The Ultimate Guide to Making Money with Advertising on Your Roku Channel

Roku is one of the most famous digital channel which delivers over the top content to the people. It is like a setup box that provides both paid and free content to its users. The content like Netflix, Amazon Instant, YouTube, etc. is available on Roku TV. By connecting with the internet, you can access all these services based on your package and content choose. It is the best streaming TV service for cable cord-cutters.

There is a huge following to the Roku channels, and advertisers are focusing on their potential audience with the help of Roku to reach their sales targets. Here is a detailed guide to the Roku channels and how to earn revenue from the Roku channel through advertising.

The first thing you have to know is all about the video advertising networks. What are these video ad networks?

The video advertising networks generally stream the advertisements. These ads may include pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll ad types which can place at the beginning, middle and end of an advertisement in the video content which is called monetization.

The most common problem that connected with these ad networks is it depends upon the bid model for advertising the content over the videos. The advertisements are minimal on streaming television networks. The ad networks utilize the Google double click in which the ad inventory sold by the advertisers at the lowest price. Advertisers can also stream on their channels, and the system works well for advertisers if they have clear knowledge on its best working side.

What are the things that advertisers must know about the video ad networks?

The ad networks don’t have enough inventory to fill the requests for advertisements or commercials from all channels. Most of the cases, they go for 30% to 48% and hence termed as a fill rate. Means for supposing you have a channel and stream an ad at the beginning of your content, and when the viewer selects a video on the channel, you approach the ad network, and the network must fill the commercial at that spot. Sometimes no ad can be shown due to lag which can be considered as a drawback.

Roku is different from these video ad networks, and the video ad framework of Roku is very flexible, and the fill rates are excellent.

Get started with the Roku advertising framework

With the arrival of Roku, the TV was Re-defined, and the total time spent on the platform had increased. So there are huge opportunities for monetization and ads will grow.

When it comes to the Framework of Roku, it is like a library. It built in such a way as to provide the users, advertisers, and publishers with the best experience. The framework integrated the video Ad functionality into the SDK. So that the publishers can be more focused on the monetization.

Roku Ad Framework

Roku was designed with the best Ad framework with IAB processing system and VMAP playlist management. It also supports the servers like Freewheel ad DFP. Roku enables the advanced targeting options which boost the frequency. It has great interactive advertising capabilities with various essential components that help in rendering the ads. The ads are generally rendered in a continuous and in a disciplined way comparatively to the other channels today.

Advantages and Features of Roku Ad Framework

The main objective of the Framework of Roku is to provide a brakeless or consistent experience in advertising across all the Roku channels. It doesn’t bother about the type of ad chosen on the network. The library helps in serving the video ads across the platform.

It is designed for all viewers, publishers, developers, and advertisers individually for all. When it comes to the viewer’s point of view, the platform offers the best user experience basing on audience likes and interests. For developers, it works with any VAST ad server that is compliant. It is straightforward to integrate and saves a lot of time and cost seamlessly.

When comes to publishers and advertisers, Roku offers advanced functionality like interactive ad units for publishers to support the Nielsen DSR which can enhance the ad inventory for the advertisers.

For advertisers, the framework has enabled the advertisers to target their specific audience with their campaigns. They can also measure the campaign success and the capabilities of the desktop as well as on mobile platforms.

The money making

Nielsen and Roku had a strategic agreement which helps the advertisers to earn better revenue with the Digital Ad rating feature which is well known as DSR which we discussed in the Roku Ad framework.

Roku is the first TV platform that was connected with the Nielsen DSR, which is very advantageous to the advertisers on Roku. More than 250 channels on Roku were delivering huge ad inventory across the platform and ad-supported content to its customers. The new metric enables the marketers to go for the best.

What are the important things you need to know about the Nielsen DSR?

The Nielsen DSR opened a flexible gateway for the advertisers to earn money. It provides comparable metrics towards the traditional TV ratings like the unique audience, the frequency of ad views and the reach across the channels you target as an advertiser.

Advertisers can target the ads to the audience in a better way. You can also align the ads across the different screens with reporting to the viewers, and even the publishers can prove their ability to make their reach and targeting more attractive ways which can match the advertiser strategies and increase CPM rates.

Finally, these Ad filling rates on Roku has opened the doors for better advertising revenue for the advertiser. The fill rate on Roku perfectly matched with available ad inventory. The advertising revenue can be increased by 18 times compared to the other AVOD video networks on the web.

Top 10 Best Roku Channels You Should Not Miss

Roku allows watching thousands of channels. Great content can be watched for free and through paid services on Roku. Let us see some great Roku channels.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV offers news, sports, music, movies, cartoons and much more. This is free TV on Roku.


Netflix has original programming and subscription is required. Unlimited streaming movies and television shows can be watched.


Plex allows to play the common video content in the form of .mkv, .mp4, .avi directly to play players which are enabled by Plex player settings.


Amazon Instant Video has a big library of movies and television programs and Roku users can get unlimited access to videos.


Hulu is another best Roku channel and subscription is required to watch these movies. Television shows and award winning movies can be watched in HD.

Sling TV

Sling TV allows watching popular sports channels such as ESPN and other channels like Disney, CNN, History and much more. Cable channels can be watched without any cable subscription.

Fubo TV

Fubo TV allows accessing sports events, national or regional. The Fubo TV has premium packages which include Movies, Sports,entertainments, News and additional Features.

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue is available on Roku and is one of the most popular. Get started by downloading the channels and following activation steps. This is a paid service.


Crackle is a free TV that allows watching exclusive originals, movies etc. Content can be watched on Android, iOS, Roku and other devices.


CBS All Access allows accessing CBS programming and also on demand library that has more than two thousand titles.


There are many ways to watch free and paid services on Roku. Roku is a streaming device for television and is the most popular one. The popularity of Roku is because of the varieties of devices on which the content can access. Not all the channels are listed on the Roku Channel Store. Check Roku Guide to find the hidden channels.

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