Live Video Content Protection

Definitive Guide To Live Video Content Protection

As the Expansion of Digital media and downloading services provide more space for online video viewers, video content must be protected from illegitimate Viewers. Sometimes, it’s necessary to safeguard the Live video content theft from Unauthorized users.

Live Video Content Protection

We should maintain individual players for Live Video Content Protection, which can solve your content piracy problem. Many commercial videos and audio platforms use different technologies to protect their content. Previously, people used DRM, which allows encryption codes for each company.

Redirect services will be one of the best solutions to protect the Live Videos. Redirect services send a temporary URL, which can expire after some time. You can strengthen it with referral check-ups.

The content owners maintain a video content protection system (VCPS), which allows standard digital management strategies to protect the digital media content. The VCPS has standard measures for safeguarding digital video content.

Best Practices to Live Video Content Protection

With the increased internet speed and adoption of mobile streaming, it becomes easy to consume video content. People are searching for ways to benefit from illegally distributing video content from streaming channels.

Here are the best strategies for the Media Broadcasters to protect their content from the illegal distribution.

  • Implement Anti-Piracy strategies. Be prepared and have new automated technologies to avoid fighting against the Anti-piracy.
  • Get ready to Fight Against the New piracy channels. It is challenging for the right owners to hide their content from infringements.
  • Monitor the Illegitimate User Activities on the Internet. Make sure to follow the regional top piracy sites.
  • Make use of piracy content by implementing more innovative business ideas. Pirated content can be used in many ways to earn revenue.

Ways to Protect Live Video Content

Downloading the streaming content by Unauthorised users is difficult. Still, some illegal activities are going on while live streaming the content.

So, we should implement the best measures to protect the streaming content. We can preserve the video content in many ways.

Here are the top four ways.

Invisible Watermarking:

Some companies or streaming providers offer invisible watermarking to their videos, which means they tag their content with fingerprints.

The main advantage of using this invisible watermarking is that it ties up with a single user and does not affect the video. Easy to apply to the existing video without re-encoding.

The only drawback is it requires special software to create.

Visible Watermarking:

Visible watermarking involves placing the Text or a logo on the video to showcase the company’s owner. In another way, we can use it to promote your business.

It is easy to place a watermark and free to use—no need to maintain specific software to create.

The best way to use visible watermarking is to protect the Live video from illegitimate users.

It does not provide physical protection mechanisms.

Live Streaming:

Live streaming video files make downloading challenging, but some people like downloading them. It is only possible through specific software like Adobe Media Servers and HTML streaming software.

Difficult to download the files and playback the video. Additional features should be required to replay the data and match the quality of the video.

Unauthorized users can not download the video because it requires tech-savvy user-specific software.

Some other Live videos require some technologies from the server side. It is the ultimate technique to protect the Live video content.

HTML Content Protection:

HTML content protection protects web technologies without any need to use the plugin. Here, we can link the HTML web links to the third-party protection systems.

It offers a physical protection mechanism to the live videos. We can provide more protection through these web browsers and manage it independently like we can set a specific functionality to the live video.

Why is Live Video the future of Digital Content Marketing?

We all know how video has become the most powerful marketing tool in the present digital era. Over 72 percent of internet traffic accounted for video content across the web. With mobile innovative technology, video consumption has further raised its growth in different ways. Marketers, brands, and individuals are experimenting with videos to reach and connect with people across other platforms.


Real-time interactions have become the most important today to build powerful connections with people in real time. Real-time marketing and branding have become the next big thing in video and advertising strategies. Online streaming is the future of content marketing today.


Many online live streaming applications and live streaming features are already developed today, and people are interested in getting connected differently than in real time. Live video streaming has become the most essential part of the digital content marketing strategy. Marketers are utilizing Periscope, Meerkat, and many other famous live-streaming applications to reach the people.


Brands are promoting their products and services with different live-streaming strategies. Many brands are launching their new products and services via live streaming and interacting with the people who live with the consequences. This way of interacting and connecting with people can boost the company’s conversion rates, which in turn helps the brands and marketers to develop things as they are.

The mobile has an enormous demand to watch live videos, and most marketers are developing business videos that best fit all devices. If you are at the initial stage of your business and marketing in the traditional way, then it’s better to choose the theme of online video marketing.

Online video is the everlasting viral concept in the Global market, and this is the only medium through which marketers can easily reach the targeted customers by describing the product or services. So here you will find the importance of live video in digital content marketing.

Way to Generate Leads Using Live Video

Businesses are using live video to generate leads. Live video is proving to be one of the sources for the business extension as well.

Why Live Video?

The World over, viewers are interested in video, and live video is getting more response.   An estimate indicates that in the first year of Periscope (Owned by Twitter), people watched an average of 110 years of live video daily. Such statements suggest that live video is one of the best marketing methods. Marketers can make use of live video to generate leads.

Let us briefly discuss how to generate leads using this ‘live video’ worldwide.

Invite people from all over the World into your business:

Now that social media offers a facility to ‘like,’ ‘subscribe,’ and ‘share,’ there is an enormous opportunity for businesses to invite people into their business.   Regular interaction through ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ and also through other channels, regular contact can be maintained and hence generate leads.   Instead of ‘tell,’ the better option is to ‘show.’

Humanizing the business:

With the ever-increasing attraction of customers to go deeper into the advertisers’ business, sharing and showing the business methodology will increase participation from the general public on a large scale.

Products launch with the contest:

For launching new products, live video is the best shot in the arm.   Showing a live video of the product’s launch will get attractive returns in terms of increased interest in people’s minds about the marketers’ products/services. Launching products on live video clubbed with the contest will add flavor to the rich cream.

While it is necessary to have live interactions (through live video) with the viewers, it is not required at the same time that the marketer has to be available on social media continuously.   Depending on the convenience and based on the response, proper scheduling is more than enough for the marketers to ensure a successful ad campaign.


Right owners must maintain and stay active against content piracy and follow the above measures for Live Video Content Protection from illegal distribution.

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