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Jordan Simons – YouTube Travel Channel TheLifeOfJord Exclusive Interview

Tell me about yourself and your channel?

Hi there! My name is Jordan Simons and I travel the world continuously. In 2014 I made the best decision I’ve ever made – I sold my possessions, quit my job and began to travel the world. Now I’ve been to 49 countries across 4 continents, met some of the best people I’ll ever know and made some incredible memories along the way. I now run a travel YouTube channel to show people my adventure and teach other people how they can do the same. I’m an average person with a dream – I didn’t come from any money and I don’t have any particular skills or a special background, I’m just going to make it happen anyway I can.

How did you decide to start a YouTube channel?

I loved watching YouTube videos and just thought the idea of being able to create something and have people all over the world see it was pretty cool. I wanted a way of combining my love for YouTube with my love for travel and this why I created my channel!

How did your family react to your decision to start a YouTube channel?

At first, they were sceptical. It’s a fairly new industry and a lot of people still don’t really understand how you can make money from it. In that way, my family was a bit worried about how I would use it as a career path. That being said they were still very supportive and have been a big part in helping me get to this point.

Where do you get ideas for your YouTube Channel?

From everywhere! It’s a bit easier for me to come up with ideas for a video because I am constantly moving, so new things happen to me every day!

How do you deal with negative comments on your channel?

Just ignore them. It’s easier said than done sometimes but I think that whenever you try to create something new, some people will have negative comments. It’s inevitable. The main thing is to keep on creating and not to let those negative comments stop you. For one negative comment, there might be 100 people that your video has helped.

The difference between your Channel and other YouTube similar channels?

I’ve tried to make my channel very ‘real’. A lot of travel bloggers are sponsored and do really cool things but there is a bit of disconnect between them and real backpacking. I came from a background with no money and no sponsorship deals and so have tried to stick true to those roots.

What advice would you give to people who are thinking about starting a YouTube channel?

Consistency is key. No matter what, just keep putting out regular content and as long as you’re always improving then people will keep subscribing to you. Never stop improving and never stop learning.

What are your favorite Videos made by you?

Perhaps my favorite video is one of my most recent ‘How To Get Anything You Want’. I did this video after reaching 10,000 subscribers and it’s something I really believe in.

My most popular video is my Quit Your Job To Travel The World (One Second A Day) video which I filmed over one year.

What are your promotional strategy and future plans?

Promotional strategy: Remain consistent and keep improving and learning.

Future strategy: Remain consistent and always keep improving and learning.

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