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How to Start a Live 360 Stream on Facebook

The 360-degree video has become more and more familiar with new features and social media platforms have taken the features by implementing in their platforms for people. Everything about Live 360 Stream on Facebook is explained here.

Facebook platform always experiment something new on its platform.The Facebook platform had made the Live 360 Stream accessible to its users and all you have to do is to arrange a proper equipment to capture your content.

Several devices on the market are specially designed for the live streaming 360-degree videos. At present users are choosing Gear 360 which is the latest model released in 2017.

The install 360 for iPhone and Air for Android are the most recent buzz today. They can host the higher end models to go live 360 streams that can provide an immersive feeling to your audience.

The feature was working with the video technology designed by the Facebook platform and it was providing the 30fps with 1080p supporting quality with excellent playback that can maximize the streaming in some hours in streaming.

The Facebook platform was recommending 4MBPS speed fro best quality 360 degrees live video broadcasting on its platform. A dedicated application is must get the best quality as well as to enable the live streaming on Facebook with high-quality output.

An update is available for the dedicated live 360 stream applications and you can only update them and the cameras can help you to broadcast live on Facebook and you can see the real-time views and what your audience are watching can be accessed through your screen.

The users also can fetch the details about the number of likes and reactions that are achieved by your broadcast and users can also check the comments given to the broadcast.

The insta360 camera also supported the live broadcasting over the periscope and Meerkat applications and even on YouTube live. The Facebook app integration with this camera is very helpful to the users to reach more people with simple efforts.

Getting started with Facebook 360 Degree Live Video Broadcasting

The live 360 stream video can bring the best authenticity on Facebook with Facebook Live that deliver an immersive viewing experience to you and your audience. It can ensure better moments with your live broadcasting on Facebook that too in 360 degrees.

Let us know about the compatible cameras and the specifications that are required for the perfect live 360 degrees streaming on Facebook platform.

Compatible Cameras for Live 360 Degrees on Facebook

Samsung Gear 360 V2 (2017)

• It is fit for shooting the 4K resolution videos and can go with the 30 megapixels for photos where you shoot from every angle.

• Users can also edit the video playback with ease.

• Users can share the footage instantly and all you can do on your Smartphone or a compatible PC.

• It captures 3840 X 1920 high-resolution videos in both day and night.

• The lenses are ravishing with 180-degree angle each where it can capture a vivid picture quality all the time.

• Users can merge the shots automatically and can produce the seamless 360-degree image by using the two 180 degree lenses with wide angle capture.

• It also allows stitching on the spot.

• It weighs 0.3lbs and detects the Wi-Fi and connects with Bluetooth. It has 200 GB of external memory holding capacity.

• It is dust proof and water proof

Giroptic IO

• Best widest field view camera for your Smartphone.

• Real-time HD image processing with a pocket-size design

• Can connect with a smartphone and tablet devices.

• It also allows instant sharing with the good flow of live 360-degree video and audio recording along with perfect image capturing technology.

• You can stream directly on Facebook live and cam shares instantly. It is also compatible with live streaming on Twitter and YouTube platforms also.

• It was made with an aluminum casing and lithium ion battery.

• It supports stitching in JPEG and MP4 format in real time.

• It has micro USB option and overall price starts from $249

Insta360 Air/Nano

• Insta 360 Nano is for iPhone and Air for Android smartphones.

• The Insta 360 degree nano has 30fps with 3040 x 1520 resolution that has dual fisheye lenses which are 360 by 360 degrees which deliver a seamless 360-degree experience to the users.

• It is compatible of carrying and was portable.

• It is very light in weight as it just weighs 70g

• It enables the user to one-touch sharing of the content

• No need to export the image for stitching and you can go live streaming with just one touch.

Insta 360 Air for Android

• Available in vibrant colors

• It comes with a silicon rubber case which was just lovely.

• It has one touch capture for both video and photos.

• There is also an option to select the VR mode and can deliver the VR headset experience.

• It can capture 2560 x1280 resolutions with 30fps.

• It just weighs 27 gms approximately.

Till now you have gone through the consumer friendly cameras and the compatible devices. Now have a look at the professional stuff.

Nokia OZO

• You can create deliver and transform your world with Nokia OZO with professional quality.

• You can do a real time control in a creative way. It enables the live streaming in 3D with 360-degree stitching.

• It supports both monoscopic and stereoscopic video outputs and control the colors and make it more elegant.

• It works directly with the 4K broadcasting workflow and can produce the RTMP and SDI output formats simultaneously to publish on both VR and as well as on 360-degree broadcasting.

• It is compatible with custom resolution of 4096×4096

ALLie Camera

• ALLie provides the best 4K resolution at 4096 x4096 resolution.

• It can deliver the video without blind spots.

• It is also compatible with the 360 degrees lives streaming on YouTube along with the Facebook platform.

Z Cam S1

• It is professional VR camera that is best for professional 360-degree video streaming and photo capturing.

• It supports both 4K and 6K at 60 and 30 fps.

• It works with open API

• It was made with full metal housing and compact design that supports better output and management.

• It also has Ethernet port and can record the video continuous for two hours.

Finally, these above cameras are compatible with the Facebook live 360 video streaming. Enjoy streaming on Facebook.

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