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Looks Matter: Branding Across YouTube Channel & Videos

Branding is very important to occupy the best place in the market. Youtube is the best platform for the branding and marketing as the platform was totally crowded with some millions of audience from different countries. The Youtube platform was also allowing the branding across the different videos by using its new in video programming feature on its platform. The in video programming can be setup by choosing the feature of your channel and make it more professional but, still it is not available for all the users. Branding on Youtube helps you to gain good name and fame. It also helps you to covey your brand message to the targeted audience across the platform. You can reach majority of viewers with single video.


Consistency is very Important

The results will not obtain to the peaks within minutes and it took some time to make your branding more successful. The branding must represent the style of your channel and you must approach the things continuously without any disappointment. Make your videos discoverable for the audience. post your video across the social media platforms and find your viewers and target them.

Channel Icon

Icon is the representation of your channel. So, it must create by concerning the appearance at different places. Make sure your channel icon must be of good size and must appear towards left of your channel banner. It can also feature at right side on other channel pages.

Channel Banner

Make a relevant and attractive Channel banner as it plays a big role in attracting the viewers towards your video content on the platform. Design your banner relevant to your branding message.


Thumbnails are the first impression on your video. Viewers click mostly on the clear, relevant, attractive and impressive thumbnails. So, create custom thumbnails and make it suitable to the content you are going to post on the platform.

End cards

Cards are generally placed in the video which are clickable. The card helps you to gain good traffic to your site and improve the branding. The cards can be seen both on mobile as well as on desktop also. So, optimize the cards and include strong call to actions and clickable links.

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