Little baby bum

Little Baby Bum YouTube Channel Success Strategy

There have been only a few instances where technology has influenced and even helped infants. Be it a toddler or a 4-5-year-old. Every child is hooked on to technology in some form or the other.

If you don’t have a toddler, Little Baby Bum will have flown well under your radar. The channel houses a collection of animated songs, including nursery rhymes and original songs about numbers, letters and potties.

Little Baby Bum YouTube Channel

Disney’s official video for Let It Go has been watched more than 430m times on YouTube since its release in December 2013.

Impressive work for the channel that the Holders founded in 2011 on a hunch that lots of parents were looking for nursery-rhyme videos on YouTube, and run from the UK. Their hunch, it’s fair to say, proved correct.

In 2014, Little Baby Bum has 189m in October, 221m in November, and 319m in December.

By January 2015, Little Baby Bum was the fifth most popular channel on YouTube and part of a wider surge of viewing for children’s videos on the service. It’s about to pass 2bn lifetime views.

Little Baby Bum is also exploring the potential of getting its content onto connected televisions. It has already signed a deal with a company called VOD365to be part of its Ketchup TV subscription service alongside brands like Bob the Builder, Thomas and Friends and Pingu.Holder says that the traditional children’s television industry is finally waking up to the brands being built on YouTube.

Kids Nursery Rhymes Videos a Treat for YouTube

YouTube platform is the most used platform across the web for watching video content online. We all know that it is the second-largest video search engine across the web, which contains millions of videos and millions of people to watch that video content online. From content creators, advertisers, marketers to students, teachers, and kids are utilizing the YouTube platform for their needs. When it comes to the Kids Nursery Rhymes Videos on YouTube, You can observe colorful and rhythmic cartoons, rhymes which are very impressive and well enough to attract the kids towards the videos.

According to some research reports and observations, it revealed that kids’ content was consumed higher than any other content on YouTube platform. Kids Nursery Rhymes Videos are getting some tens of millions of views, and the creators of the Kids Nursery Rhymes Videos content were earning good profits on YouTube platform. Children are spending time to learn new things with the animated cartoon rhymes. The Kids Nursery Rhymes Videos content market turned crowded as the companies just creating the stuff in different ways in different variations. The essence of the content was the same, but varieties are different.

There are loads of kids content that are becoming video spam on YouTube platform. Some kid’s content channels are coming day by day, and some channels are clubbing the videos with compilations on the same channel by targeting the others. The single creator was launching multiple channels by the uploading variety of angles in the same video and gaining millions of views. But when you consider the quality of the content, it is the prime thing that drives more opinions towards the video.

Many kids channels like ChuChu TV, LIttleBabyBum, etc. have the potential to go on as they will not upload the junk. Whereas Some targeting with the Meta tags which are misleading with a content of different title which is not at all relevant. YouTube must focus on this type of video to go with an efficient quality content system, which is the best content for kids. YouTube had launched the new application for the kids to reach the quality videos with YouTube kid’s application with necessary controls which can improve the things on YouTube kids content.

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