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Most Important Instagram Video Marketing Facts and Statistics for 2022 You Need to Watch

Over one billion Instagram active users, it has become the most powerful marketing medium for the business. According to the survey, the top social media network Instagram results in solid business benefits and amazing Instagram Video Marketing growth. Instagram stories, Reels, video posts, and IGTV are generating more leads and sales to the business. Instagram has started to play a key role in people’s lives. If your business wants to take the lead with video marketing, these are the most important Instagram video marketing facts and statistics for 2022 your business needs to Watch.

Instagram Video Marketing facts and Statistics for 2022:

Instagram states that over 60% of businesses who take advantage of the Instagram Stories include an interactive element the poll, mentions, and poll at least one of their stories every month.

Nurturing the user-generated content is crucial; focus on the UGC stats.

Instagram notified with more than 1 billion monthly active users.

IGTV allows automatic captions are available in 16 languages

As per Pew Research, more than 37% of American adults use Instagram for video watch.

Most Instagramers love the tutorial videos.

Over 80% of people on Instagram follow Instagram business profiles.

The most popular form of video content on Instagram is How-to tutorials.

IGTV videos are 4 X times larger than photos on the Instagram feed page

More than 72% of U.S teenagers use Instagram for brands.

Social media network Instagram is the staple in most of its people’s daily routine.

Most of the Customers like the brands voicing social issues on Instagram

Over 500 million Instagram profile users are viewing Stories daily on Instagram.

68% of the millennials watch Stories through the Instagram platform, compared to 49% on Snapchat.

Video is the king of content on the Instagram platform, and users prefer to watch reels.

More than 60% of the Instagram profiles visit other social media profiles daily.

33% of the most viewed Instagram stories are created by businesses profiles

Instagram video ad popularity is on the rise

eMarketer research stated that 54% of Instagram influencers use Stories for sponsored campaigns

Images posts received more average likes and comments than permanent video posts for the first time in 2020

Instagram has seen 80% increased time users spend watching videos on the Instagram platform.

Over 50% of Instagram users Explore all features each month.

Approximately 29% of smartphone users use Instagram Globally.

Business Insider reports that 72% of Instagram users made the product purchase after seeing it on the app.

Over 200 million users visit more than one business profile each day on Instagram.

The U.S with 130 million, India over 100 million, and Brazil with 91 million active users are notified for Instagram.

25-34 years are the largest groups of Instagram users, with an average of 25.2% of Instagrammers.

Using more than 6 hashtags can actually decrease the rate of engagement

7 in 10 users have swiped up the Brands stories to access links.

Using the right amount of hashtags on Instagram posts drives more engagement than using bulk.

Over 68% of Instagram users visit the profiles weekly on its platform to interact with creators.

Instagram Stories brand’s go-to ally to engage with your large number of audiences.

Over 67% of the video marketers plan on increasing the organic activity of Instagram from the past 12 months.

Adding the stickers to your stories will improve your video Stories’ reception.

Over 52 % of the Instagrammers have less than 1,000 followers for their profiles.

As per the Social Media Examiner, 73% of marketers are actively participate on Instagram

Android Instagram users spend an average of 53 minutes each day in the U.S

Instagram has 70% of the hashtags that are related to a brand campaign

4.9% of all users have 50,000 followers on Instagram profiles.

42% of women in the U.S who use Instagram say that they made a hobby of shopping

Per day 100+ million photos, videos are uploaded and shared on Instagram

#photography, #love, and #instagood are the top 3 hashtags on Instagram

150 million users on Instagram Direct to communicate with a business each month directly

An average of comments on posts is 106, 82 on carousels, and 94 for videos on Instagram.

As per Buffer, Major brands post an average of 1.5 times each day on Instagram.

There is no correlation between the number of hashtags on a post and engagement on Instagram stated by Mention.

Overall photo engagement rates are nearly double than videos, with a 0.7% attract rate for videos and 1.4% for photos.

Overall, 25 million business profiles exist on Instagram.


As per statistics, nearly 9 out of 10 people are willing to watch the video from brands in 2022. Marketers choose the Instagram video as an excellent tool for brand awareness and lead generation tool. Few brands still haven’t taken the Instagram video leap; you should consider relevant video hosting and marketing platforms where your audience hangs out. Hopefully, these above-motioned guidelines prove why we should focus on Instagram video marketing statistics to guide your business marketing strategy.

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