Microsoft Teams Tips and Tricks

50 Microsoft Teams Tips and Tricks For Secure Video Conferencing‎

Nowadays, everyone working from remote locations to stop spreading the COVID-19. Many people are facing some issues with video conferencing. Recently Microsoft Teams offered few Tips and Tricks to upgrade with collaborations conferencing. Even if  you are using some hidden techniques but the Microsoft Teams tips and tricks can boost your productivity. Here are the few Microsoft Teams Tips and Tricks for better video conferencing.

Microsoft Teams Tips and Tricks for Secure Video Conferencing‎

  1. Microsoft Teams is a video communication and collaboration platform that combines persistent video conferencing, chat capabilities, file storage, and integrations with Office365 apps.
  2. It is scheduling the meetings within the teams with a simple feature that allows by clicking on the small camera icons.
  3. Guest access is available in the Microsoft Teams platform for web, desktop, android apps and coming for the IOS systems also.
  4. Make sure to use any external files to share the meeting lists. Use the guest users in the Microsoft Teams for Conferences.
  5. Inline message translations are available in Microsoft Teams to avoid the bridge location gaps between the team.
  6. Make sure to use the chat with external contact on different platforms without leaving the conference.
  7. Enhance your video conference with Microsoft Teams video real-time captions.
  8. Using @mention filtration in the search bar is an excellent feature for the companies and businesses in the Microsoft Teams.
  9. Make use of the “Follow “ option to reduce the information overload between the teams.
  10. Have some fun using the GIF and custom reactions to strengthen the bond between the attendees who are working from remote locations.
  11. If the environment is messy and distraction people hesitate to attend the video conferences. Make sure to use the customize the Microsoft backgrounds just with single click Tap on the “blur my background.”
  12. Use Microsoft Teams keyboard shortcuts to the quick and easy way of communication in the video conference.
  13. Use extraordinary Microsoft Teams feature to assign tag names to the team members, each one with specific names.
  14. If your business has a global team of 5000 users, use these two options ‘Org-wide team’ ‘Build a team from scratch’ to create teams across the organization.
  15. Slack App Directory is another collaboration platform from the Microsoft Teams. Use the Slack app for advanced features.
  16. T-Bot is a new fundamental interface that helps teams to provides a glimpse to give experience. Building your first experience within team bots.
  17. Chats are done via chatbot, where you can experience the one to one and group chat experience with Microsoft teams.
  18. Conversations are also similar to the chats option in the Microsoft Teams, which gives some structure to the conversation, for better collaborations in a focused way.
  19. Make sure to use the Save Messages option to save a particular message and a group conversation with the sash icon.
  20. Bookmark the special conversations and single persons chat history by selecting a profile picture and choose “saved” or use the command “/saved.”
  21. Use the simple tip of navigation buttons (< >) for the better user interface.
  22. Just click on the Camera icon to get started with your meeting quickly and also scheduling the meetings.
  23. Collab365 tab is used to expose the use of Microsoft tools for quick task management.
  24. OneNote tab is for those who used to take notes while the conference is going on.
  25. Select the “SharePoint” icon fill with the URL and choose the files from the Library.
  26. Microsoft Team landing pages offers user interface and provide HD quality video for high-level conferences.
  27. The main function or a new tab creates a new channel or adds a new member to the Microsoft Teams video conference.
  28. Whenever you click the tab General, it will always ask you if you would like to create a new channel or within the channel.
  29. Adding less or more people to the conference is different for everyone, start working on the Flip the screen because a more significant number of people does not fit in the standard screen.
  30. Try to publish or add the RSS feed to the Microsoft Teams with the help of Zapier.
  31. Translate the text messages with the simple command ‘…’ and choose the “Translate” option. It would be helpful for Global conferences.
  32. Whenever you want to use the Wiki at the conference, click on ‘…’ and choose the “WIKI” option from the left-hand menu. It will give you a personalized wiki guide.
  33. Make use of the “All “tab that it involves the summary of your all WIKI search that you involved in the meeting.
  34. Record your team meetings with the screen recording audio, video, and screen sharing activities, and the recorded session is saved to “stream.”
  35. Microsoft Teams offers some features to download and share the complete meetings with your team members who were not attended.
  36. Microsoft Visio is one of the best tools to get the best productive results in Collaborative meetings.
  37. Make use of the zoom in and zoom out team option simply how you work on other browsers.
  38. Use the Microsoft Immersive reader for the team message to view the text messages colorful format.
  39. Background Blur is one of the best functionalities that are useful for maintaining privacy on your background if it contains confidential information.
  40. Mute the Notifications to concentrate more on the conference. Go to the conversation, choose Turn On Notifications / Turn Off Notifications for things done in peace.
  41. Attendees can use the pinning of personal apps to the Microsoft Teams app on the left-hand sidebar. Right-click on the app and pin it.
  42. Team members can easily synchronize all files globally from the Desktops, PCs, and Mac systems. It allows downloading more than 320 file types.
  43. Microsoft Teams allowing team members to share or edit the channel conversation quickly through Email to Outlook.
  44. Qbot allows us to ask a question and get answers within the Microsoft team platforms.
  45. Select the “Forms” option to create an authoritative survey or poll to manage the team and share their opinion in the review.
  46. Type “/goto” in the Chat part. It will lead you straight forward to the destination.
  47. For the big organization meetings, “/call” command is essential to call a person by just typing the first three alphabets in the person name.
  48. @Wikipedia allows you to search the terms in Wikipedia. To see the full page, revert to the summery.
  49. Data loss prevention feature is available in the Microsoft Teams through the business share point and OneDrive. This feature is essential to detect sensitive information.
  50. Manage a Toggle between the private chat and team chat with the Microsoft Teams platform for better video conferencing.


Microsoft Teams workstream allows the collaborative tool to design to cut down the employee’s time and spend on flipping task to task, search for the files, and redirecting to the right place. These Microsoft Teams Tips and Tricks will make you forget all other video conferencing platforms. IT companies can get Productive result by adopting the Microsoft Teams.

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