Live Video 101 Using Live Videos to Build Your Brand

Live Video 101: Using Live Videos to Build Your Brand

Real-time Approach…

Real time shopping…

Real-time conversations…

Live interactions and live going had gained great importance across the web.

So, marketers are going with the live video to build their brand.

Are you planning to build your brand across the web??

Thinking about the strategic plan and main terms to include in your plan??

Then, why not live video?

Let’s begin the journey to explore more about the live video to have a clear idea of building a brand with live video.

Impact of live video on audience

How are people using live video?

Live social video and its importance?

How to start a live video for your brand?

What to discuss in live video for efficient brand building?

How to start a live conversation and get connected with your audience with live video?

How to promote your brand image using live video?

Live video success stories for brands

Huge impact

The live conversations play an important role in acquiring audience attention.

For example, If having responded to a video in the comments section, you will feel connected and more likely to follow if the video creator or concerned uploader had commented back to you immediately.

Yes, this is real. There is a great impact on the viewer if you go with live video and live conversations. Many platforms are providing the users with live commenting simultaneous while streaming the live video.

People are looking for the live videos and it becomes the present internet trend across the web.

How people are using the live videos

More than 72 percent people are using live video applications and shooting their own live clips in different situations.

The live video clips are shared more likely comparing to the normal video clippings across the social media.

Some are going live while cooking and some while traveling to new places. Whatever, the situation may, the live videos are going viral across social platforms too.

Live social video and its importance

The majority of live video apps and services provided by the social networking platforms are almost same with some differences from one another.

Every app has its own benefits and importance. People are using the apps to go live and sharing their favorite moments with their loved ones.

So there is a huge impact on the people towards live video and its usage. That is the reason why brands are now focusing on live video marketing and branding.

Some live video platforms and apps

Facebook Live

Facebook platform is providing the live video feature for its users. It is providing its users with live video tools and special features for publishers too. Even pages can go live through their browsers. The features of Facebook Live are almost similar to the live video app Periscope.

Some new features that are recently updated on Facebook are

Live through web browsers

The newly added feature allows users to go live through web browsers on Desktop as well as Laptop and is most beneficial for vloggers. So brands can build their identity through blogs using daily vlogs.

Facebook live contributor

Facebook page users can go live by providing a new role as a live contributor to go live on their page if they are the main admin of their page. So, brands can manage their Facebook page and can go live with this new feature.

Live commenting

Live commenting feature where you can highlight the comments and pin them at the bottom of broadcasts in live. Brands can use this feature to build good conversations with audience.

Permalinking live video

The video permalinking feature allows the users to drive your viewers towards your live video links.

Cross posting feature

Cross posting of live sessions, Facebook is now allowing the users to cross post the live videos after broadcasting. So, brands can utilize this and can promote their live video promotion across multiple pages even after live video sessions.

Live video insights

Profile video insights it can be availed for the user who crossed more than 5k followers can access the video insights where you can view the total viewed minutes, total number of views and engagement to your live video.

YouTube Live Video

• You can enable the monetization even when you are live on YouTube platform

• You can insert mid-roll ads in live stream

• Best quality playback and manual choice of quality. The user can also create the unlisted and private events.

• Multi-cam event and 360 degrees live streaming

• Live chat

• Live sharing with links

• Future live stream promotions


• Periscope provides performance statistics about a number of viewers and other statistics.

• Best visual experience

• Can know about the viewers

• Blocking feature


• Best chat functionality

• Finding and connecting with relevant viewers

• Repurposing saved stream

• Best for building good audience to your brand.

How to start a live video for your brand?

What to discuss in live video for efficient brand building?

How to start live conversation and get connected with your audience with live video?

How to promote your brand image using live video?

Begin with welcome event

Go live welcoming your audience to your new brand. Connect with the audience with various live video apps and platforms and discuss your new brand. Welcome your audience towards your brand with live conversations.

Answer their questions and accept the valuable suggestions provided by the audience in live.

Product lives

Unbox the products in live videos and explain the product in an interesting way to your audience in live. Let the audience know about the usage and quality of your product.

If you think you are giving best product to the audience comparatively with other products, then it is best to compare your product with other products and let the audience know about the potential benefits

Engage audience

Engage your audience in live stream and respond in a positive way to build good trust across the web as well as grab their loyalty.

Behind the scenes live

Go live behind the professional curtain and engage the audience and let them know about your employees and working environment.


Utilize the live video streaming insights and know your audience. follow your analytics and plan ahead for your next stream.

Save and promote

Save your live stream and promote it across your social media platforms and as well as cross promote your stream across multiple pages.

Finally, go with the flow and plan ahead to reach your strategy to build your brand across the web.

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