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Successful Media Buying Rules for Mobile Video Games in 2024

Video gaming is big business. The video game industry brings in over billions in revenue every year in the United States alone. That number will only grow as mobile gaming continues to explode in popularity. If you want to get a piece of that pie, you need to know how to buy media for your mobile game. Here are the successful rules for media buying in 2024!

In 2024, mobile video games will be billions of industry. To be successful in this lucrative market, media buyers need to keep the following rules in mind.

Successful Media Buying Rules for Mobile Video Games in 2024

    • Understand the importance of mobile video games
    • Build a data-driven media plan that takes into account your target audience’s habits
    • Use location targeting to reach specific audiences in their homes and communities
    • Leverage social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for advertising on mobile devices
    • Create an integrated digital marketing campaign that includes ads on both desktop computers and mobile devices
    • Increase the budget for mobile video games by at least 10%
    • Spend more money on TV ads and less on print adverts
    • Create a new campaign that targets people who are not gamers yet but have an interest in gaming
    • Make sure to include mobile video games in any cross-promotion deals you make with other companies
    • Develop a strategy for video game ad campaigns
    • Consider the audience’s age and gender carefully, as well as their location
    • Create ads that are short in length, but high quality
    • Produce social media posts to accompany your advertisements they’re not just for sharing content anymore!
    • Mobile video game advertising is on the rise and will continue to grow
    • Video games are becoming increasingly popular among children and teenagers
    • Marketers should be aware of the best practices for reaching their target audience with mobile video game ads
    • Advertisers must create a strategy that includes targeting specific audiences based on age, gender, location, interests, etc., to get the most out of their marketing budget
    • Mobile games are expected to account for the majority of video game revenue by 2024
    • Facebook has seen success with its “Instant Games” platform on Messenger, which lets users play against friends or solo players from around the world without downloading an app
    • Mobile video games will be the primary platform for media buyers to reach their target audience
    • The majority of mobile video game players will be between the ages of 18-24
    • Media buyers need to know how many hours a day each player spends on mobile games and what type of content they are playing to create effective ads
    • Free-to-play games with microtransactions will dominate the market, making up more than 50% of all revenue generated by mobile gaming in 2024
    • To reach gamers, media buyers must use both push and pull marketing techniques
    • Understand the different types of mobile games and their target audiences
    • Know which ad networks to use, such as AppLovin, AdMob, or Facebook Audience Network
    • Make sure your campaigns are targeting appropriate demographics for each game type
    • Use rich media banners that match the color scheme of the game being advertised
    • Include a video preview in your ads that is less than 30 seconds long
    • Place ads on platforms where users will be most likely to click through them- this includes apps with high user engagement rates like Snapchat and Instagram Stories
    • Invest in the right media type mobile video games are popular with young adults
    • Target your audience- target teens and millennials
    • Create a plan for how much you’re willing to spend on advertising
    • Research what kind of content is most popular among gamers, then advertise that content
    • Be aware of the competition’s marketing strategies
    • In 2024, the most popular mobile games will be those that are free to download and have in-app purchases
    • The top three highest-grossing video games of 2024 will be “Fruit Ninja,” “Candy Crush Saga,” and “Flappy Bird.”

    • Mobile game ads should incorporate gameplay footage with voiceover narration or text overlay
    • Ads for mobile games should not include any sound effects or music so as not to interfere with other content on the screen
    • Mobile video games are expected to account for 58% of all game sales by 2024
    • Brands can use mobile video games as a marketing channel to reach millennials
    • The average cost per click on mobile video ads is $0.05, which is significantly lower than other digital channels
    • Only 2% of brands have made the switch from TV advertising to mobile video advertising
    • You should allocate at least 5% of your budget to mobile video games
    • The most successful media buyers for this category are those who have a background in the gaming industry
    • You will need to work closely with the game developer’s marketing team
    • Mobile video games can be optimized by creating specific ad campaigns
    • Stay up-to-date on the newest trends in mobile video games
    • Know your target audience
    • Use data to make decisions about where and when to advertise
    • Make sure you have a budget before starting an advertising campaign
    • Keep track of all expenses, including time spent researching potential customers
    • A new law will allow mobile video games to be advertised on TV
    • Both genders are now playing games, so the ads need to appeal to both men and women
    • Ads should not focus solely on gameplay or graphics but also emphasize the social aspect of gaming

  • Develop a strategy for allocating your budget
  • Make sure you have enough money to cover the cost of media buys
  • Create an ROI model that is measurable and achievable, with clear goals for success
  • Use data-driven insights to inform your media buying decisions
  • Mobile video games are the fastest-growing segment of the gaming industry
  • The average mobile game player spends $25 on in-app purchases per month
  • Mobile gamers are more likely to spend money on a game they have played before rather than downloading a new one
  • Video ads that work well for desktops don’t always translate well to mobile devices because of how people use their phones and tablets
  • The majority of mobile gamers play games while commuting or waiting around, so it’s important to make sure your ads can be viewed at these times as well
  • Understand that mobile gamers are generally younger than console or PC gamers
  • Create a budget for your media buying strategy to avoid overspending
  • Take advantage of the analytics provided by Google, Facebook, and other social media platforms to understand your target demographic’s preferences better
  • Utilize native advertising on YouTube channels with large followings so you can get in front of more viewers without having to pay as much for ads
  • Create a mobile video game media plan
  • Keep the campaign running for at least two months
  • Target ads to the right demographic and location of people who would be interested in your product
  • Use targeted keywords and phrases to help with ad targeting on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


The future of media buying is mobile video games. As more and more people are playing these games on their devices, it’s essential to understand the rules for success in this industry. Our team has decades’ worth of experience with digital advertising, game design, and marketing strategy that can help you reach your goals quickly. If you want access to our expertise or need a second opinion about what type of ad campaign would work best for your company, we invite you to contact us today!

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