Instagram Stories Creation Apps

Instagram Stories Creation Apps: Top Apps for Creating Beautiful Instagram Stories in 2024

Instagram Stories are popping up daily, and stories are getting more interactive and creative. Over 500 million daily active users engage with Instagram stories. Brands leverage their services through Instagram Stories to drive traffic to their profiles. Luckily, it is now easier than ever to create high-quality Instagram Stories content with the help of the Instagram Stories app. Here are the few Instagram Stories Creation Apps for creating beautiful Instagram Stories in 2024.

Top Instagram Stories Creation Apps for 2024

InShot: It is one of the best photos and videos for creating social media stories. It offers a good range of features for users.


StoryArt is a story creation app that makes a piece of art for your Instagram stories.


Unfold app offers the best storytelling toolkit for the editors. You can choose from the 150+ templates.


Canvas is one of the famous images editors for small businesses and personal story-creation tools.


PhotoGrid, the name itself, reveals the ultimate photo and video editor. You can also create great Instagram stories.


TheTyporamaa app allows users to create beautiful typographic images and videos. First, choose the background and start adding text or images.

Microsoft Hyperlapse:

Microsoft Hyperlapse is asimpled app that leverages you to create stable time-lapse videos and short videos.


CutStoryisf is the best video editor r and start downloading the app for additional video editing features for your iPhones.


8mm is a great Vintage video editing app for users thatconvertst creativity, energy, and time.


Over is an excellent app for creating Instagram Stories that lets you use graphics and overlay text into your videos and photos!


Storyluxe offers over 650 video templates and filters to take your stories to the next level.


Storyboost is an excellent mobile video creation app that makes creative content for your stories.


Later is a tool that allows users to create extraordinary video stories and scheduletheirr video stories.


Filmm is a new video creation tool for iOS users. Currently, this app is available for iOS users only.


Patternator is more than wallpapers; you create beautiful logos, emojis, GIF images, and more.


Tezza app is designed for a lifestyle of Bloggers, influencers, and mainly photographers who use it. Download it for iPhone users.

Design Kit:

Design Kit is a new trending app for IG stories; it allows us to add stickers, wallpapers, filters, etc.


VSCO is a fantastic Instagram story andfeeds creation app for video editors. You can add extraordinary features to the stories.

Life Lapse:

Life Lapse is a motion maker, and it’s free to download. Create an eye-catching, time-lapse video for Instagram stories.


Magisto will choose the most exciting features for Instagram Stories. It is the easiest way to make professional videos.


Clipomatic allows users to record captions with the help of speech recognition. Download the app to your iPhone or iPad to enjoy unlimited features.

Spark AR Studio:

Spark AR Studio is anStudioited Augmented Reality video platform for Windows andWindowssers. Add AR effects to the Instagram Stories.

Enlight Pixaloop:

Enlight Pixaloopis is a popular app for all genres, and it simplifies the process to a great extent—the best Instagram video and photo editor app.


Boosted offers great animation tools for your stories. It allows you to add creative ads and increase engagement.


Best video crowdsourcing platform that has over six years of experience. It is atalent-matchingg platform for Instagram.

Adobe Spark Post:

With the help of Spark Post, turn your ideas into amazing videos, posts, and web stories.

Adobe Lightroom CC:

Adobes Lightroom is a cloud-based service for all types of devices. Download and use these cloud-based services for your mobile and desktop devices.


Placeit can create logos, videos, and brochures for your streaming platforms and is suggested for small businesses.


Hypertext is one of the recommended video software with unlimited functionalities. It boosts the video engagement on your Instagram Stories.

Jump rope:

Jumprope offers video editors excellent support in creating cooking videos, makeup tutorials, and fitness routines. Reach the engaging community with this app.

Afterlight 2:

Afterlight 2 is out nowto supportg video editors and content creators. It offers more advanced features to smartphone users.


Boomerang is a video creation tool; you can download it for desktops and mobile phones. It is available for both iOS and Android users.


You can create awesome videos with the help of the  Quik app. Select your favorite videos and photos, and start using the Quik app to to see the magic.

Enlight Photofox:

Download the Enlight Photofox app for iOS devices, such as iPhones, iPads, andMacscsc. Free to download and enjoy unlimited features.

Kapwing’s Instagram Story Templates:

Kapwing is a new tool to explore your creativity in video editing. It provides Instagram story Templates to download and use for stories.


StoreoStories Makerris is specially designed for iOS users. Download it for iPhone and iPad to create Instagram stories longer than 15 seconds.


Easil offers a graphic designer suite to video editors. It enables us to create custom, explicit videos for social media.


Free andeasy-to-usee video editor app that offers extended filters, personalized video features, and more.

Filmmaker Pro:

Best Filmmaker app and video editing suite for both personal and professional edits. Create stunning videos for your Instagram Stories.

Font Candy:

Font Candy is a custom-designed app to produce custom-designed videosand short videos  for your social media stories. Add interactive shapes and symbols for more engagement.


Pocket Video is the most powerful video editor app designed for iOS users. With just one step, add filters to your videos and change the look of your videos.


NoCrop is the number one image editing app for Instagram Stories. Add filters and special effects to your video withthe  NoCrop app.


Snapseed is a professional video editor designed and developed by Google. It offers various brushes, filters, and other advanced features for content creators.


PicPlayPost is one of the video and slideshow makers and editors for creating excellent videos, images, and gifs.

Panorama Stories App:

One of the stories app for iOS users. Use this panorama app to create images and stories for your Instagram profiles.

Mojo Video:

Create stunning videos and images with this fantastic video app. Choose animated templates from the Mojo and apply them to your Instagram stories.


Nichi Tool Kit is designed to create fast and free images for Android users. Nichi is a collage and social media story maker.


Kirakira+ is an excellent software for photo and video captures and adds sparkle effects to the videos. You can also add effects like filters and camera lenses to it.


Instasize is a social media video and photo tool kit for Instagram users. Use this app to experience the significant filter effectsono your photos and videos.

Huji Cam:

Huji Cam is the best photo editor app for iOS and Android users. Add retro styles to your videos and images.


PicsArt is an ultimate Photo editor app for smartphone users. Use overlays, stickers, and creative filters for the photos.

Story Swag:

Story Swag slide show maker for creating stunning slideshows for social media pages. Create stylish and animated images for your Facebook and Instagram.


Social Media Stories and Web Stories are trending, g and brands are using them to generate a colossal audience base and followers to their profiles. Here, we have listed the top stories creating and editing tools for your Instagram Stories in 200. Please havee a look and implement it for business and personal use.

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