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50 Unbeatable Instagram Video Marketing & Advertising Tips

There are millions of active users on Instagram per month and millions of photos are watched and likes. Instagram can be used to get instant marketing success for your business. Instagram can be used to post photos and short videos. It is also possible to go live with video. Temporary Instagram video can also be posted here.

There different formats of advertising and marketing are possible on Instagram. These are the photo, video and carousel ads. The users can see the new posts in the home feeds. Instagram is used by brands to get video views, increase traffic to their website, increasing awareness and for mobile-app installation. The video is the powerful video. There are no businesses and brands that do not use video as part of their digital marketing strategy. Here are few tips for video marketing and advertising on Instagram.

1. Create consistent video content for Instagram.

2. Define the strategy and determine what the main goal of the video is.

3. Decide what the type of video content you are going to make for your brand.

4. Instead of directly advertising concentrating on sales, it is better to let the users know about you and your brand.

5. Take them to behind the scenes and tell them about yourself and your company.

6. Show them a day at your office.

7. Use a good video editing app before you post the video on Instagram. Make use of the free editing apps that are available online.

8. Take videos of your new products and share them.

9. Create videos to show how the products are made.

10. Share the videos that show your employees and let the users know who your hardworking team members are.

11. Request the customers share testimonials of products or service.

12. Give exclusive offers to your Instagram followers.

13. Entertain the followers with funny videos. Try grabbing the attention of the users to your product by using humor.

14. Create themed videos to capitalize on trending events and news.

15. Use high-quality video to increase sales and brand reputation.

16. Do not let your brand overshadow the video.

17. Social media users have a very little span and so keep your videos very short.

18. Use the new features of Instagram in your video ads.

19. Don’t let your ads look like ads. Let your videos have natural content.

20. Use a call to action button in your video ad postings on Instagram

21. Understand the culture of Instagram and use it to let the users know about the products.

22. User your Instagram account to let the customers get all the information they need to follow, connect and find them.

23. Give a clear link to your main site.

24. Let people share your video to help create a community on the platform.

25. Use hashtags effectively. Keep them focused.

26. While using the hashtags, make sure that you are using the most relevant and selective ones.

27. Apart from the high quality of the video, the lighting, sounding and composition are also important.

28. Users can upload a video to Instagram. But you should know how to use them effectively.

29. Let the videos be simple and playful.

30. Reward the people who are connected to your brand.

31. Do not post just the video about your product you can highlight interesting videos from your followers also.

32. Try getting feedback from the users and followers to make the bonding strong.

33. If the video footage is shaky, the audience may just stop viewing it. So hold the camera as straight as possible while recording a video.

34. Choose the best thumbnail for your video. Because it is the thing that creates interest in viewers.

35. How-to videos are the better approach to make Instagram videos.

36. Open a separate account for the business but do not use the personal one.

37. Give your website direct link in the description page.

38. Choose the name for Instagram that is related to your business.

39. Promote your company events on Instagram and sue the geo-tags to share the location.

40. Choose brand ambassadors from among the team of ambassadors to spread the benefit of the brand.

41. Invite the ambassadors to share your brand.

42. Respond to comments, thanks to your followers for sharing your video.

43. Analyze the success of your video marketing strategy on Instagram.

44. Optimize posting schedule after tracking the density.

45. Follow the consistent schedule for posting the videos.

46. Shoot behind the scenes, product demos and product review videos.

47. Share your Instagram videos on Facebook to increase the engagement.

48. Collaborate with top Instagrammers, this helps in expanding the brand channel.

49. Video advertising on Instagram helps you make a tailored landing page.

50. Create content that reflects the vales of your business and before this understand your audience.

Instagram can give your brand a great reach. The video is the most engaging content. Merge these and use them as part of your marketing strategy. The mobile ad revenue of the social site is also going to grow more than the revenue of Facebook this year. Therefore use the platform to generate sales and to build your brand.

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