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Top 10 Kids YouTube Channels

The number of visitors to YouTube is 1 billion per month. In this entertainment area, it will get 9,816 visitors for the one video on average; the video gaming video gets views 112.5 million 192k ideas for Rhymes of the Nursery on average. This is the main category that provides several users for the YouTube channels. Most apps are available on mobile and tablet to watch shows, comic videos, and animated movies, indeed and quickly. Some of the media can be managed free of cost, and some will be charged money for the channels viewed by the visitors. We can download videos from the press to watch offline on YouTube. The programs and shows generated by these channels will help the kids be active and sharpen their minds creatively. The most popular kids’ YouTube channels come under this category are the following

1. Mother Goose Club:

 The Sockeye media of New York has launched this channel, Showing extraordinary performances to provide rhymes with actions and characters by singing and dancing, which can easily attract the kids. This channel uploads 17 videos per month on average, whereas the footage Halloween Fun got 1273,860+ views, the highest view rating for the last three weeks. The featured channels for this channel are Mother Goose Club Play House, Nursery Rhymes Live, Gallina Pinta Dita, church TV, Baby Burn, Coil Book, and Dottie Dottie, which have similar ratings as Mother Goose Club. So we can say that this is the best channel for kids. The number of subscribers for this channel is 4,102,698 + and 4,944,419,063+ views.

Link for Mother Goose Club Channel

2. Disney Channel:

This channel provides entertainment programs for the kids, like animated movies and action stories. It generates more than 17 videos per month and has 1,963,555+ subscribers. In contrast, the video uploaded one week before, i.e., The Nightmare Before Christmas, has 1,343,258+ views, which is unexpected in that it has 15,584 views, 506 dislikes, and comments of 1179+. The featured channels for this are Oh on My Disney, Disney Style, Disney Family Mic, Essential Mouse, etc. Mickey Mouse has grabbed the 2,148,994k+ subscribers with 1,292,782,440+ views. From all this information, the channel is Disney channel.

Three from all this information. Simple Kids Craft channel:

It presents videos of making doll houses and crafts, including miniature and dolls, with the help of unwanted, wasteful, environment-supporting materials. With this, the kids can make things by implementing creative ideas without spending much money, and that too in significantly little time in an easy way. So children are more curious to watch this channel. 254,896+ subscribers and 83,001,435 views for this channel, whereas it uploads 40 videos per month, and the media related to this channel are MCN, Fuzzy Puppet, and Dollastic. We can conclude that this is also one of the best.

Link for Simple Kids Craft channel

4. The diamond Minecraft:

It started on July 14, 2012, and the number of users subscribed to this channel is 14,613,995+. They produce games like Minecraft challenges, Minecraft mini-games, Minecraft showcases, and free, adventurous online games. They set up approximately 98 videos per month. By comparing the number of viewers since last month, the footage of My Neighbor’s Dark Secret gained the highest viewing rate, of 9,614,319,720+. I feel this is the best kids’ channel, and the identical channels for this are TDM, THNX Cya, Think noodles, Pyxelstyx, and PixelSwift.

Link for The Diamond Minecraft Channel

5. YO Gabba Gabba:

This is one of the excellent channels for preschoolers to perform the stories of stage shows with live characters, and 509,854+ people subscribed to this channel, whereas the views can be counted as 713,974,071+. It started on October 17, 2006, with lots of entertainment, including songs with fantastic guests. In the playlist, they present 6 to 210 videos at a time. The related channels for this channel are Teletubbies, Lazy Town, Caillou Wild Brain, etc. Caillou has more subscribers of 509,854+ after this yo gabba gabba channel.

Link for YO Gabba Gabba Channel

6. Ryan’s Toys Review:

On 2015 March 16, this channel was launched, but in a one-year duration, it achieved subscribers of 7,057,237 +. In this, the character Ryan makes science experiment and play with toys that give the kids more fun. Within the month, they provided 62 videos, and Halloween Trick or Treat has attained more views of 11,155,587,321+, and the related channels are ABC Surprises and Princess ToysReview. So, we can treat it as the best channel in less period.

Link For Ryan’s Toys Review channel


If the children are just about to learn and spell the words, they show the videos of talks on persons or people with actions and music the learners can easily understand. It was initiated on October 2, 2014, in the United States with 13,692+ subscribers and 15,638,943+ views. It facilitates the social links link to Facebook and Twitter for easy viewing, and the videos uploaded are Word World, Dancing Dog, and Word World Night Light. Dancing, Dog has 1,862,033,327 views, the highest, but recently, they did not upload any videos. Though they didn’t make new videos, they had the best viewers, and they don’t have any featured channels.

Link for PBS KIDS Channel

8. Video Gyan 3D Rhymes:

This channel was established on 2011 August 26 and is more famous for HD animated rhymes, especially for nursery kids in 2D and 3D form, with 3,975,976+ subscribers and viewers of 3,295,619,808+. They will upload approximately 22 videos per month in that Johny Johny Yes Papa has attained more views, i.e., 8,227,227+, and the friend’s channels for this are videogyan kids shows, mining and mint, jam jammies, Dev and Ava, and surprising eggs unboxing, etc. Due to these 3D animated videos, children might like to watch these rhymes and can learn quickly.

Link For Video Gyan 3D Rhymes channel

9. Baby Big Mouth:

This is the channel where they introduce amazing eggs, fun-creating activities, and gather modern toys from worldwide. The children can have fun by dancing, singing, and playing. It is the best suited for children to enjoy; it has 5,538,837+ subscribers, and viewers for this channel are 7,682,047,062+. Big Mouse Academy, Sweet Science TV, and Tree Hous are related media. Surprise Eggs Learn, from most minor to most significant, has several views, 742,528 compared to other videos.

Link For Baby Big Mouth Channel

10. Blu Toys:

These provide videos for kids, showing the making of toys like Peppa Pig and surprise eggs. Fun Toys, Parque dos, and Disney Junior UK are featured channels, and only BLU Toys has 4 million views than others. It also provided social links like Facebook, Google+ Blogger, etc. The subscribers for this channel are 5,331,034 + and 7,422,717,244 + ideas.

Link for Blu Toys Channel

Conclusion :

We have listed the top 10 kids’ YouTube channels. All Channels are beneficial for kids to learn, play, do activities, and enjoy. The above 10 Kids’ Channels stood first among all YouTube kids. They are considering all aspects like Rhymes, music, videos 2D,3D, gaming activities, etc.  

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