KFC Video Marketing Strategies

KFC Video Marketing Strategies that attract Customers

In the present era, all the business organizations are in the implementation of video campaigns to make ultimate promotions about the products or services. This includes the activities that have been performed to reach the customers. KFC Video Marketing Strategies bring their brands in number one position.

The living preferences of the present generation completely changed including food, clothing, fashion etc. and most of the people are modulated according to that.

In that category, KFC is one of the best serving fast food giant that has world recognition as the top fast food restaurant with ultimate quality.

This has become the brand ambassador of world famous fast food restaurants.

How it turned that much of crazy fans towards KFC?

Along with the quality, the promotional strategy through video campaigns will be the most significant thing in attracting the vast number of customers.

Key plugins that KFC considers as the marketing strategy

  • Focusing on the center of competition.
  • Considering the profitable campaigns that boost the business.
  • Estimating the current status of business in promotional category.
  • Estimating the potential customer’s needs through better serving.
  • Analyzing the targeted customer’s profile.
  • KFC launch the campaigns that their services are worth-able to all teens, families, children and budget customers.

KFC Video Marketing Strategies

Rob Lowe plays Colonel Sanders in KFC ad campaign:

This campaigns, they delivered the message of curiousness towards buying gold and using for an exchange of goods.

Here they had displayed the mouth-watering chicken as the KFC Georgia Gold Honey-Mustard BBQ.

The main intention of this campaign to kill the wastage of Gold and time.

The one more thing is that the famous American actor Rob Lowe plays the Colonel Sanders to taste the chicken.

The KFC Clean Eating Burger:

This campaign has launched to promote the ‘Dirty Louisiana” by collaborating with Figgy Poppleton-Rice in the name of ‘Clean Eating Burger’.

This burger completely looks like a healthy vegetable stack. Here the host ‘Figgy Poppleton-Rice’ has seriously clutched the attention of the audience on social media platforms.

Filipino Colonel” Campaign:

This is fantastic campaign ever in which the role of Colonel has been played by the famous Filipino comedian Ronaldo Valdez who owes in front of the public to continue the serving the customers with full dedication.

This seems really a funny campaign that is being as the unerasable moment in the customers.


Most of the campaigns are being released in the account of ‘Colonel Sanders’ the founder of KFC.


These all are the video marketing strategies that have been implemented by the KFC which has the stunned the global market. After making read this you might get an idea of how to blast the business brand by launching video campaigns. KFC Video Marketing Strategies will project the good video marketing lessons for all the startups.

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