Long-form Video and Short-form Video

Science behind Long-form Video and Short-form Video

Long-form Video

Long-form video content has reached an important segment of the online video marketplace, as online accessibility of professionally created long-form video content increments. Online video advertising has been around for right around a decade, and long-form video content characterized by the IAB Digital Video Committee as videos that have a linear content curve with a starting, middle, and end. Commonly a long-form video is over 10 minutes long. everything about Long-form Video and Short-form Video has explained here.

Short-form Video

A short-form video is a content which created the sole reason to pull in and engage, not to sell. They recount a story and make a brand commitment. Real brands, for example, Dunking Donuts, Trident gum, Sonos, Mountain Dew, Adidas, Oreos and Lowe’s, are considering short-form video important and putting increasingly time, talent and technique into the format.

Which is best Long-form Video or Short-form Video?

Videos are popular, fun and shareable – yet not at all like banners, content ads, and photographs, as a rule, it’s our audience decide whether to watch it or not. Doesn’t make a difference how amazing your product is, before hitting the play button, your audience will figure out if to play it or not by two things:

  1. The thumbnail
  2. The length of the video

On the off chance that you given the decision to hit the play button of two videos, which one would you prefer? With diminished attention spans of human creatures, the undeniable pick would be the video which is of a shorter duration.

Long-form Video Advertising

Long Form Video ads are common types of in-stream video ads; Long-form video content has touched base as a key segment of the online video marketplace. The terms “Long Form” and “Short Form” are regularly used to classify linear video online video content, yet these terms are not consistently characterized.

Short-form Video Advertising

Short-form was best to brand campaigns; the study found that long-form video was the best for product-centered campaigns with an invitation to take action. The study found that when viewers are approached to navigate for more information, 15 to 30-second video gave a 30 for each penny higher engagement rate than shorter form content.

Science behind Short Video Ads Success [Study]

Video had changed the whole internet promoting and publicizing biological community today. A few advertisers are taking after the breakthrough drifts in the video publicizing and promoting to meet their business objectives. Some of them are just following the traditional way of advertising.

But, the surveys and studies were revealed that video content has great demand and people are looking for the videos to make their purchase decisions which are revealed recently by observing the micro-moments of the consumers online.

The social video ads play an important role in the web. people are connected with the social media platforms all the time, and it is a clever play to reach the people where they spend their time as a part of their day.

Platforms like Facebook, Youtube, etc. are offering the best services for the advertisers to advertise their products and services with creative ads using different tools on their platforms. So, the social platforms were also encouraging the video ads of short length.

Science Behind Short Video Ads

The majority of people prefer short video ads across the web. As it is a general psychological behavior of the humans that if anyone tries to convey the message, they will not get ready to learn the things and if they want to learn something for their need, they spend a lot of time.

So, it is simple that long-form video ads cannot attract the audience towards it. But a short-form video ad which makes the user interested towards it as it requires just 30 to 60 seconds to complete.

Tips To Create Short Video Ads:

Highlighting the thing what makes your Brands popular.Tell the user why your brand is great with other brands in short video ad.

Limit the Timing of Your Video Ad as shorter and eye-catchy. Have an idea for your script to create a shorter video, most of the online video ads do not have a time limit of 30 sec or less than that.

Use call to action button in the video ads that allow the user to contact with brands directly. Call to action button in the middle of the video or at the end of the video.

Tell the users why they should choose your brand instead of other brands. The video Ad should describe the purpose of the video for the first few seconds.

Every small business using short video ads for promoting their brands, increasing their sales and growth rate of their company. But we should think of customer reviews about our brands. So, while creating a shorter video ad, we should have customers in mind how to reach each customer to promote the brand.

YouTube Trends help to find which of the videos are popular on YouTube now.

What makes a video on YouTube successful? How can a video appear on YouTube trending?

Trending videos are those which are embedded on popular websites and also have been watched by people not only on YouTube but externally also. Video metrics such as viewership history, relevancy, watch time, and others play a crucial role in the algorithm choosing the video as trending. YouTube algorithms also proved to favor the videos that have more likes and comments and to those videos that viewers are connected to emotionally. YouTube trends also help to identify which videos are trending across YouTube.


The method in which YouTube selects videos for tending list might be different for different countries. It depends on the views and likes that a video gets in a given span of time. The most viewed videos in a country are most likely to get into the trending lists. YouTube decides a threshold and a video that reaches the threshold regarding some views in a particular time can make it into the trending list.

It is not easy to make the video to appear on YouTube trends. However, some practices can help to achieve this.

• The video content must be unique.

• Choose the hottest trending topic as the subject of the video.

• Use appealing thumbnail.

• Tags are very crucial to rank in search engines. So use them intelligently.

• YouTube videos are promoted based on the quality and uniqueness. Try promoting them vigorously in different ways so that they get more views in short time.

• The content should not contain any nudity, abuse or sexually explicit content.

• Request some popular site to share your video to get a boom in views and thereby get on YouTube trending.

• Try increasing the watch time of the video by keeping the content engaging.

• Social media sharing also increases the views and can help the video go viral.

Most videos on YouTube get viewership driven through the suggested or recommended videos column. To get into the suggested column list, let the video content be engaging. Optimize the titles of the video, optimize video Meta data and playlists and annotations can be used to interlink videos to increase the views.

Trending section of YouTube is not the same for all the countries. Videos from some countries such as the UK appear consistently on trending section even if the views are not many. Trending not always means being most watched, but it can mean that the rate of views it is getting is high.

YouTube trends are very useful to the YouTubers. They can identify what are popular and what the people like to watch. Related videos can be created based on the trending videos. This can help you new video to get into related video section and generate thousands of views and thereby increase the revenue. Trending list on YouTube can be found on the Homepage of the video sharing platform, Google Trends and so on.


Deciding on contributing time and money to make the traditional long-form content or switching over additional trendy short-form content, similar to that being created through social media, truly comes down to which form will furnish the organization with the most overall advantage.

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