Instagram Video Statistics

50 Awesome Instagram Video Statistics And Trends

Instagram has been continuously evolving among all social media platforms. Instagram trends can break your social media strategy but it is a crucial task to stay on top.  Have you planed an Instagram marketing strategy for your Brands? Here I have compiles a list of Instagram Video Statistics and trends that will help you to draw an unbeatable Instagram Video marketing strategy for 2020.

  1. According to 2019 stats, 60% of the Video on Instagram viewed with Sound on.
  2. 80% of the Instagram stories discovered with voiceover and music performed better than ads.
  3. Instagram makes shoppers easy shopping; 70 % of Instagrammers are willing to explore the brands and create brand awareness through Instagram ads.
  4. Over 130 million users tap on theInstagram hashtags each month by 2020.
  5. Instagram IGVT changes the Instagram trends; it just reassembles of TikTok video. Over one billion accounts are active every month on Instagram.
  6. More than 80% of Instagram Followers follow at least one business account on Instagram.
  7. Instagram offers the best influencers for brands. Over 60% of the business accounts on Instagram implement interactive elements through Stories.
  8. Instagram is exploring its ads program on its feed, 50% of the accounts using exploring feed every month.
  9. More than 200 million Instagrammers check the Instagram grid every day.
  10. #Love is the most used hashtag used on Instagram, more than 1.7 billion times used on Instagram posts.
  11. Instagram stands as the second most downloaded app in the app store.
  12. 62% of the Instagram users say that they for product videos before buying a product.
  13. Few Instagram emojis are recommended for best performance such as 24 emojis in carousals’, 20 emojis in image posts, and 24 emojis in video posts.
  14. By 2019 statistics, Instagram discovered 71.9% of the image posts, 13.9% of the carousels, and finally, 14.2 % of the posts are videos.
  15. 50% of the Instagram users follow the brands, and this noted as the highest followers for brands among all social media.
  16. 92% of the users on Instagram trust UGC more than traditional ads.
  17. Brands post an average of 2.5 stories on Instagram per week.
  18. In a day, 4.2 billion times hit Like button on Instagram.
  19. An average Users on Instagram engage in the afternoon times in between 1 PM to 5 PM.
  20. More than 45.7% of the Instagram posts contain Questions, but it has proven it does not lead to more engagement.
  21. 12.32 billion ad revenue generated for Instagram by 2020.
  22. 849.3 million is the average advertising reach for Instagram users by 2020.
  23. The biggest demographic for Instagram is Male aged between 18-24.
  24. 48% of the males used Instagram, and 52% of the Females use Instagram Accounts.
  25. In the U.S, 73% of teens trust Instagram is the best way to showcase brands.
  26. Instagram has 1 billion active users and the growth of Instagram grown to 13% by 2018.
  27. 20% of the brands on Instagram use videos that hold higher engagement than photos, and the length of the Instagram video is 30 seconds.
  28. Generally, the videos on Instagram look like video posts, but they are tagged with ‘sponsored.’
  29. Above 500 million users use Instagram stories, and 50% of businesses on Instagram upload their brand story.
  30. We can find above 8 million business profiles on Instagram, and there are 2+ million monthly active advertisers.
  31. Almost 43% of Facebook accounts take place on Instagram advertising.
  32. Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the best engaging days to post on Instagram.
  33. Instagram contributed 10.6% of revenue to Facebook’s ad revenue in 2017.
  34. The video posts on Instagram find 2x better engagement than other posts.
  35. 4.2 million app installations take place to use IGTV, and 7,700 new IGTV installations occur daily.
  36. 80% of Instagram users follow the business brands to find the products or services.
  37. Year over year, 80% of the growth rate of video views can be observed on Instagram, and it is quadrupled since 2017.
  38. Almost 50% of business brands generate at least one Instagram story per month, and the businesses produce 33% of the most popular Instagram stories.
  39. Most of the influencer collaboration occurs only on Instagram, and 7 out of 10 ‘#’ hashtags on Instagram are brand-related.
  40. 25% of Instagram ads are single video type with a length of 60 seconds.
  41. In 2019 the Instagram influencer marketing was raised to 48%.
  42. Cost per click (CPC) for Instagram stories is $0.50, and ads on feed are around $0.60.
  43. The cost per impression (CPM) for stories is $0.90, and the Instagram feed is $1.65.
  44. By edging videos, 60% of Instagram users became influencers and celebrities.
  45. 4.2 million downloads of IGTV, which supports landscape videos have been downloaded since the start date to 2019.
  46. 73% say that Instagram stories are more effective for influencer marketing.
  47. Brand engagement on Instagram is higher than brand engagement on Facebook.
  48. In Q1 2017, 5.2 million Instagram audience watched branded videos.
  49. Sponsored videos on Instagram generates 3x more comments while comparing with sponsored photos on Instagram.
  50. The top influencers on Instagram post 6 to 7 stories each day.


Instagram video ads in the feed and stories show a huge impact on the growth of the business by achieving your marketing goals. It is one of the powerful social media apps which turned the normal social media marketing network into the most challenging digital marketing hub.

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