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Kimberley Bond – Co-Founder Grapevine Exclusive Interview about YouTube Influencer Marketing

Tell me something about your Product Grapevine Logic?

Simply, Grapevine’s platform connects brands with popular YouTube creators to power successful influencer marketing campaigns. While top influencers use it to introduce new products to their audience, premier brands from Remington to Walgreens can access Grapevine’s 55,000+ network of creators to find the right personality to promote their brand. The easy-to-use technology allows both brands and creators to negotiate contracts, set relationship expectations, and measure the campaign, all in one comprehensive dashboard.

What can you expect in Video Influencer Marketing Space in the coming Future?

What history tells us – and what we’re already starting to see – is brands moving from the “bigger is better” mentality to a more personalised, targeted way of marketing. From celebrity endorsements to influencers, brands are now opting for even smaller-scale creators known as micro-influencers or non-celebrity social media users who have a comparatively small, but dedicated fanbase. This group gets an average of two to five times more organic engagement per social post, compared to those with more than 100,000 followers – and brands are starting to capitalise on that. What it comes down to is that people want to see promotions that are relevant to them in a way that feels human – and micro-influencers are the best people to achieve that. Personalization is key, and I think we’ll see a lot more of that as space matures.

Why is Video Influencer Marketing the future of Content Marketing?

Nearly 72 percent of respondents from the IAB’s third annual Video Ad Spend study said that they would move funds out of TV to increase their spending on digital video advertising. We see more and more networks and publications pour dollars into live-streaming capabilities or video subscription services a la Hulu and Netflix, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Here’s why: video is engaging – it requires quality content, and it translates across the devices that are most important to us – our phones. It also brings consumers a degree of choice more than other platforms. For example, different social media channels, like Facebook, Twitter, and soon to be Instagram, are driven by likes and algorithms that serve up content that you might like based on your history. YouTube, on the other hand, is the second-largest search engine in the world. It gives people the power to find the videos they want when they want. Already this puts the power in the hands of the audience, allowing them to choose the promotions they want to see – a much more personalised experience.

What to expect in the near future about Video Influencer Marketing?

In the near-term I think we’ll start seeing better uses of data to help match brands with creators. Grapevine’s history is indicative of this evolution – after all, we began as an agency that manually paired brands with creators and has shifted to a self-service model to keep up with the company’s growth. From here, we’re working on automating the process even further with some of the new tools we’re developing. With the growing popularity of influencer marketing, space will become much more sophisticated with tools that allow brands to get a better view into the right creators for them – and we’re helping to make that a reality at Grapevine.

Tell me something about videos Influencers and how you will manage with Grapevine Logic?

Becoming a video influencer is not an easy task – and many up-and-comers struggle to find a way to turn their passion into a career. This group often needs guidance and support when pitching brands and following through with a branded campaign.

As Community Director at Grapevine, I lead the dedicated team that helps manage our network of creators. Being a creator myself – I run a successful beauty and lifestyle channel of 80,000 subscribers – I’m able to see things from both the perspective of our creators as well as the brands we work with, which helps me manage the needs of all parties involved in a campaign. We see ourselves more as mentors, whether it’s helping a creator produce the perfect pitch or guiding them through the execution of a sponsored video – we’ve got it covered!

What is Grapevine Logic Success Model?

The Grapevine success model is simple – matching the best consumer brands with the best creators for their brand, and giving all parties involved transparency into the campaign so that they can measure, analyse and scale in the future.

What are the Latest Tools from Grapevine Logic that can help users and customers?

In addition to Grapevine’s built-in, real-time analytics and helping first-timers navigate an otherwise scary and unknown influencer marketing environment. through our high-touch client services, brands can access the platform’s “Browse Creator” tool and read creator reviews to ensure they’re choosing the best influencer for the job.

Another cool feature that sets Grapevine apart from its competitors is its strict FTC compliance. In the wake of last year’s scandal that landed Lord & Taylor in hot water for not disclosing that it paid influencers to promote a dress from its new collection, more brands are feeling the heat of staying transparent. Grapevine’s technology doesn’t let creators post a video on behalf of a brand unless it meets the FTC standards – a huge convenience for brands.

We’ve also recently launched a tool we call “Similar Creators” that allows brands to identify creators who they’ve seen success with in the past, and gives them recommendations of other creators who are similar in demographics and historical performance metrics. Our goal is to take the guessing out of influencer marketing and make it channel brands feel comfortable and confident investing in.

How Upcoming can Users/Brands benefit by partnering with Grapevine Logic?

Whether you’re a brand or creator, getting started with influencer marketing can be a daunting task. If you’re a brand, a lot is riding on selecting the right creator for your audience. If you’re a creator, it may seem impossible to get in front of the brands you love and monetise your YouTube channel. Grapevine solves these problems by marrying its network of 55,000+ creators and hundreds of consumer brands to create successful, impactful campaigns. And the best part? The Grapevine team is there to help every step of the way – from booking, through execution, and measuring the campaign from start to finish!

Thank you “Kimberley Bond” for sharing your valuable insights about YouTube Influencer Marketing with our users.

All the Best to Grapevine Team.

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