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Instagram Video Marketing Trends for 2024

The most important thing to know about the future of Instagram video marketing is that it’s not going anywhere. It should be embraced as a powerful tool for businesses. But, some new trends on the horizon will change how you approach your Instagram video strategy in 2024.

In 2024, people will find it hard to go a day without seeing a video on Instagram. With the introduction of Instagram TV and IGTV in 2018, videos have become more popular than ever before, with users watching an average of 60 minutes of videos per day.

Brands are creating unique content for this platform, with over one million brands using these features. In 2024, we’ll be able to see how these trends change as social media continues to evolve.

The development of social media is always changing. In the past, Facebook was the leading platform for social media marketing. Now Instagram has taken over as it’s easier to use and more visual. With this in mind, I want to share with you some trends that will be popular for Instagram video marketing by 2024!

Instagram is the latest and greatest social media platform that is quickly gaining popularity. With a projected 3.1 billion active monthly users by 2024, Instagram has become an essential marketing tool for businesses to grow.

This blog post will discuss how companies can use video on Instagram to promote themselves and their products in ways they never thought possible!

We’ll also go over some of the most popular strategies for using video on Instagram right now so you can be ahead of the curve in your marketing strategy!

So don’t miss out, read our article today and learn everything you need to know about how business owners can use Instagram Video Marketing Trends for 2024!

  • Instagram will be the only social media platform that matters
  • Brands will spend more on video ads than on posts or stories
  • Influencers will have a higher reach and engagement rate than most brands
  • More businesses will use influencer marketing as their primary form of advertising
  • People who don’t have time to watch videos, but want to know what’s going on in them, can read a summary of the video instead
  • Instagram has seen steady growth in video content, with more than 500 million videos uploaded each day
  • Video marketing on Instagram is predicted to grow by 50% over the next five years
  • 80% of marketers are using video for their social media strategy
  • The average length of an Instagram video is 2 minutes long, while the average Facebook post is only 15 seconds
  • Video content will be shared on Instagram more than any other social media platform
  • There will be a shift towards video content that is longer, rather than shorter clips
  • Videos with high-quality production value and sound design will become increasingly popular as people seek to escape from real life into an immersive experience
  • People’s attention spans are getting shorter, so videos need to have a clear message or call-to-action within the first few seconds of viewing
  • Social media will continue to grow- there are now more than 2 billion active users on Instagram
  • Influencers will be the new celebrities, with their followers becoming “fans” of their work
  • Video ads will become a much bigger part of social media marketing campaigns
  • Brands will use video ads to target specific markets and demographics
  • More brands will use Instagram Stories to promote their products
  • The number of people who follow influencers on Instagram will continue to grow
  • Influencers will increase the frequency of posting, with some doing it up to 6 times a day
  • Brands will get more creative with how they use video clips in their posts, including adding filters and stickers
  • Instagram video ads will be the norm and not the exception
  • The average length of a video will increase to 10 minutes or more
  • More brands will create their own branded content, rather than just buying influencer videos
  • There will be an increased focus on storytelling and emotional engagement- people want to feel something when they watch a video
  • Videos posted on Instagram Stories are more likely to get seen than other posts
  • More videos will be live streaming via social media sites like Facebook and Twitter
  • The top two video marketing trends for 2024 will be using influencers and creating short-form videos that tell a story
  • Instagram video ads will be more prevalent than ever before
  • Companies will invest in influencer marketing to gain access to the coveted millennial audience
  • Brands will start using live videos on Instagram Stories as a way of promoting their products and services
  • More companies will use Instagram Live for Q&A sessions or product announcements
  • The use of video for marketing will increase significantly
  • Brands will create more videos with a story-like format, rather than just product promotion
  • More brands will begin to produce short-form content that is not expensive to make and easy to share on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook
  • More brands will also take advantage of the new IGTV feature by creating longer-form videos that are only available on the app
  • Instagram video will be the dominant form of content
  • Brands will create more interactive videos to engage followers
  • The use of hashtags in videos will increase, with a focus on viral trends and popular topics
  • More brands will produce non-branded sponsored content for influencers
  • More people are going to start using Stories as their primary form of communication
  • Instagram will be the most popular social media platform
  • Videos are expected to get longer, with more than 10 minutes being common
  • More people will be uploading videos to YouTube and Facebook Live rather than just Instagram
  • Video marketing will focus on quality over quantity – there is a trend away from posting 30-second clips of content towards shorter, higher-quality clips
  • Instagram video ads will be a huge part of marketing strategy
  • More businesses will use videos as a way to increase sales and conversions
  • Video content will start to shift from long-form to short-form, with more people viewing videos on their phones or tablets
  • Businesses that don’t have the budget for video production will outsource the work
  • Instagram Stories will be the new norm for businesses- in 2024, all posts on Instagram are expected to become stories
  • The number of users who watch ads on Instagram is set to double by 2020
  • Brands will have more control over their content with IGTV- video creators will be able to upload videos up to an hour-long
  • More businesses are using influencers as a marketing strategy- they can reach out directly and work with them instead of waiting for companies like Facebook or YouTube
  • More brands will create videos for Instagram Stories
  • Brands will use augmented reality to show people what their products look like in real life
  • Influencers with a large following on Instagram will promote other influencer’s content by making sponsored posts and linking them to their stories.


Instagram video marketing is one way to reach new customers. If you’re looking for ways to improve your ROI, this article can help guide you in the right direction with some of the latest trends on using videos on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. We’ve included tips that will help you get started today. so don’t hesitate! Contact us now if you need any assistance with your digital strategy or would like our team to look at an existing plan. Our experts are standing by, waiting to partner up with businesses just like yours! What are some of the most effective strategies for implementing these trends?

The market is changing, the competition is ramping up, and you need to keep up or risk falling behind. It’s time for a new marketing strategy that effectively incorporates video content. If this sounds like your company needs help with Instagram Video Marketing, we’re here; our team of experts can help take your brand to the next level by using these trends and providing insights into what will be hot in 2024. Contact us today!

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