How To Make Money On Twitch: The Ultimate Guide

Do you know about Twitch Gaming platform? You might know if you are a gaming lover and like to watch and play new games. Here is the guide to Make Money On Twitch

Twitch is a platform of gaming content and all about games. It is one of the most popular gaming destination for gaming savvies. Many enthusiastic and passionate gamers love to share their gameplay with fellow gamers on this platform. The platform was getting more than 100 million page views every month.

Many gaming enthusiasts have become Twitch stars with their interesting and useful content. Gaming savvy’s and Broadcasters can earn good money from the Twitch platform. Here is a detailed guide to getting started with Twitch to make money from Twitch Platform.

About Twitch Platform

Before going into the money-making, you should know some good information about twitch, and it can help you to understand the things even better.

The platform was founded in the year 2011 and become the world’s leading gaming platform and the best destination for the gaming communities.

More than 9.8 million active users visit Twitch daily. People are watching Twitch videos for an average of 100 minutes a day. Another interesting thing is that the Twitch community had raised more than 46 million for charity.

The platform is a one-stop for fun which connects friends, fans and video gaming. It is the best destination to share the views and gameplay and all about the gaming world.

The majority of people who love games are definitely on Twitch, and it was revealed that the purchases of games were influenced by the Twitch reviews. The platform consists of original content that was uploaded by the users or the community members on Twitch.

Getting started with Twitch platform

• Signup with a Username and password or connect with your Facebook Account.

• You must be at least thirteen years old

• Download necessary software for your PC or laptop that supports your gaming stream.

• There will be a stream key that links the Twitch dashboard which helps you to get the personalized key.

• After linking, you can setup the PayPal account to collect the money you earned from streaming your videos.

• You can also connect with Amazon Prime to your Twitch Account.

Hardware requirements

• Get a good PlayStation 4

• After accessing the game from the Dashboard menu click on the Share button on a PS4 controller.

• If you didn’t have a PS4 system you can stream the gaming video footage. You need a console for gaming to support Twitch platform.

• The gaming consoles that are supported with the Twitch platform are PS3, PS4, and Xbox etc.

• The PC must have at least 8GB RAM and a good processor for broadcasting the footage.

• You must also need to install the capture card in the PC.

Software Requirements

• You need good streamer toolkit that is compatible with the broadcasting software.

• The Open Broadcasting Software and XSplit have good interface which requires paid subscription service which can utilize the key features.

• Set up the stream by picking the stream and make sure you have good software along with best quality microphone and camera.

• Get a good gaming headset with good mic system and webcam for your gaming stream.

How to Stream on Twitch?

• Install the broadcasting application that supports the broadcast. OBS and XSplit are the most common solution.

• Login to the Twitch TV

• Select the dashboard which is present at the top right side screen.

• Select the game by searching under the playing tab

• Enter your broadcast title.

• Configure the stream with OBS by selecting the “Run as Administrator” option

• Select the broadcast settings to form the settings menu

• Select the streaming service and click on the optimize button that is present the left side of the menu screen.

• You will receive a special streaming code by selecting the stream key.

• Copy pastes the code in the stream key box that is present in the broadcast settings menu.

• Set the scene and do right click on the source box and then select Add and Game capture option.

• Now click OK by selecting the game from the drop down menu.

• Do right click again in the source box for additional feeds

• Add image and text in order to customize the layout and utilize the motion capture to display and select the video capturing using the web camera.

• Preview the stream and edit the stream layout.

• Select to start streaming on OBS dashboard and you will be live.

How to get connect with the Twitch community?

• Know your niche and work on it. Try to create best engaging content for your viewers.

• Be consistent in uploading the gaming videos in your niche. Don’t break the continuity and stay connected with your audience.

• Make good friends in the gaming community and share your thoughts and ideas.

• Be interactive with the audience and stay connected with your content time to time.

How to start making money on Twitch?

• Your channel viewers can donate money to your channel if they like your content and if you are successfully entertaining the audience towards your content.

• Become a partner with the Twitch and once you partnered you will get $4.99 per month per subscription. It supports both Twitch and User.

• 3 to 4 commercial ads will play per hour during the broadcasting to earn the best revenue from the broadcast.

• The ads are generally controlled by the broadcaster dashboard.

• Twitch pay the ad revenue via PayPal or in Cheque when the user exceeds at least $100 dollars.

• You can also make money by setting the referral pages to the Amazon and other online outlets.

• Whenever your referral link was clicked on channel page you will earn revenue.

Finally, you can make $2.50 per month for every subscription and $3 dollars for 1000 non-subscribers when they watch three-minute video ad without using the ad blocking plugins.

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