Lenovo Smart Display with Google Assistant [Review]

Flash news! Google is stepping ahead to give a challenge for the competitors by shaking hands with Lenovo. That is Lenovo’s smart displays are coming into the market with Google Assistant which resembles the Amazon Echo show. Google is opening the doors to partner with other manufacturers just like Lenovo to make a smart home just through Google Assistant, i.e., is Lenovo Smart Display.

Is it sounds good?

Are you much excited to find the equipped features in it?

How it is going to ruin the competitors through its advanced features?

Is it going to reach the user expectations?

Hold a second. You can find the most enriched features that are never touched before can be seen with the combination of Google Assistance and Lenovo smart display.

The most enhanced features of Lenovo Smart Display

  • It is completely displayed with Google Home features as it can be used to access the smart TV through Chromcast and Google Home.
  • You can command the Google Assistant just by saying “Hey Google” to perform the task whatever you want.
  • The other smart device events like automatic lights ON and OFF and thermostat can be performed through Google assistant of Lenovo Smart Device.
  • It helps to access the Google’s browsers and search tools in obtaining the answers to the queries.
  • The most exciting feature that it offers is the YouTube music can be played that enables to watch the full screen directly without any hurdles.
  • One more thrilling add-on of Lenovo Smart Device is that Google Duo can be accessed to have the chit chat with the most loved ones of iOS and Android users by making video calls.
  • The digital display of the Google Photos will be possible on this device.
  • It intimates the condition of the traffic.
  • Hark back the appointments that we have.
  • It will update the current news from the YouTube.
  • It supports to operate the other smart home devices like cameras just by saying ‘Google show me the room’ you want to watch from the nest.
  • The size of the device is 8 to 10 inches which are bigger than competitor’s device in the market.
  • This device can be position either horizontally or vertically either of the forms we want.
  • This smart device of 8 inch displays the HD screen while the 10 inch displays the full HD.
  • By flipping the shutter switch, the camera can be covered as it leads to having the privacy protection.
  • Two 10 watt speakers allow enjoying the maximum and pleasant sound.
  • It displays each step of cooking instructions.
  • It lists the hided games that played once and never played again.
  • It is a completely hands-free device which makes a smart home by doing all the required tasks just through the voice of Google Assistant.

Device Specifications

  1. The screen size of the Lenovo Smart Device is 8 inches and 10 inches.
  2. Google Assistant is the interface to run on Android things.
  3. 10-watt speakers are available.
  4. The price of the 8 inches device is $199 and for 10 inches $ 249.
  5. Equipped with Snapdragon 624 CPU.
  6. 2GB RAM and 4GB storage are available.
  7. The front camera is 5MP or 720 pixels.
  8. Flick 90 degrees to have the vertical use.

Advantages of Google Assistant

  • The Google Assistant unlocks the smart devices just through voice command.
  • The Google apps can be accessed.
  • The photos can be searched from Google through voice.
  • Assists to find better shopping stores and restaurants etc.
  • Maps travelling guide.
  • Sticks the favorite shows and movies from trending online streaming platforms.
  • Update the trending news.
  • Announces the scores of the sports.
  • Forecast the weather report.
  • Generate the remainders.


It is going to be a rock in the global market as it is completely equipped with the most required advanced features that everyone needs. Before the launch of this device into the market it has framed much user expectations. Everyone is just keeping an eye to catch this amazing device from the combination of Google and Lenovo.

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