L’Oréal Success Strategy

L’Oréal Success Strategy using Video Marketing

La Roche-Posay UK developed TrueView campaign utilising content from driving YouTube influencers to bring brand awareness and turn deals effectively. Suggested by 25,000 dermatologists around the world, (L’Oréal) La Roche-Posay Laboratoire creates products utilizing La Roche Posay water for thermal spring. In the recent 40 years, it has turned into a cult skincare brand. While verifiably La Roche-Posay has depended on verbal rather than conventional media, today, the brand is grasping YouTube content makers – especially magnificence vloggers – as another digital version of informal influencers. L’Oréal’s Success Strategy using Video Marketing is described here.

Let’s face it

La Roche Posay found that a significant portion of YouTube’s top content makers, for example, Tanya Burr and A Model Recommends, was efficiently suggesting its Effaclar spot treatment. These prominent makers were thus impacting more vloggers to make their particular audits of the item. La Roche-Posay got the rights for the utilization of these recordings, marked them with a solid retail suggestion to take action, and after that, ran them as a component of a TrueView promotion campaign. The group additionally made two further video promotions, one concentrating on the useful advantages of Effaclar and one focus on the enthusiastic benefits.

For the second period of action, La Roche-Posay divided its gathering of people into the individuals who were ‘purchase-orientated’ and the individuals who were in the ‘consideration stage.’ Different suggestions to take action were utilized as a part of the recordings to guarantee the right message contacted the right group of onlookers portion. The group propelled a microsite for viewers in the thought stage, and to oblige viewers of the TrueView promotions who wished to buy, and it joined forces with excellent e-commerce retailer Escentual to make a devoted landing page for deals.

It’s a beautiful thing

Accomplishing a perspective through rate that was 72% higher than the benchmarks for this format, the campaign won an inward honor at L’Oreal for best demonstration of ROI. Examining through the thought stage microsite led to 250 new user surveys and empowered the making of a database for future brand engagement. Over the campaign period, positive purchaser reviews expanded by 30%, and La Roche-Posay saw offers of Effaclar almost twofold! Looking to the future, La Roche-Posay arrangements to run more video advertisements, utilize further narrating strategies for engaged viewers.


  • Re-introduce and raise brand awareness of the Shu Uemura cosmetics in North America
  • Drive of the North American sales of Karl Lagerfeld’s Shupette collection for Shu Uemura product
  • Growth in the Shu Uemura emails subscribers lists/li>


  • Used the programmatic purchasing to lead prospects down the path to purchase
  • Organized website traffic with Google Analytics Premium
  • Leveraged a wide range of audience data in DoubleClick Bid Manager to purchase paid media in display and social Channels/li>


  • Increased email subscribers and web traffic
  • Exceeded CPA targets & achieved a 2,200% return
  • on ad spend (ROAS)
  • Drove nearly 2X the anticipated revenue

The 3 content marketing keys for L’Oreal Paris, P1

The 3 content marketing keys for L’Oreal Paris, P2

Bringing Shu Uemura back to North America

Shu Uemura is a L’Oréal Luxe cosmetics brand made in 1983 by Shu Uemura, a spearheading Japanese cosmetics craftsman known around the world. Shu Uemura was procured by L’Oréal in 2004 after increasing impressive acknowledgment.

Every year, Shu Uemura discharges a pined for constrained version beautifying agents accumulation made in a joint effort with an accomplished craftsman. For its most recent mass, L’Oréal teamed up with craftsman Karl Lagerfeld (and his feline, Choupette) to discharge the Shupette line. L’Oréal saw a chance to build offers of the brand by imparting the path to a more youthful Era of customers in North America.

How Demographics and Storytelling Style Affect Video Ad Effectiveness

Millennials have grown up with a media diet far unique about the eras that preceded them. Has that changed their media taste? Do brands need diverse sorts of promotions to contact individuals of various ages? Google joined forces with L’Oréal Paris to discover. During a time of significant media decisions, what types of advertisements will make purchasers need to tune in? Google joined forces with L’Oréal Paris to try different things with which sorts of ads interface with millennials on up. Does the movement toward real, client created the video that millennials are so acquainted with effect video publicising adequacy?

An experiment in video advertising: “An Ad for the [Different] Ages”

They joined forces with L’Oréal Paris to try different things with the video promoting for its recently propelled cosmetics line, L’Oréal Paris La Palette Nude. To put three distinctive sorts of innovative substances in the business sector, utilizing TrueView, YouTube’s skippable advertisement position. At that point, they quantified how every age bunch reacted to the promotions in two basic ways. what individuals observed (whether they watched 30 seconds or all the more, to what extent they viewed, and on the off chance that they clicked to take in more) and how that affected the (brand awareness and promotion review) using a Brand Lift study.

Ali, Marketing Vice President for Brand – L’Oreal USA Marketing

Ali is Marketing Vice President for Maybelline New York. The changing patterns in the magnificence market imply Ali needs to move as she devises showcasing plans for her items and oversees retail relations to convey on deals and benefit.

Brand Director – L’Oreal Marketing

This person works intimately with dermatologists to guarantee that purchasers have the right pharmaceutical item data. as a Brand Director for Vichy and Inneov technique is significant. The clarifies that the most difficult an aspect of her responsibilities is accomplishing the high targets.

L’Oreal Learning: Rethink marketing strategy in digital Era

The 2-day Marketing Seminar occurred with a specific end goal to help L’Oréal workers reexamine their media crusades, and present an all the more digitally-drove center to their advertising procedure. Adolfo Martini, Director for Learning Development in Europe.

Product Communication Evaluation Director of L’Oreal R&I

On top of testing, regulations and morals, likewise considers science, promoting necessities and customer desires in her assessment of an item and publicising claims.

L’Oréal Paris, YouTube to Launch BeautyTUBE in France

YouTube has been the BEST internet platform for beauty tutorials ever. It taught everyone everything they can ever need to know about makeup. Not even Joking, Yes, it has owned a new place in the beauty world people’s favorite YouTube beauty besties like Bethany Mota, Michelle Phan, and Huda Kattan. But these women didn’t get to where they are without a lot of hard work, video production, social audience reach, killer makeup skills, and much more. so, L’Oréal Paris, YouTube to Launch BeautyTUBE in France.

10 lucky girls in France (there are talks of expanding it to other countries) who have dreams of becoming a YouTube vlogger will get the chance to enroll themselves in this school and master the craft of all things beauty. Um, hi, join me, please — I’ll move to France!

YouTube Campaigns: L’Oréal Paris success strategy using video marketing is YouTube Campaigns by which they advertise their products on YouTube. to grab the audience based on their interest, they use the remarketing process if they want to make the user get redirected to L’Oréal Paris products with the help of YouTube Campaigns.

Facebook Video Campaigns: L’Oréal Paris success strategy using video campaigns on Facebook(which is a big social media platform in entire world). They implement targeting audience methods throughout the world based on demographics and them completely dependent on the ads. The ads are getting good engagement with that particular ad. And convert them into goals or leads, This is how they implement it in a good manner.

Instagram Video Campaigns: L’Oréal Paris success strategy using Instagram video campaigns is also the similar process like facebook does this Instagram video campaign helps to get good followers for that particular page of L’Oréal Paris and this is how it gets implemented.

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