will take you to the menu which leads you to hit “Create Channel” option.
  • Next, it will take you some necessary steps and show you a couple of basics to videos.
  • It gives you an idea of this IGVT app is specially designed for full-screen vertical videos and to share longer videos.
  • After reading each description just hit the “Next” to create the channel.
  • Now your Instagram IGVT channel was successfully created through the Instagram App.
  • Start using your IGVT app, make use of Instagram platform at first to Create videos.
  • Then tap on the “View your Channel” to upload your videos.

In another way, you can Create IGVT Channel directly from the Instagram app instead of downloading the IGVT App.

On Instagram Homepage, you can see the IGVT Icon which is at the top right side of the app.

Just by hitting the IGVT icon, it will lead you to the IGVT interface. Similarly, you should go to the Settings tab to create the IGVT Channel.

Do the same Procedure as you did before. Once you finished with creating the channel you can directly create and post videos from the app.

Features of Instagram IGTV

Supports iOS and Android:

The app is available for both the iOS and Android users.

Long-form Video:

IGTV of Instagram will let the users watch the long form 60 minutes video content.

Vertical video format:

The most exciting feature is that the users can watch the videos vertically without flipping the mobile horizontally. It is the only feature that everyone is looking to have since the video apps are rolling.

Channels are well-known creators:

The Instagram will serve the users with the video content from their favorite creators as already they are following. Most of the users are much excited to watch the long form video content from their stars.

For You:

In this feature, the videos of both the following and popular are served for the users to watch.


In this tab, the celebrities or brands that we are following can be found to watch their video content.


The users of the Instagram feed with the most popular videos in this category.

Continue Watching:

Here the videos that you have watched and stopped in the middle are placed where you can continue watching when you find free time to watch. It is an exciting feature that everyone wants to use frequently.

IGVT Preview:

The Instagram app announced that IGVT videos appear on the preview page. This app suggests users scroll down the desired video content of the follower’s Instagram page.

Appears In Instagram Grid:

To get more Video views, you can add IGVT videos to your Instagram Account Instagram grid. Users can only view your short videos in full length of up to 10 minutes. Instagram Grid feature creates more engagement, views, and comments in the community members. Previously it is not possible to generate engagement through IGVT videos.

Automatic Access to IGTV Channels:

The users can directly get the access to watch their Instagram creator’s video content as they follow without going for particular subscription or anything.

Key Metrics:

The IGTV creators can get the metrics like Views, Likes, Comments and Average % of video watched.

Advantages of IGTV

At present, there is no advertising option that brands can use. But in the future, there might be chances to merge the video ads. Then how it can be beneficial to the brands?

  • At present there are millions of users are using Instagram and moreover sponsored video ads are playing a role in the Instagram. The brands may get the advantage of reaching their relevant customers by delivering the video content.
  • The influencer IGTV video marketing may take place.
  • The creators will be the primary source for the brands to engage their online or offline sales through IGTV.
  • Moreover, the existence of video marketing strategy of reaching the real-time customers will take place.
  • The brands can avoid third party fake promoters to promote their brands.
  • With the metrics available on IGTV the creators can analyze their content performance that plays at their followers.
  • The creators can explore their creative skills with the delivery of long-form video content to their followers.

Instagram IGVT Video Latest Statistics

  • 63% of people watch Instagram posts, and the remaining 36% watch Instagram IGVT stories.
  • 86.6% of people post Instagram stories as vides on Instagram App.
  • Instagram IGVT Videos watch rate increased to 17% to 50 % by the end of 2020.
  • 5 million videos posted within 24 hours of implementing Instagram videos.
  • Nowadays, 30% of businesspeople utilizing the Instagram IGVT video features.
  • Almost 200 million Instagram users visit business profiles once in a day.
  • People watch IGVT videos both in IGVT app and Instagram app.
  • After IGVT has introduced, IGVT app installers raised to 1 million per week.
  • 54 % of the users watch Instagram videos content first later than other content.
  • 4.2 million installs for IGVT app worldwide.


It is going to give a great competition for the trending social video platform YouTube. The IGTV is beneficial to all the users, creators and brands as well. IGTV is quite interesting to watch while comparing with other video apps.

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